Scooters and Weight Loss: A Guide

So you've decided to take up skating or scootering in the city. From street skating to freestyle scootering, whichever you choose and whether for leisure or sport, falls are virtually a given. Especially if you're just starting out.  To prevent major injuries, you need to protect yourself. 

1. Choosing the Right Equipment

Let's be clear: when we say scooter, we mean a classic model. If you want to lose weight, forget about your electric one. Even though you still have to push yourself along with electric models, standing upright on a board that moves by itself isn't the key to losing weight. But however you use your scooter, it is beneficial! It's got everything you need for a fun commute: practical (folding), affordable (not too pricey), easy (doesn't need a lot of training), and sporty! It doesn't matter if you're overweight or not - your scooter won't care. The movements you do to push yourself along the pavement are a good cardio workout and use plenty of lower-body muscles as well as other parts of your body. It's simple: half an hour riding your scooter burns around 200 calories. Even more than walking!

2. The Right Time is All the Time!

Going to work? Scooter. Popping to the shops? Scooter. School run? Scooter. Evening out at the weekend? Scooter. Shopping spree? Scooter! No time in your schedule to let off steam? Don't want to be trapped in a room full of gym machines when you spend all day on the underground and in front of your computer? Understandable. A scooter means you don't have to worry about this. It's the most effective way of burning calories doing everyday tasks, without losing any time. There's no need to join a club or make sure you attend regularly, and it's always the right time to go for a ride. Plus, you don't need to put on your coolest tracksuit! Scooters can be folded, are light, and take up little space which means they can be moved anywhere at any time. Averaging 10-15 km/h, you'll get around in an eco-friendly way with a sense of freedom – particularly if you lose weight and overtake the bus at the same time. If it's a means to slimming down, you'll have plenty of motivation…

3. Lose Weight, Gain Muscle

You've seen that a scooter is a way of losing weight effortlessly on your everyday journeys. But that's not all. On your scooter you'll even discover new muscles you never knew you had. Of course, it's your leg muscles that get the most use: hamstrings (behind the thigh, which let you flex your knee) and quadriceps (on the front of your thigh). You'll also build muscle in your calves and firm up your buttocks. Our coach recommends trying to reach as far as possible behind you by lifting up your leg as you push yourself along, since this will help tone your bum. As for the asymmetric movement (pendulum effect), it works your joints and core. By lifting up your knee in front of you, you'll develop a proper six-pack. One last tip: swap legs from time to time so that your muscles don't become lopsided.

To Conclude

Over time, with just a bit of "scootering", you'll soon become a true athlete! Proof that you can lose weight without losing time.

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