Fun Children's Day Activities: Exciting Ideas For Kids

Your children surely are a major part of your world, and they fill your lives with so much joy and fun. Children's Day is almost here, and the kids must be excited to find out what you have planned for them this year. If you still need to catch up on planning a fun day to celebrate your kids, worry not. We have created this article with a list of Children's Day activities that you can plan for your kids to have a memorable day that is fun and interesting. Before that, you must also know a little about what Children's Day is and why it is celebrated so that you can also let your children know more about the occasion and give them more perspective on the significance of this Day. 

What Is Children's Day?

Before you plan a fun and exciting Children's Day celebration for your kids, a lot of new parents might be wondering about what Children's Day is and how it is celebrated. Children's Day is celebrated across the globe on different dates in different countries, where one specific Day of the year is dedicated to the children who are the future of the world. This Day celebrates children and raises awareness about the importance of education, healthcare and nutrition for their well-being. Every country has a different Children's Day tradition and different days when they celebrate their Children. Do you know when Children's Day is celebrated in India? Read ahead to find out. 

Why Is Children's Day Celebrated?

In India, Children's Day is celebrated on 14th November each year. This is the birth anniversary of the nation's first Prime Minister- Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was lovingly called Chacha Nehru by children. Pt. Nehru was very fond of children and was a strong believer that children should be nurtured with affection. He also believed that the education of children was of utmost importance for a nation's development as children are the future of the country. Keeping this view in mind, he also set up some of the best schools in the country. On 14th November, which is Children's Day, schools and colleges celebrate the life of Pt. Nehru, along with organising interesting cultural programs for the children. 

11 Interesting Children's Day Ideas

How should you celebrate this Children's Day to make it super fun and memorable for your kids? Well, if you are looking for Children's Day ideas that you can indulge in with your kids, your search ends here. In this section, we will be looking at 11 interesting activities that you can enjoy with your family to celebrate your little ones this Children's Day. This list includes both indoor and outdoor activities, and based on what your child enjoys more and where they are more comfortable, you can choose a way to celebrate Children's Day. Let us now dive into the list of activities. 

Treasure Hunt

For most kids, a treasure hunt is a very exciting activity. On our list of interesting Children's 

Day activities, this fun game finds its spot for the excitement rush it gives, along with an instant reward if played well. For a treasure hunt for your kids this Children's Day, you do not need to plan something extravagant or too elaborate. Your clues can be super simple riddles that the children will enjoy, and the rewards could be little treats that the children love. If your kids want, they could also involve their friends in this activity and enjoy it together. 

Enact A Play

Much like a theme or costume party, enacting a play is one of those Children's Day ideas for a party that can get your creative horses running. You can plan this activity with your kids or organise a party with their friends and involve everyone in the fun. Pick a play that your child loves or a play that would be great to enact for the young ones. Plan your costumes, dialogues and other required details around the play. You can also bring the play more to life by adding props that will be fun for the kids as you enact this play for them. To make this activity more creative, you could get your kids to write an original play and enact the same to boost their confidence. 

Pool Games

If your children are water babies who love spending hours at the pool, consider this idea to celebrate your kids this Children's Day. If you have a pool at home or a pool nearby where you can take your kids, this idea for the Day is here for you. Along with just enjoying the sun and swimming the Day Away, you can add some fun pool games to your Children's Day party. You can take your pool toys or just rent out some games and toys that will add more to this party. If there is a pool at home, you can also plan some snacks and drinks around the pool party theme to make this activity much more fun. 


Pinata is a traditional Mexican party game that you can indulge in for Children's Day this year. You can create a cardboard pinata and stuff it with some fun and healthy treats that your kids love. You can decorate the pinata in colours that your kids prefer and customise your Children's Day party around the pinata theme. This is one of the most interesting Children's Day activities that will be something new for the kids to try out, and if they win, they get treats and little gifts that you stuff in the pinata. 


A high-energy game that you can indulge in with your family and friends is Twister. This is surely one of those Children's Day ideas that you must surely give a try. A game of Twister is all things fun and laughs, and you can make this game a little less competitive to ensure your child is safe and does not end up twisting any bones or having any injuries. You can play this game with your family, friends, or anyone your kids love spending time with. 


