Remember those good old days when people used to ride bicycles or even walk to commute for short distances? With the advancements in the transport system, our lifestyles have shifted towards more ease and convenience. Although these advancements have saved our time and efforts, they have stagnated our physical activities. What if we tell you there is a convenient way of travelling that would positively affect your body? Read through the article to discover how a kick scooter is an easy way of commuting and keeping you physically fit and uncover some of the best kick scooters for adults available in the market.

What is a kick scooter?

A kick scooter is a man-powered vehicle set into motion by thrusting the feet against the ground. It has a handle with brakes and a deck with wheels for mounting. The handlebar is adjustable to let the driver ride conveniently. The body of the scooter is made of steel, plastic or aluminium. Different kick scooters come with a variable number of wheels, built material, colour and design. They are easy to ride and excellent vehicles for commuting short distances. Along with being extremely easy to ride, they help in muscle build-up and burn calories too.

How to choose an adult kick scooter

If you plan to buy an adult kick scooter, then keep these points in mind so that you can grab the best adult kick scooter as per your needs and convenience.

  • Wheel size: While buying an adult kick scooter, it is necessary to consider the wheel size for convenient riding. Kick scooters available in the market have varying wheel sizes with their diameter ranging from 3-8 inches. The wheel size determines the rolling efficiency and speed of the kick scooter. 

A larger wheel size enhances the rolling efficiency means a single kick will keep the scooter rolling for a longer distance. It also helps in shock absorption.

However, smaller wheels make the kick scooter easy to handle and turn through a smaller radius.

  • Wheel Bearing: An ideal adult kick scooter should have a higher wheel bearing rating. The wheel bearing rating ranges from 5-7. The higher the wheel bearing rating, the better the performance. 
  • Deck Size: A deck in a kick scooter is the board between the wheels placed for mounting the rider. The deck size in an adult kick scooter depends upon the size of the wheels. A larger deck size enables the rider to easily mount the scooter. It also leads to convenience by letting the rider shift weight and helps in balancing. However, a large deck size increases the scooter's weight and causes difficulty in quickly changing speeds.

To conclude, the deck should not be very large but large enough to let the rider comfortably place both legs.

  • Deck height: The deck’s height is proportional to the size of the wheels. The deck should be placed at a reasonable level as it will cause inconvenience to the rider. A deck that is too low will cause friction while rolling.
  • Suspension: A suspension in a kick scooter helps in shock absorption. The need for suspension depends on the road to be travelled. In urban cities with well-constructed roads, a suspension is not much needed, however, in suburbs or uneven areas, a well-incorporated suspension is a must in an adult kick scooter.
  • Handlebar: The handlebar in a kick scooter should have clamps for height adjustment to let the riders adjust the handle level according to their convenience. Ideally, the level of the handle should be around the waistline for a convenient ride.
  • Built of scooter: Buy a kick scooter with overall high-quality built. Prefer brand to ensure quality and durability. The material used in the wheels and body of the kick scooter should be durable. The screws and parts should be well-fitted. A foldable kick scooter is easy to carry and requires less room for storage. A kickstand in the adult kick scooter owes easy parking. 

Best kick scooters for adults

If you are looking for the best kick scooters for adults, check out the following products for the best riding experience.

Adult Kick Scooter Town 7XL - Black

The Adult kick scooter town 7XL is a high-performance kick scooter from Oxelo, a brand by Decathlon. It has a good quality build and is highly durable. It is one of the best kick scooters for heavy adults. It can carry a weight of up to 100 kg and is ideal for individuals above 8 years of age. It comes in a classy design with an all-black plush look.

Extensive Features: 

  • Price: Rs 9,999
  • Brand: Oxelo from Decathlon
  • Colour: Blue
  • High-quality polyurethane wheels
  • Dual functional brakes and easy-grip handle
  • Foldable handlebar for easy storage
  • Kickstand for convenient parking
  • Quick-release clamp to adjust the height of the handle
  • Dual suspension for shock absorption

 Adult Kick Scooter Town 5XL - Blue

Slide the grounds with one of the best adult kick scooters from Decathlon, Town 5XL. It is designed to commute shorter distances within the city up to 5 km. The built quality is superior owing to high performance. It can carry a weight of up to 100 kg.

Extensive features:

  • Price: Rs 8,999
  • Brand: Oxelo, Decathlon
  • Colour: Blue
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Rear braking system
  • Foldable handle
  • Kickstand for parking

Pros and Cons of Riding an adult kick scooter


  • Fun ride with health benefits: Riding a kick scooter is a fun activity to engage your leisure time. Furthermore, the numerous health benefits it offers make it even more appealing. It is one of the most effective ways to stay active and bid goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle. 
  • Does not require any skills: It is an easy way of commuting which doesn’t require any skills. Unlike cycling and bike riding, it does not require a learning process. Just a kick against the ground and you are good to go along your way.
  • Burns calories: It is an effective way to burn the extra calories we consume in our day-to-day life and stay fit.
  • Fuel-free travelling: It does not require fueling, motor or charging to operate. Therefore, it cuts the travelling cost with a ride which is enjoyable.
  • Helps in building muscles and core strength: It preferably engages the core and lower body muscles and helps in strengthening muscles. It is an effective way to increase core strength.
  • Useful in commuting within the city: It is an easy way to travel and commute short distances.
  • Enhances coordination: Riding an adult kick scooter involves your hands to carry the handle, legs to propel against the ground and eyes focused on the road. Therefore, it is an effective way to enhance the coordination of the mind and different body parts.
  • Increases blood circulation: It helps in enhancing blood circulation which in turn increases the metabolism of the body contributing to health benefits.
  • Cost-effective: It is cheaper than bicycles and bikes for adults and does not require any maintenance and servicing.


  • Slow mode of travelling: As it is human-powered it can pick up pace only up to a certain extent. Therefore, it is a slow mode of travelling even slower than a bicycle.
  • Not ideal for long distances: It is not suitable for commuting long distances as it could be extremely exhausting.
  • Difficult to ride on uneven terrain: It requires more effort when travelling through uneven terrain or uphill riding. This could lead to inconvenience for the rider.
  • It could be tiring: As it requires effort and involves your whole body to commute, it could lead to restlessness.


Kick scooters were invented for commuting in a fun manner all the way saving you from the fuel crisis. They are faster than walking and are a great way to stay physically active. We hope you have a clear vision of operating adult kick scooters and their health benefits by now. 

We wish you an enjoyable ride!


1. Is a kick scooter good for adults?

Yes, kick scooters are a great way to commute short distances and improve the busy lifestyle of adults by staying physically active.

2. Is a kick scooter faster than walking?

Yes, a kick scooter is 3-4 times faster than walking. It owes to effortless travelling.

3. Is a kick scooter bad for the knees?

No, riding a kick scooter does not require much knee-joint movement. Therefore, it is gentle on the knees.


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