Decathlon is a renowned name, well known for sports, and outdoor adventure requirements. Decathlon creates new innovative products with top quality, making them available and affordable for everyone. It is a true belief of Decathlon that, apart from packaging and advertising, it is the price that drives up sales. It brings the top quality product to nearly half the price of it, which is resulting in a successful business. It is their mission to bring sports to everyone, and that is the reason they indulge in making new products with the most innovative and cutting-edge technology.   

Customer suggestions are the key factor for most innovative products in Decathlon. It has helped in improvising the existing one. Learn about the best innovative products of Decathlon.

What makes a product innovative? 

Decathlon prioritizes investing in its ideas and innovation, which results in high-quality and affordable sports products. Innovation is the key to its business. The most innovative products are designed by Decathlon by customers' suggestions. By listening to these big ideas, most new inventions are made and also improvements are made to the existing products. But the ultimate goal of Decathlon for creating these innovative products is to make them available and affordable to everyone, they must be comfortable and as well as enjoyable. 

In the Research and Development Center, athletes' actions are observed to get the best products for their customers. Most of the innovative products are designed eco-friendly, just a step ahead to protect our planet. They explore prototyping in the industrial division and tend to gather data. The human body’s motion is analyzed and the products are designed accordingly. Since quality is stitched along with its mission, continuous efforts are made to improve it. It is the commitment towards quality that has built trust with the customers. 

Decathlon believes in Innovation for sustainability, Innovation for quality, Innovation for performance, and Innovation for all. 

10 Best innovative products from Decathlon  

Evolving Ab Wheel with Elastic Band Support

This ab wheel comes with an adjustable elastic strap that is specially designed for it to be used by everyone. It can be used by beginners and advanced users. It's the most innovative product, which is approved by our R&D lab for optimized posture. To check its effective usage, a biomechanical test was conducted on 25 sports users, beginners found it easier and were able to go 7 cm farther. They were able to maintain a better degree of curve.  


  • They have optimized posture which gives a better lumbar curve when compared to the classic ab wheels.
  • It gives complete movement than the classic ab wheels.
  • It is easily adjustable and has a removable strap which is designed to suit the required level of difficulty.
  • Easy dismantling, the ab wheels, and strap can be dismantled separately.

Product Information

  • Price: Rs. 2999 only, inclusive of all taxes.
  • The plastic parts used in the ab wheels are made up of recycled plastic making it an eco-friendly product.
  • Mat is included along with the ab wheel, for added comfort.

 Adult Easybreath Surface Mask - 500 Blue

The Adult Easybreath Surface Mask - 500 Blue is a full-face snorkel mask. It is a new innovative product that is designed for comfortable breathing. It comes with new inventions such as anatomic design, which includes 2 mask sizes with a silicone face skirt for a watertight seal. There is a constant supply of fresh air which prevents fogging up within the mask. 


  •  It facilitates easy breathing, i.e. breathing through the nose/mouth.
  • It prevents the formation of fog through exclusive air circulation within the snorkel mask.
  • It provides a panoramic field of vision with a 180° effect.
  • Easily adjustable elastic fabric strap.
  • It comes with dry-top-release technology, which limits the water entry from the top.
  • Consists of water drainage.

Product Information:

  • Price: Rs. 3599 only, inclusive of all taxes.
  • Dimension of the product: Height- 29cm, Width-18cm, and Thickness- 12cm.
  • Sizes: M/L, S/M, XS, S, M, L. 

Adult Dive Mask Easybreath 900 - Blue

The Adult Dive Mask Easybreath 900 is the top new product that is designed to equalize your ears for underwater exploration. It comes with a soft nose for equalizing the ear for a freediver up to 3 meters down.


  • Allows easy breathing.
  • Anti-fogging system with air circulation technology.
  • It provides a panoramic field of vision with a 180° effect.
  • It is an eco-friendly product, with 10% less impact.
  • It comes with dry-top-release technology, making it waterproof.

Product Information:

  • Price: Rs. 4499 only, inclusive of all taxes.
  • Dimension of the product: Height- 29cm, Width-18cm, and Thickness- 12cm.
  • Sizes: M/L, S/M.

Adult Dry diving snorkel with dry top valve system - 100 Dry Top Grey

It is specially designed for those snorkelers who do not want water to get into their mouth. In certain cases, even when a few drops get in, the bottom valve expels the water out. The product contains no PVC.


  • Waterproof technology prevents water from entering the snorkel mask.
  • The soft silicone contours the face.
  • A drain valve is provided at the bottom of the snorkel for removing residual water.
  • The mouthpiece is made up of orthodontic silicone for maximum comfort.