If you are a parent of an outdoor-loving kid and have easy access to a hiking trail, this is the best idea for you this Children's Day. Hiking is one of our favourite Children's Day activities to indulge in the outdoors. Being closer to hiking trails does give you a benefit on this one as you would not have to wait for vacations to go hiking and can easily plan a mini getaway with your little ones. This hiking trip for Children's Day will give you the chance to create new memories with your loved ones. Enjoy a stunning sunrise and sunset as you shoot some family pictures, and keep these moments framed for years to come. You can also have a little family picnic at the top of the hill or mountain that you are hiking. If there are restaurants or cafes along the trail, you could always stop by for a little snack or dessert that your child likes. 

Take Them To The Planetarium

For kids who are space enthusiasts and would love to quench their thirst for knowing more about the same while also enjoying a fun day, a planetarium is a great place to be. Up next on our list of Children's Day ideas is a visit to the planetarium with the family. This is a surprisingly great idea for kids who are currently not very interested in space but might develop a liking for the same post this visit. There are a large number of well-equipped planetariums across the country currently that offer multiple different activities, from space shows to fun games that help you learn more about the same. All you need to do is find the planetarium that is closest to your home, book your tickets in time, and get ready for a day full of space stories. You can add to this visit by following up with a little pizza party for the kids and making this Children's Day special for them. 

Take Them Bowling

Are you looking for Children's Day activities that are more than just having fun but bonding with your family? Bowling is the answer for you. Bowling is an activity that is not just for the little ones but also something that your older children will enjoy. Bowling as an activity has gained immense popularity because of new alleys coming up in a lot of places around every city and for being an activity that you can enjoy in a group. Bowling also gets your spirits high in competition. Hit your nearest bowling alley or a famous alley that your child has always wanted to visit and bowl a few frames this Children's Day. Add some more fun to the Day by following up on this bowling alley visit with some snacks, sodas, and ice creams of your child's choice. 

Go To The Arcade With Your Kids

Who likes a day at the arcade playing only some of the latest games that there are and enjoying some great arcade snacks and drinks? You must definitely consider going to the arcade with your kids to celebrate Children's Day this year. Arcades are great for kids who are old and would love to spend time by themselves or even the younger ones who would like you to tag along with them. No matter how old your kids are, a day at the arcade is an idea that never fails to make them happy. You could go to the arcade nearby or a new arcade that may have come up recently to explore the games and activities that they offer. Indulge in some competitive gameplay and end the Day on a sweet note with desserts from a dessert place nearby to celebrate your child. 

Have A Costume Party

A costume party is one of the most fun Children's Day ideas for kids who enjoy spending their time with their friends playing a character of their choice. A costume party is common for Halloween, and similarly, you can throw one for Children's Day this year. Your guest list can include your children's friends, cousins, and even their parents so that you can have a fun family time this year. How do you put together a costume party that your kid is going to remember for years to come? Here's a little guide to help you throw the best costume party for your child this Children's Day. 

  • Pick a theme for the kids to pick their costumes related to. This theme could be anything from an era to a cartoon or movie series to a popular singer or dancer. This will add excitement as the kids get to select only from specific costume ideas and get their creative brains running. 
  • If the party is at home, go for DIY decor and stick to the theme with the same. 
  • Plan the snacks and drinks around what the kids enjoy and keep them based on the theme. 
  • Have a party playlist in place. 
  • Consider activities like a photo booth, games and so on to keep the kids entertained. 



Last but not least, you can take your children go-karting for Children's Day this year. Go-karting makes it to our list of exciting Children's Day activities for kids as it not only involves them but also allows you to go along with your whole family for the same. This is a fun and safe activity for the kids that you can indulge in at your local tracks. Go-karting tracks offer all the required safety gear to help avoid any injuries and accidents. Let your child's driving skills go wild with go-karting. This sport has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to the spirit of healthy competition and sportsmanship that it ignites in the players. New go-karting tracks have come up in various locations, making this activity pretty accessible for the common people. For Children's Day, you can also avail discounts at your local tracks, enjoy this sport with your family, and give your child a day to remember for the years to come. 

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