Argentina : Heart of a Leo

I always relate my sports life to that of Dhoni’s, just not in the right sequence, though. I started off my career as a WK/Batsman for my school team and ended up as an attacking midfielder (no, not a goalkeeper…). I was picked by my school football coach because I could run fast and that was it. Not once did he check if I could kick the ball straight with my oversized, pointy school shoes.

Football, in my opinion, is your life, makes you realize that you can’t win or reach your goals unless you work as a team. It helps you evolve as a person!

I learned football watching Ronaldinho in his prime years at Barcelona.

I was heartbroken when I saw him leave and handover his iconic number 10 jersey to a 20-year old boy who he thought was going to the greatest ever.

We all have argued who is the world’s best footballer of all times at least at one point in time in our lives. Pele, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Cryuff, Di Stefano, Ronaldo. One thing for sure is that Messi is perched at one of the top branches of that tree, if not the topmost.

We have all witnessed or played football, but to play like that man (Messi), it is nearly impossible. 

Great players have said that he makes them talk like children in the dressing room. A little guy, wandering on the pitch, totally oblivious to the game and BANG! He gets the ball and it is Magical!  

His squad is far from being favorites in this championship this season. The World Cup qualifiers was an example of how they lack conviction and how much they depend for a mortal to become a God.

What happens is simple. They panic, the God they expect turns into a human. The game becomes very boring!

With the neighbours gaining strength after that heavy loss in the World Cup and the burden of repeating the 1978 world cup glory resting on their shoulders, it is not easy for them. The players have always been criticised for their lackluster performances for the national side, which they have been taking it on their chins. What hurts them is having being questioned about their patriotism.

The game against Ecuador did give us hope, or did it? The 6-1 loss against Spain showed us how reliable they are,  like a toddler trying to find his mother’s hand in a crowd, to wait for that man to create something out of nothing.

Argentina is most certainly one to watch. With that man leading their attack, anything is possible. 

Nonetheless, Germany has been knocking Argentina out of the competition for three straight World cup finals now. Is this finally the year Argentina is going to pay them back? 

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