With the help of the following article, it is possible to understand the importance of eco friendly products and what are some of the top 5 environmentally friendly products that can help you go green for a safer environment. 


We are currently living in a world where the consumption of plastic is more than ever. This is leading people to become more environmentally conscious and try to switch to a sustainable method of living. However, a lot of time, people do not know what step to take forward to become environmentally friendly. Hence here is a guide on what are eco friendly products and how to use these eco friendly products in daily life to go green and help the world become a better environment for the future.

What Does It Mean to Be Eco-Friendly?

Every day we hear the words such as eco friendly products and environmentally friendly however do we actually understand the meaning behind them? To truly become a part of the greener earth and to be able to utilize sustainable products in the right way it is important to understand the word eco friendly and the meaning behind it.

The word eco originated from the Latin word ‘oeco’ which means ‘household’. It now however also indicates another meaning such as ‘earth’, ‘home’, and even ‘habitat’. Due to these many meanings, eco-friendly can now be condensed to a simple meaning of ‘earth-friendly’.

Being eco friendly according to the Cambridge dictionary indicates designing things in such a way that there is little to no damage to the environment happening. Basically, it is all about doing no harm. Products, services, and events that are eco-friendly do not damage any part of the Earth. When talking about eco friendly products it will mean looking at the development of the product and whether it has affected the Earth during its production. If yes, then the product cannot be claimed to be an eco friendly one.

Importance of Environmentally Friendly Products

To start using green products it will be important to understand the importance of ecofriendly products and how they help keep the environment a safe place to live in. To understand regarding the same here are some of the benefits that you acquire when you start using sustainable products.

1. Leads to lower cost of products

Everyone loves useful yet affordable products. But what if they are not only just affordable and useful but they are also environmentally friendly? Then you definitely need to own them. Lowering costs is one of the best benefits that everyone gets when they opt for eco friendly products. While those products that you find on an online platform will indicate higher cost it is not only some of the best products in the long run but is also quite affordable. Some of the products such as eco friendly shoes and eco friendly bags are small but great options to start with especially if you are new and would like to start living in a sustainable environment.

2. Helps save a lot of natural resources

When you shift from products that you daily use that include plastic to those green products you will find that you are not just saving the earth from any harm but you are also saving a lot of natural resources. For example usage of biogas will help useful in the lung run to save natural resources such as fuels which include coal, petrol, diesel, etc.

Another example of sustainable products will be the usage of electric and solar-based cars that play a vital role in saving petrol and diesel. Especially with the extinction of these natural resources, people have started considering electric and solar cars as one of the best options.

3. Eco friendly products can be easily recycled

When you understand the importance of ecofriendly products you also understand how these can be easily recycled. These recycled green products can also benefit as they can be used for a long time for different purposes.

Pros and Cons of using eco-friendly products

Now that you have understood the importance of ecofriendly products and how they benefit both humans and the environment, here are some pros and cons when it comes to the usage of environmentally friendly products.


  • Soil pollution is one of the major concerns due to non-biodegradable products and this will get considerably reduced if green products are considered. The quality of soil for agriculture will not only increase but when people stop plastic usage the rainwater seepage into the soil becomes faster.
  • A high amount of carbon from the burning of fuels has led to global warming. This can however be reduced when you use eco friendly products. Lowering global warming will also decrease the melting rate of polar glaciers.
  • The agricultural economy will get an economical boost and the demand for organic alternatives like cotton, jute, etc. will lead to diversification of cop pattern. These crops in turn can also be used as cash crops.
  • Various industries right from micro, small, and medium enterprises will be able to get an economic boost as they will get increased demand for products made out of cotton, jute, bamboo products, etc. which can help people to stop plastic usage.


  • Biodegradable substances even though they can replace a lot of products, it is seen that some applications which need non-biodegradable substances such as plastic for molding and designing.
  • Eco friendly products will have limited design and fashion possibilities as they cannot be molded into various shapes like how plastic can.
  • Eco friendly products tend to have lower shelf life than non-biodegradable products where example such as plastic can have a shelf life of eternity.

Things to keep in mind before buying an eco-friendly product

When buying eco friendly products there are certain things you might want to keep in mind and some of them can be provided as follows:

1. Check if it is actually needed or not

With thousands of products being available it is hard to differentiate what is a need and what is a want. Most times, people buy stuff due to temptation rather than their wants. It is hence essential to indulge in mindful buying. If you buy sparsely according to your wants you’re already one step towards a green environment.

2. Prioritize sustainable products

When buying new products, it is better to shop for eco friendly products that are made of sustainable materials. For example, buying clothes made of cotton or jute should be prioritized over buying clothes made of polyester or nylon which involves non-biodegradable materials. These products might also be quite toxic as they contain chemicals in their manufacturing process.

On the other hand, sustainable products do not use any chemical or toxic substance which makes them a safe option to save the environment from damage.

3. Using recycled or reused materials

Lookout for eco friendly products that are either recycled or can be reused. Choosing reusable products will help reduce the carbon impact on the environment as well.

5 Best eco-friendly products to buy in 2022

If you are wondering what are eco friendly products and where to shop for them, then here is a list of 5 best eco friendly products that you can buy in 2022

  1. Women's Waterproof Hiking Jacket - Raincut Zip - Navy Blue

Plastic might be hard to degrade as its shelf life can extend to eternity, so it is important to find ways through which it can be reused. Women's Waterproof Hiking Jacket - Raincut Zip - Navy Blue is one such option that uses recycled plastic bottles or used fabrics to create polyester used in this jacket. The fabric of the jacket is water repellent in nature and hence prevents you from getting wet even during heavy rains.

