I believe, it's so unique that it can command more belief than a religion. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to football but getting introduced to the game is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life, I don't consider myself to be very skilled at the game but when I'm on the pitch, I leave no stone unturned to help my team win. You can expect nothing less than a 100% from me. Football provides me with the motivation that I need to go about in my daily life, it might sound absurd but its true. Its not just the ball that is kicked up and down the field, it has the ability to transform your life !!

liverpool football club - England

The Country Which Gave us the Most Beautiful Game That Has Ever Been Played on This Planet - Football !

The Englishmen will kick off this season with action against Tunisia. I can't wait to support and cheer the Three Lions like never before !!


It Was in 2006, When One of the Best Things in My Life Happened to Me. I Fell in Love With the Liverpool Football Club and Their Iconic All Action Captain Steven Gerrard and the Consequence Was My Addiction to EPL and England Football !

The addiction is a dope ! Then came the 2006 World Cup as an England fan ! So there was massive hype by the English media that this was the best team to have participated in the World Cup in over 30 years, hailed as the golden generation with Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, Ferdinand, Owen the superstars of English Premier League coming together for the national side. Matching to the hype, England had a great start to the tournament with some special goals from special players. I especially remember Stevie G's special against Ecuador, it's still so fresh.It was the best start to my life as an England Fan! English fans were jubilant and roared their team to the quarters. Big drama awaited and unfolded in the quarters against Portugal with red cards and missed penalties.  This was a massive heart break for England fans, once again from ecstasy to agony for the fans !

In 2010, The Three Lions Were Captained By Liverpool Skipper Steven Gerrard. As Much as I Would Have Loved to See My Hero Lift the World Cup, It Was the Same Old Story Again.

England crashed out of the tournament in round of 16! 2014 was even worse. It was so painful to watch them crash out again. Personally it was the saddest I have ever felt as an England fan to watch Stevie G and the squad bow out of tournament, it was heartbreaking ! The performance was so lackluster, and hopeless that England lost the first two matches against Italy and Uruguay and lifeless draw against Costa rica was the end of the road for England and again a shameful exit in the group stages! Exit in such circumstances meant, this was rock bottom for Roy Hodgson men ! Hodgson was known for his defensive strategy and he could never get the team going which resulted in one of the worst performances by the England team in the FIFA World Cup ! Down and out again, Hodgson resigned !

The England Football Team is an Enigma, So Difficult to Comprehend. The Players, The Superstars for Their Own Clubs, Who Perform at the Highest Level for Their Own Clubs Becomes Quite a Contrast, When Combined Together to Play for Their National Team!!

It has been an enigma for so long that no manager has come close to unlock this puzzle yet. No matter how famous the English players are in their clubs, they will be treated as failures when it comes to perform at the highest level for their country ! Recently, I listened to the interview of Gerrard, Lampard and Ferdinand sitting together and analyzing why they couldn't perform as a team for England (something the fans wish they could have done while they were all playing together). One of the main reasons was perhaps their big club rivalry. The big ego they carry from their clubs ; the clash of ego and rivalry combined, players were never close to each other, no team bonding and no team spirit whatsoever in the English camp !!

This simply reflected in the teams' performances.I personally blame the management and the manager of the team, for these multiple failures. It's simply not acceptable and the management has to take the complete responsibility!

The English Premier League is the Most Watched and Richest Premier League in the World. Perhaps, Why England Struggles as a Team

The EPL is so competitive and the best league in the world that it fails to provide the platform for homegrown talent, unlike that in Germany or Spain !!! However there are positive signs of developing home grown talent looking at the current squad which is headed to Russia !

With young players such as Dele, Sterling, Kane, Rashford, Loftus Cheek, there is a lot of energy and athleticism that these players bring to the squad. It would be unfair to have big expectations from the current squad, to be honest, even the most ardent England fan would agree that there is no big expectation in Russia !!  However the future of England national team looks brighter than ever!


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