The pandemic has shut the world from going outside. And even if it is a possibility, it comes with the addition of wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing. For all of us, it has been a shift from our day-to-day lives to being at home for our safety and good health. It has led us to be chefs in our kitchens to game night experts to fitness enthusiasts! For those who used to go to the gym or exercise daily, it has not been easy. You must be missing the feeling of being able to sweat out your calories as you go on the treadmills or leg presses. Well, as we reminisce over the time, we also have to find ways to continue with our fitness regime.  

Home workouts and yoga and even dance, are one of the best ways to stay healthy while you are staying at home. At-home workout routine allows you to set your own pace and achieve your goals without the hassle of going outside. Even if you have no equipment at home, there are a lot of innovative ways for you to exercise without any workout equipment. Various regions around the country are starting to allow movement of individuals during a particular time. We should utilize this time to get fit, and one way to do so is by running. 

Now, although running is an outdoor sport and being outdoors is not an option, many of us reside in areas where there is the ease of movement during the lockdown. If that is the case, one should take proper precautions before, during, and after heading out for a run during the lockdown. 


  1. Follow the norms 

Be responsible. If your residential area allows movement, ensure you follow the timings. Wear a mask when you're heading out and maintain more than 6 feet distance between you and individuals around you. Even though you are in motion, it is essential to maintain distance. Try to run in empty locations with no people because it's not advisable to run with a mask on. Stay indoors if you are living in a containment zone or a hotspot. There are plenty of home exercises that consist of running. Or, you can switch it up with various other routines as well.  

  1. Wear the right layers 

It is necessary to wear the right clothes to make your running time more efficient. Wearing the correct attire can make all the difference! Choose clothes that can absorb your sweat easily - running t-shirts and pants should be lightweight and absorbent. Avoid wearing cotton. The Run Dry t-shirts' synthetic fabric, allows your sweat to dry away quickly. 

Wear loose track pants or sweatpants that are designed specifically for running so that you have enough breathability. The Kiprun running trousers come with moisture management, absorbing any perspiration quickly. Wear shoes that are lightweight and comfortable, preferably ones with cushions so that you have a smooth run.  


  1. Accessorize! 

When you are out running, you might want to feel your best knowing you will be heading out after a long time. Wear a sports watch so that you can time your runs. Take breaks accordingly. It is essential to take breaks now and then, and you should not exert yourself a lot especially if you're wearing a mask. Carry a water bottle with you at all times. It is necessary to hydrate as running is an activity where you sweat a lot, and that increases the need to hydrate. If holding a water bottle is a task, you can always go for a waist bag that holds your water bottle. 


  1. Leave the Headphones at home 

You must have used your earphones to its maximum capacity while you were at home. For many of us, it was a portal to a world of good music and great shows or movies. But when you are out for a run, if you leave your earphones at home, you notice a lot of sounds, ones that you were not able to since you were at home for so long. Natural sounds help your mental wellbeing. The lack of traffic on the road gives way to various sounds we probably had not heard in a while, give yourselves a chance to listen to it all again. 


  1. Assess your running patterns 

When you head out for a run, make sure you utilize your time wisely. Staying out for long is not advisable. A good 20-30-minute run on a daily or alternate day basis should suffice for you to maintain fitness. Make sure you gradually increase your pace. See how many steps you take every minute. Do not forget to take breaks in between. Understand when your body is exerted, or tired from the run. Your sports watch can come in handy here as it tracks your movement, the number of steps you take, the amount of time you spend on a slow or fast pace. It helps you to analyze your running time. The Kiprun Running Wrist Heart-rate monitor can track your steps, distance, speed/pace, and heart-rate. You can also access this data via your smartphone.

  1. Find alternatives 

The situation currently is quite unpredictable. It is always better to find options other than going for an outdoor run. If you have the right clothes, the right accessories in place, you can easily workout at home as well! You will find a lot of free material online to understand how to exercise in the right manner. You can also switch between home workout routines and yoga. Yoga helps to strengthen your core and maintain a balance between your body and mind. 


Know that we are in this together. We should understand that it is necessary to follow the guidelines if we have to be in the pink of health. Whenever you go out for a run, ensure you are not going in crowded places and keep a safe distance. Wear a mask at all times (when you're not running) Do not stay out for a long time. Start with a quick workout routine at home so that by the time you are back from the short run, you feel good physically and mentally. Stay indoors if your location is in the hotspot zone. Take care of your health. Happy running! 

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