Are you looking for a way to set up summer camp activities at home? Are you looking for methods to keep your kids entertained this summer at home instead of sending them to regular camps? Starting a DIY summer camp activity might be intimidating, but don't worry; we’ve got you covered with a simple strategy. In this article, we will be covering various topics related to summer camp activities at home, like summer camp activities ideas, fun summer activities at home, how to start a summer camp at home, a summer camp activity list, and more. So stop stressing about what to do with the kids all summer and get planning.


Summer in the year 2022 is a time when everyone wants to get away from the monotony of everyday life and engage in some self-pampering. At the same time, it is a difficult time for parents since their children will be at home all day and must be kept occupied; otherwise, they will become bored and spend most of their time playing PSP or watching television. On the other hand, summer is the ideal season for camping, especially for children, because it is when most schools are closed, and it is the finest method to keep them artistically involved. Summer Camp activities are the most convenient option. The youngsters will be kept artistically occupied and away from their phones with various exciting activities.

Individuals attending these camps have the opportunity to meet new people and establish new acquaintances with whom they may not have previously interacted. As a result, summer camps offer a great deal of fun and delight. The activities taught at these camps are entertaining, participatory, and informative all at the same time. People learn how to operate in groups and help one another while completing a task.

Some of the best ideas for summer camp activities and games at home that are both enjoyable, interesting, and participatory are listed below.

How To Start A Summer Camp At Home?

Many people often ask us how to start a summer camp at home? The first and foremost task is to determine the length of time your summer camp will be open. Then calculate how many hours you need to fill in each day. Each day does not have to be filled with back-to-back activities. You'll need some relaxation as well, so don't feel obligated to fill the day.

Create A Schedule

You may make a timetable after knowing how long you want your camp to go each day. It might be a comprehensive hour-by-hour timetable or a daily schedule in general.

Pick A Weekly Camp Theme

Have a fresh subject each week to keep things interesting. This subject may be used to inspire activities, crafts, field excursions, and more. Plus, it's simpler to plan when you're more targeted than just brainstorming broad activity ideas each week.

Plan Activities Each Week

Don't attempt to come up with things on the spur of the moment to make the week less hectic. Plan things out a week ahead of time, or even the night before, to ensure that you are prepared for the day. It's the most effective technique to make your day go more smoothly.

Be Flexible

Even though you've planned out your day, keep in mind that you're dealing with children, so be flexible. If they're having a good time doing something, don't stop them because of your schedule. Find a more enjoyable hobby for them and do it every day or once a week.

Examine what's working and make necessary adjustments. Go with the flow if you want it to be enjoyable and stress-free.

What Can You Do At Summer Camp?

We've discovered that having a camp theme each week makes it easier for me to plan. It provides you with a sense of direction while you plan your actions. There are many wonderful summer camp theme options to pick from to suit the personality of your children of various ages children.

Here are some theme suggestions for you to consider as you prepare your event. Each of these themes may be simply adapted to suit campers of all ages.

Summer Camp Theme Ideas

  • Super Hero Theme
  • Space Week
  • Nature Week
  • Under the Sea Theme
  • Cooking Week
  • Construction Week
  • STEM Week
  • Mermaid Camp
  • Star Wars Camp
  • LEGO Camp
  • Pirate Theme
  • Animal Theme
  • Scavenger Hunt Week
  • Shark Week
  • Olympics Week
  • 4th of July
  • Bugs & Butterflies
  • Camping Week
  • Princess Week
  • Gardening Week

9 Ways To Recreate Summer Camp Activities For Kids At Home

Tie-Dying T-Shirts

Every camper anticipates tie-dye T-shirt day! Tie-dyeing is a fun method for your children to show their creativity and is one of the most popular summer camp activities. Instead of buying a new shirt, make one out of one of your child's soiled white shirts. This craft should be done outside, with rubber gloves and "messy" clothing or aprons on.

Water Games Olympics

Water games and friendly rivalry are usually present at the camp to keep the youngsters cool. Plan a day of water games in the backyard, such as sprinkler limbo or sponge dodgeball. Create a simple outdoor obstacle course with water balloons, buckets, dance moves and jumping jacks station, and more.

