Your choice of kids' scooter should be based on your child's age, their motor skills, and where they'll be riding.

1. Your Child's Age

Oxelo offers four kinds of freestyle scooter to match your child's age:

  • They'll want to use their scooter to play in parks, around the neighbourhood, and for short trips. Choose a medium size scooter.
  • Your child will be wanting a scooter that they can have fun with and easily get around town, go to school and/or go on medium distance rides (up to 2 km). In that case, choose a scooter with large wheels that are more suited to this type of use.
  • They can't yet keep their balance very well when walking, so a three-wheeled scooter is best.
  • They're still learning to balance but can start thinking about two-wheeled models.

2. The Type of Surface

Think about the type of ground that you'll be riding on. If it's irregular or rugged, choose a model that has suspension, especially at the front, and ergonomic handles to dampen vibrations in the legs and the arms



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