Product Information:

  • Price: Rs. 1399 only, inclusive of all taxes.
  • Dimension of the product: Length- 40cm, -18cm, Thickness- 3 cm and weight- 120gm 
  • Sizes: One size.

  Kids Easybreath Snorkeling Mask Blue

This innovative product is the world's 1st full-face snorkeling mask that is available for kids aged between 6-10 years. The design is ideal for kids who want to explore the underwater world. It gives comfortable breathing and a large field of vision.


  • Silicone face skirt for a water-tight seal.
  • Anti-fogging technology for clear vision.
  • 180° panoramic field of vision.
  • “Dry-top-release” that limits water entry.
  • Purge the valve in the bottom to drain water from the mask.

Product Information:

  • Price: Rs. 3599 only, inclusive of all taxes.
  • Dimension of the product: Height- 23cm, Width-15cm, and Thickness- 11cm.
  • Sizes: XS.

  Adult Easybreath Mask Acoustic Valve 540 Freetalk Jungle

The Adult EasyBreath mask is designed with cutting-edge technology by enabling the user to communicate on the surface. It has a few similar features to the old mask but added up with new innovative things, the mask is made more robust, the skirt is more comfortable and the effort over breathing is reduced by 20%


  • Consists of an Acoustic valve which helps in better communication.
  • Anti-fogging technology prevents fog formation.
  • 180° panoramic field of vision.
  • “Dry-top-release” prevents water entry.
  • Purge valve in the bottom acts as water drainage.

Product Information:

  • Price: Rs. 3599 only, inclusive of all taxes.
  • Dimension of the product: Height- 29cm, Width-18cm, and Thickness- 12cm.
  • Sizes: S/M, M/L.

 Inflatable Football Goal Air Kage Pump - Red/Orange

Decathlon has come up with another innovative item, for playing football. It is designed with inflatable air Kage Pump goal and is also equipped with an in-built pump making it suitable for all terrain.


  • Easy to assemble and easy to dismantle.
  • It is compact, thereby easily transferable.
  • It consists of side pockets, which increases stability.
  • They are resistant to abrasion.
  • It is an eco-design product, hence reducing the environmental impact by 20%.

Product Information:

  • Price: Rs. 4599 only, inclusive of all taxes.
  • Dimension of the product: 95 cm x 70 cm x 55 cm 0.80 kg. 
  • Sizes: S (800 gms).


Golf Putting Set Indoor

It is the most innovative product designed by Decathlon for those golfers who wish to practice or play alone or with friends. To bring the similar thrill of grass, the cup is designed with tabs to capture the ball. Now experience “Golf at Home”. Eco-design measures are taken to reduce its impact by 20%. The built-in pump provides maximum sturdiness. 


  • The ball is designed to roll the same way as that on grass.
  • The ball texture prevents damage made to the furniture when played at home.
  • It easily fits into a compact box.
  • Make use of three colors for identifying the player's ball.

Product Information:

  • Price: Rs. 1299 only, inclusive of all taxes.
  • The set includes three balls and one hole, the ball measures 4.3cm in dia and the hole measures 19 cm in dia.

Cycle Lock - Foldable 500 with Key - Black/Yellow

It is a must for cyclists, it is designed in a particular way to carry it easily and lock it wherever it is being parked. They are theft-resistant and locks are easier to transport.


  • It is theft-resistant.
  • Designed especially for those who need a simple lock system.
  • It can be easily transported.

Product Information:

  • Price: Rs. 4499 only, inclusive of all taxes.
  • Weight: 1.4 Kg.


This adjustable golf club is designed for kids aged between 2-13 years who are under the height of 1.55m, it also consists of a lightweight ball. It is easy to play for a kids club, whether right hand or left hand. This new innovative product from Decathlon makes playing more fun. It can be used to play on the beaches, garden, office, station, park, etc.  


  • They are easy to use.
  • The telescopic shaft makes the club length adjustable.
  • Suitable for any terrain.
  • Suitable for right and left-handed players.

Product Information:

  • Price: Rs. 1499 only, inclusive of all taxes.
  • Club Length: Varies from 52 cm to 83 cm.


Decathlon is a customer-centric company, which uses customers' opinions and reviews as its growth strategy. They often combine innovation and technology which results in innovative products. Their products are tested in a sports lab by sports professionals or athletes. Decathlon has created a platform for its users, to submit their innovative product ideas in the suggestion box. The company has its R&D unit, private labels, and supply chains, which eliminates middlemen and distributors. Its innovation has earned the trust of global consumers.  

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