The jacket has a waterproof rating of 2000mm. The higher the water pressure the better the waterproof capability of the jacket.  The jacket is made to be water repellent without the usage of perfluorocarbons which indicates a step taken towards a safer environment. As the fabric does not soak up water it is both lightweight and breathable.

The jacket is designed in such a way that it can be used for a 2-hour hike at a pace of 5 km/hr. at the most. However, the extent to which you are involved in a sports activity will also play a role. It is hence important to choose a jacket that will support you based on your physical activity.

  • Size of jacket: XS to 3XL available
  • MRP: Rs. 1,499
  • Additional products: Wearing the jacket with waterproof trousers will protect your lower body as well. The trouser is also a product made up of sustainable material and can hence contribute to reducing harm to the environment.
  • Manufactured in: India

  2. Men's Hiking Shoes - NH150 Khaki

Men's Hiking Shoes - NH150 Khaki is about 26.6% made up of eco friendly materials. The components that were used in these eco friendly shoes were 100% recycled polyester and 85% recycled polyurethane foam along with a 100% recycled polyester lining and an outer sole made up of 30% recycled rubber.

The sole of the shoes is designed with a specific formula of rubber that optimizes both traction and grip. These are the best eco friendly product in India for hiking that has undergone various tests such as UV resistance, abrasion resistance of outsole, and accelerated aging. All of these tests indicate how durable these shoes can be especially in harsh weather conditions.

  • Size of shoes: UK 5 to UK 12 available
  • MRP: Rs. 2,999
  • Additional products: Even though the shoes are highly breathable, they might not be able to evacuate the humidity caused by sweating, and hence it is advised to choose a sock that is made up of moisture-absorbing cotton and will keep your foot safe from any sort of blister.
  • Manufactured in: India

  3. Hiking backpack 30L - NH Arpenaz 100 Black

While dyeing the bag fabric takes a lot of water and discharges a lot of wastewater into the environment. Hence there is special care taken while preparing the Hiking backpack 30L - NH Arpenaz 100 Black as the interior fabric is not colored using chemical dyes. Instead, color pigments are used to dye the fabric which is quite environmentally friendly.

The bag also undergoes certain tests to validate the bag's components such as fabric tests to test the resistance to tearing and abrasion, color fastness when it is subject to UV light, and its waterproofing quality. All of these tests are conducted by keeping in mind the usage and durability for several years.

  • Size of the backpack: 30L
  • MRP: Rs. 1,399
  • Packing of backpack: Put your heavy items at the bottom and pack your clothes around them. Keep your waterproof jacket or fleece within your arm’s reach. Whereas smaller items can be added to the pockets. The flask will have a dedicated compartment where it can be stored.
  • Manufactured in: India

  4. Men's Cotton Gym T-Shirt Regular Fit Athletee 100 - Dark Grey

Men's Cotton Gym T-Shirt Regular Fit Athletee 100 - Dark Grey is a t-shirt made up of cotton and the dyes used for this t-shirt is color pigments that are a part of the sustainable materials. As no part of the t-shirt consists of a chemical component it is considered to be one of the best eco friendly products in India. The t-shirt is also available in several colors based on which you can pick your own favorite one.

  • Size of t-shirt: S to 5XL
  • MRP: Rs. 499
  • Additional products: The t-shirt can be aired with a pair of regular fit gym shorts for a gym session or even for an outing.
  • Manufactured in: India

  5. Adult Ski Hat Firstheat - Black

The Adult Ski Hat Firstheat – Black is made up of jute and is considered to contribute to the environmental purpose of zero harm to the Earth. This is also one of the eco friendly products in India that utilizes sustainable materials which help in further reusing and recycling of clothes.

  • Size of ski hat: One-size
  • MRP: Rs. 199
  • Additional products: This ski hat can also be paired with a complete ski outfit or ski gloves that will provide complete protection against winter and cold weather.
  • Manufactured in: India


So by now, you might have understood what are eco friendly products and where to find them. While living an eco friendly life was a choice during the past years, with the scarcity of resources it has now become a necessity. Most importantly it is necessary that people start to understand how to stop plastic usage. Also, with some creativity, it is possible to create your own DIY eco friendly products that can be utilized for various purposes.


1. Why do eco-friendly products cost more?

Eco friendly products are made using some of the best materials that are both sustainable and ones that do not harm the environment and are hence quite expensive than the conventional materials that are easily available. Apart from the materials, these products are created in such a way that they can be utilized for a longer period of time. While they might be expensive during the first buy, they can be useful in the long run as they replace single-use items which will cost more when both are multiple times.

2. Why should you choose sustainable products?

Preventing global warming and hence climate change is a need of the hour. Sustainable products help in this matter as they provide great alternatives to the products that harm the environment. Due to a simple swap, it is possible to avoid any damage to the environment and hence Earth from the current climate change problems.

3. How popular are eco-friendly products?

With the increase in responsibility among people, there is now a huge demand for eco friendly products as people have started understanding the benefits that they obtain through the products and the importance of eco friendly products.

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