A healthy body, good physique and flattened belly aren’t long-term desires buried deep down your heart? We all live in an era where we value our bodies and make efforts for their wellness. However, strenuous exercises are lethargic and painful and we need a lot of motivation to get started with these workouts. Ever considered a way to stay fit, improve your heart health and strengthen your muscles with an exercise as easy as cycling? Read the article to discover the numerous health benefits and the wondrous effect of cycling on body shape.

Which muscles are toned by cycling?

Cycling is an aerobic workout that effectively burns extra calories from your body and improves blood circulation. It is primarily a lower-body workout that helps burn the excessive fat from the waist, belly, buttocks and thighs. The most phenomenal effect of cycling on body shape is the toning of muscles to maintain body curves. Several muscles that are toned by cycling are listed below.

  • The anterior thigh muscles or quadriceps: Quadriceps are the muscles on the front of the thighs. These muscles play a vital role in pedalling down the cycle. They are strengthened and toned through cycling.
  • The posterior thigh muscles or hamstrings: Cycling removes the upper-fat layer and builds up the hamstrings for a toned thigh appearance.
  • Calf muscles: Calves are the back muscles of your lower legs. Cycling helps in toning and strengthening your calf muscles.
  • Core muscles: Either for pedalling or balancing the cycle, the core muscles are involved. Therefore, cycling helps strengthen and tone the core muscles and burns the fat deposits from the abdomen giving you a flat belly.
  • Arm and shoulder muscles: The biceps and triceps of your arms and the muscles of the shaft of the shoulder are involved with the handle during cycling. Thus, it helps in toning these muscles and burning the arm fat.

9 Effects of Cycling on body shape

Cycling is a low-intensity exercise that gradually helps you attain your health goals. Although cycling is an effective way to stay healthy and maintain your body shape, the striking effects of cycling on body shape are mostly overlooked. Let’s see some of the amazing benefits of cycling on body shape.

1. Helps in weight loss

Cycling helps in overall fat reduction in the body. It helps you get rid of those extra pounds and stay in shape. However, cycling is a low-impact aerobic exercise, it does not give instant results in weight loss. The weight loss process depends upon the intensity of cycling. If you want better results, prefer high-intensity cycling by increasing the speed and duration. Moreover, consistency and patience are the keys to a successful health journey. Cycling on a regular basis can help you achieve your health goals by burning stubborn fat.

2. Strengthens and tones the muscles of the lower body

From the buttocks to the thighs and lower legs, cycling helps strengthen the lower body muscles. However, the impact of cycling on muscle mass buildup differs from person to person. It depends on the intensity at which you can cycle. The higher the intensity, the more the effect of cycling in muscle toning. Furthermore, outdoor cycling is more effective in toning the body's muscles as compared to indoor cycling.

3. Helps in attaining your flat belly goals

Belly fat is the easiest to put on and hardest to shed. Researchers suggest males have a higher tendency to central fat deposition than females. A high-intensity cycling is always recommended to maintain your body shape and shed fat. Cycling involves your core muscles to strengthen and condition them and can help reduce stubborn belly fat.

4. Maintains bone health and joint mobility

The bones in our body tend to dissolve with age causing porosity in the dense bones and extreme joint pain. Orthopedicians suggest regular physical activities maintain the mobility of joints and keep your bones healthy for a long time. Amongst the many cycling body transformations, healthy bones are bliss to lead a good life.

5. Keeps your arms slim and toned

Along with the spectacular effects of cycling on the lower body, cycling also helps shape and tone the upper body muscles. It strengthens the biceps and triceps muscles of the arm. If you stay consistent on cycling, it can help you burn stubborn arm fat to attain slim and toned arms.

6. Helps in burning extra calories

We all have those lazy days in our lives when we love to munch on those high-calorie junk foods. Our big fat wedding parties, social gatherings and family get-togethers are just an excuse to put on extra calories. Cycling is the best way to burn those extra calories and stay fit.

7. Improves cardiovascular health

Cycling improves the overall health of the heart and its blood vessels by increasing blood circulation. It is one of the best cardio exercises. It regulates blood pressure and increases cardiac output, enhancing the heart’s pumping efficiency.

8. Improves posture

One of the best effects of cycling on body shape is improving body posture. Cycling improves the balance of your body and enhances the coordination between hands, eyes and body. Cycling keeps your body aligned and maintains muscle balance. It strengthens your musculoskeletal system and gives you a good physique.

9. Helps fight obesity due to chronic disease

Certain chronic diseases like diabetes and hypothyroidism lead to obesity due to hormonal imbalances. Obesity in turn is the root cause of several diseases and skeletal problems. Cycling is an effective way to stay fit and fight the health issues caused due to chronic diseases.

Effects of Cycling on female body shape

Some blissful effects of cycling on female body shape are fat reduction, toned arms and legs and a flattened belly. Cycling more than 60 minutes five days a week can help reduce overall weight in females. It helps in toning the upper as well as lower body. The arms become toned and shaped. The calf muscles become defined in the lower body. Another pronounced effect of cycling on the body shape of females is the stretching and lengthening of the limb muscles. However, cycling has some limitations. It can tone your muscles but cannot help much in increasing muscle mass. So, if you want bulkier muscles and bigger thighs, switch to strength training along with cycling. 

Effects of Cycling on male body shape

The effects of cycling on body shape in males are more pronounced as compared to females. Due to hormonal differences in both genders, males tend to deposit less fat than females. Therefore cycling is more effective in maintaining body shape and burning fat in males.

Cycling and weight loss

Does cycling help in weight loss? How frequently should we cycle to lose weight? I had been cycling for seven days but couldn’t see any visible changes. 

These are some common questions that bother several minds. The answer to all these questions is yes, cycling can help in losing weight. Experts suggest outdoor cycling for 60 minutes at a steady pace can burn 300 calories. But the thing we need to keep in mind is weight loss is not an overnight process. It happens slowly and gradually. Moreover, your weight loss also depends on your choices and intensity of cycling. Outdoor cycling is always more effective than indoor cycling. Uphill cycling is a great way to effectively reduce weight. Following a consistent cycling routine with a healthy and nutritious diet plan will produce irreversible weight loss results.


To achieve positive results for your weight loss goals you need to adopt some positive lifestyle changes. Never look for instant results. The effect of cycling on body shape would never show up in a single day. Follow a definite cycling routine, be consistent and patient throughout the weight loss journey and enjoy the process without worrying about results. The positive effects of cycling on body shape will make you confident and happy.


  1. Does cycling make your waist smaller?

Yes, along with reducing overall body weight, cycling can help make your waist smaller. It helps reduce excessive fat from the lower abdomen and buttocks giving your waist the perfect shape. However, this cycling body transformation is gradual and needs patience.

  1. Does cycling give you a flat stomach?

Yes, cycling can change your body shape and give you a flat stomach. It helps in strengthening and lengthening core muscles and helps burn excessive fat.

  1. Can cycling reduce arm fat?

Though cycling is primarily a lower-body workout, it can also help reduce arm fat and tone muscles in the arms.


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