We all love playing badminton as a sport but tend to ignore the importance of necessary sports gear to make the experience even more enterprising. The presence of the best badminton shoes can always make a noted difference- both from play as well as health point of being. We are thereby going to articulate ahead why badminton shoes are necessary to be present-in letter and spirit in the modern-day backdrop. So without further ado, let’s jump into the nitty-gritty of what badminton shoes can or cannot do and how it is statistically significant for an individual.


One might be knowingly confused with the fact as to why normal sports shoes cannot be used while playing badminton. Badminton is a definite indoor sport and is played (mostly) in a synthetic court or at least a wooden court and rarely on a cement base. Wearing normal shoes can end up hurting and severely injuring muscles as they do not offer specialized rubber soles which do not leave any scuff marks on the court.

Also, general running shoes are out of recommendation equal to other walking shoes as badminton requires frequent movement within certain metres which are not dealt with by these normal shoes which are meant for otherwise. Hence, be it for professionals or beginners, buying the best quality badminton shoes becomes such a debatable topic for all the right reasons.

Badminton has been about arm strength and footwork. While the former can be taken care of through rigorous training only, the latter can be addressed through a combination of training and shoes which prevent room for friction.

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction about the Importance of Sports Shoes
  2. Finding the exact Badminton Shoes
  3. List of the Badminton Shoes that Decathlon offers
  4. How do Badminton players prefer their own shoes to be?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. The Bottom Line

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Introduction To The Importance Of Sports Shoes

Short area movements, as mentioned before, play a pivotal role in changing the outcome of any badminton game. Badminton shoes always come with a special rubber sole undercover.

Well, badminton movements are very specific. In fact, only squash has some similar moves, although it does not cover all the range of movement that badminton does, such as the jump smash movement. Therefore, having shoes that have been designed specifically for badminton will help prevent injuries and also make sure your feet do not suffer from the stress that usually comes from playing badminton.

This ensures that your experience is not ruined by damaged premises. Not only for aesthetic reasons but gum rubber soles also provide better traction on the court and allow you to move more easily. They offer immense comfort and protect you from injuries on the court. If you are going to play on cement occasionally, any pair of shoes with rubber soles will be sufficient.

Then, when do we need badminton shoes? Long story short, the answer would be just when you start playing. Maybe you can play once or twice first to make sure you like it, but after that, you should consider buying badminton shoes. That does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money from the beginning. There are badminton shoes for beginners that are affordable but still will do the job for you if you are only starting.

Also, it does matter in which type of court you play when choosing your badminton shoes. It will dictate how much cushioning you should be after. Having said that, if you are playing badminton regularly, you should carefully check which surface you are playing on. This is because badminton can be very hard on your knees and ankles. The best surfaces to play on are suspended wooden floors or a badminton mat. In this case, the standard badminton shoes will do a great job for you.

If for whatever reason, your only way to play badminton is on a hard floor and/or outdoors, then you should look for shoes that have extra cushioning. It might also be a good idea to buy some good insoles that help with the extra cushioning.

Finding The Right Badminton Shoes

There are several characteristics that you should keep in mind when buying the best badminton shoes for beginners as also for seasoned athletes. Let’s look at the things that the best badminton shoes will have.

1. Lightweight

Badminton is a very fast sport where you have to move fast and where you also change direction very often. For these reasons, a good badminton shoe will be lightweight so it does not become a burden when moving.

2. Flexibility

For the same reasons that they need to be lightweight, badminton shoes also need to be flexible. The range of movements you perform while playing badminton is very wide, going from lunges to reach shots at the net, to jump smashes, or to a sudden change of direction because of a deceptive shot from your opponent. To adapt to all this, a badminton shoe needs to be flexible so your feet can change their shape to fit the specific movement you are performing.

3. Shape

Even though you need your ankle to be able to move freely, it is important that your feet are securely fastened within the shoe and they do not move. This will avoid injuries or blisters that will otherwise appear due to all the friction between your feet and the shoes. Therefore, be sure to buy shoes that adapt to the shape of your feet. For example, if you have wide feet, check the options available for wide feet. Be sure to also fasten your shoes properly so the feet are held steady.

4. Sole

Because of the need to be lightweight and flexible, badminton shoes tend to have a thin sole. This is a good sign that the shoe will perform what is required. However, people with bad knees might find the thin sole not suitable for them. If that is the case, my personal recommendation is to buy good insoles or orthotics that will provide the extra cushioning that is required. You can place these inside your shoe, putting them in place of the insoles that come as standard.