Mess-Free Crafts

Many of the best summer camp activities are mess-free, portable (suitable for both indoor and outdoor use), and repetitious, retaining children's interest for hours. A good example is friendship bracelets. Gather colourful thread and beads, and let your children experiment with the many friendship bracelet patterns. Another mess-free pastime is origami. Folding instructions for everything from paper cranes to boxes may be found online. Make origami boats that the kids may float in a nearby stream or pond to keep with the summer fun theme.

Tabletop Game Tournament

On rainy days, how can summer camps keep youngsters occupied without using a screen? Ping-pong tables, foosball, Nok Hockey, and other classic tabletop games may be found in the gaming rooms! Invest in a portable table tennis set, a kid-friendly magnetic dartboard, and other active "game room" activities that will keep your youngster engaged longer than traditional board games.

Sand And Seashell Art

Sand and shells may be used to make a variety of summer camp activities. Kids may use glue or glue sticks to draw or write on paper, then pour sand on top to make their sand signs and artwork. They may also "colour" downloadable colouring sheets using glue and sand. They may also fill a glass bottle, vase, or candle votive with layers of sand in a spectrum of hues for an even cooler souvenir. Because sand art might be messy, it's best to do it outside! Baby spoons, beach shovels, and funnels are all good equipment on hand.

Rainy Day Read-A-Thon

Rainy days are ideal for curling up in bed with a nice book. Fill out this printable summer reading chart with your kid. Stock up on classic summer novels at the library, and encourage them to explore new genres that interest them.

Indoor Games

Because the weather is likely to be gloomy, make sure you have plenty of indoor games on hand for days when outdoor activities aren't possible.

Backyard Camping

Do the youngsters have cabin fever? Set up a tent in the backyard for some "staycation" camping with your kids, replete with ghost stories, s'mores over the campfire, and other classic camping delicacies throughout beautiful weather. Even if your family prefers to sleep indoors at night, the tent or fort is a wonderful place for youngsters to hang out, read, and play during the day.

Field Day

For camp-inspired fun, outdoor group activities are a requirement. Try some classic backyard party games like sack races, horseshoes, or that camp classic: tug of war! Gather your family or some neighbourhood kids for some good old group outdoor games like kickball, Wiffle ball, and capture the flag, or try some classic backyard party games like sack races, horseshoes, or that camp classic: tug of war!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can be a list of Summer Camp activities for kids?

Here's a rundown of some of the top kid-friendly summer camp activities:

  • Making a solar oven is a fun project.
  • Making a geyser out of Mentos.
  • With rainbow jars, you can learn about density.
  • A backyard volcano is erupting.
  • Alka-Seltzer Rockets are being launched.
  • Making collages out of leaf rubbings.
  • Bubbles are used to create rainbows.
  • Playdough made from scratch.
  • Paper kites that you can make yourself.
  • Make a mess by splattering paint on balloons.

2. Is there any summer camp for toddlers?

Summer camps for toddlers are available at a variety of academies. Tell me a tale, show and tell, my neighbours and me, and other activities are among them. The trainer employs fingerplays, songs, and movement exercises to keep the children involved and interested.

3. What are the fun things to be done while camping?

Many summer camps have children who stay at the camps. Here are some suggestions for nighttime activities and games during summer camp:

  • Making shadow puppets
  • Playing flashlight tag
  • Playing dark room
  • Stargazing
  • Releasing sky lanterns

4. How to entertain kids while camping?

The following are some of the activities to entertain kids while camping:

  • Going for a nature walk.
  • Cooking on a bonfire.
  • Watching animals.
  • Tell stories by the fire.
  • Playing board games.
  • Make leaf prints.

5. Why is Summer Camp important?

Summer camp is crucial because it encourages children to become self-sufficient and enhances their self-esteem. It gives the youngsters an organised environment to discover new and interesting topics. Children learn to make new acquaintances and share their possessions.


A lot of what makes the camp experience special for kids and adolescents is the appearance, feel, and even smell of your child's favourite camp. It's the fun and happiness associated with imprinted memories that make individuals grin in the past and keeps them excited with anticipation about the future.

So, with the activities listed above, the purpose isn't to replace, much less replicate, summer camp. Instead, set out to provide your children with the chance to make new experiences by doing new things, igniting new interests, and maybe discovering hobbies they never imagined they might like.

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