List Of Badminton Shoes That Decathlon Offers

1. Men’s Badminton Shoes BS 190 Strap Black 

Considered as one of the best badminton shoes for beginners, this shoe is made of 3D mesh providing good ventilation and keeps feet dry. It also has inserted cushion foam which keeps the feet healthy and makes it lightweight having a price tag of INR 1,899.

2. Men’s Badminton Shoes BS 190 Navy

The newly designed hummingbird texture rubber sole based shoe is the best badminton shoe for men and the mesh with Pu upper structure provides good breathability priced at INR 1,899

3. Men’s Badminton Shoes Max Comfort BS 590 Black

The DIAPAD cushioning system backed by INUP insert at the front sole provides great comfort as also the Nylon Shank Anti-torsion system helps make sure to stimulate stability under fast movement and is priced at INR 4,799

4. BS 530 W Purple

Intermediate player who looks for good cushioning shoes with lightweight & breathable upper provide comfortable feel allows them to use on-court and off-court. A perfect women's badminton shoe, with an attractive color and excellent grip, priced at 2,499.

5. BS 190W Lavendar

Priced at INR 1,899 this shoe provides a textured rubber sole that gives superior grip and has a traditional capsule. The introduction of the new sole reduces 40g of weight overall compared to the previous version and the mesh with Pu structure provides a superior breathable feature. 

6. BS 560W Lite Navy

With a price tag of INR 3,499, this model comes with vamp and lateral structured transparent TPU which reduces overall weight. This also promotes better ventilation and is perfect for players who are in intermediate and advanced stages as it strikes the perfect balance between lightness and cushioning

7. BS 100W Red 

The shoe which is effectively priced at INR 1,299 provides a 2-year standard warranty and gives good breathability and helps keep feet dry as also it is considered one of the most comfortable shoes for a beginner. It is made of canvas making it overall lightweight.

8. Men’s Indoor Sports BS 990 Blue

Coming at a premium range of INR 5,999 this is one of the best badminton shoes which comes with heel stiffener and high-quality reinforcement. Also, the shoe is heavily reinforced in areas that are prone to wear very quickly and has fabric parts for good ventilation.

How Do Badminton Players Prefer Their Own Shoes To Be?

Finding the best badminton shoes is not an easy task that can be fended off easily. According to badminton players, despite the need for lightness and flexibility, good badminton shoes should also have a good cushioning against impact. This is important because badminton is such an aggressive sport, with jumps and drastic changes of direction. Good cushioning against impact will ensure that your knees do not suffer needlessly. As we mentioned before, for people in need of extra cushioning, insoles or orthotics are a good option.

Another important characteristic of a badminton shoe is that the sole should be non-marking. This does not have any impact on your well-being or your ability to play badminton better. It is, however, a requirement to play in most indoor badminton courts, so make sure that the shoes you purchase are non-marking.

Because of all the sudden changes in direction required in badminton, good traction is one of the most important characteristics that a badminton shoe needs to have. To achieve this, the best material for your soles is gum rubber. Again, this would come as a standard for all proper badminton shoes, but it is good to keep it in mind. Badminton companies are always working on different patterns and improvements in the soles to improve traction, but no matter what pattern your sole has, make sure it is made of gum rubber.

One needs to ensure that Badminton shoes are designed in such a way that they offer a comfortable and tight fit. They offer anti-torque protection and make footwork easy for you and thus prevent you from injuries such as mallet finger and ankle sprain. Additionally, one needs to look for anti-slip and wear-resistant rubber that makes the perfect material for the soles of badminton shoes, while the midfoot part requires excellent shock-absorption and resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can running shoes be used for badminton? 

Absolutely, not. If you are going for a run, wear your running shoes and wear your badminton shoes when you are going to play badminton. It is more dangerous to wear running shoes to play badminton than wearing badminton shoes for running. When you wear running shoes to play badminton, you can easily sprain or twist your ankles.

2. What are no mark shoes?

Non-marking shoes are naturally used during indoor sports such as basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, handball, etc. They are manufactured from a unique sole created from rubber-type material to offer maximum friction and a "smooth ride". They are called non-marking because they leave no mark on the traditional wooden or tiled floors or damage them such as the “classical” shoes worn outside.

The Bottom Line

So, as depicted in the length and breadth of this article, we can surely not ignore the importance, and sporty significance of the best badminton shoes while playing the traditional game. While focusing on the gaming aspects is a must, paying a deaf ear to important components like shoes which have a direct proportional impact on health can prove to be treacherous. So, a careful and judicious look at which shoe are we buying which provides a fit for the game as well as that of our budget should be taken care of, and that being said, Happy gaming!!

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