Playing at Father Christmas can be a real headache! Are your father, sister and/or other half hard-core walkers ? This could inspire you with a few present ideas! And since we're Santa's elves at heart, we'll give you a helping hand

Every step of the way.. much more pleasant with beautiful, brand new fitness walking shoes! What could be better for a passionate walker than some ultra-pro equipment? You're sure to hit the mark with this present. Whatever lucky person finds that pair of Propulse Walk under the Christmas tree will think of you during and after every walking session, as these shoes feel so flexible, light and comfortable!

To change your poles

Did you give your favourite Nordic walker some walking poles last year? Easy! This year, spoil them with a pair of REAL Nordic walking shoes. These poles specially designed for Nordic walking give flexibility, grip and propulsion during walking sessions. You don't want your walker to give up after a couple of kilometres!

To be under the spotlight

When the days get shorter, does your sister's motivation for her 7.00 pm walking session go into free fall? Here's a bright idea: give her a Run Light ! It'll fire her enthusiasm right up, despite the darkness. The Run Light is a really practical, effective way to avoid any obstacle on your path during night walking sessions. Then there was light!  

To train like an athlete

If your favourite walker has a geeky side and you want to encourage them in their training, give them cardio-connect watch. It's ideal for measuring your speed, distance covered and to have the key indicators you need to make progress. Far more than a watch, it's a real mini-coach! A great way to improve your performance and compare your fitness walking sessions. All thanks to you!

And if it's above your budget, you can give them this free tip instead: Download the DECATHLON COACH app on your smart phone . It also allows you to track and programme your walking sessions. Any added extras? Vocal coaching to help you keep up the motivation! 

To make the Christmas magic last

Have you noticed that you can never have too many woolly hats? If ever there was a useful present, this is it - especially for regular walkers who don't let the winter stop them. With or without a bobble, headband-style or even balaclava; wear whatever floats your boat, as long as it protects you from the cold. Want your present to prolong the magic of Christmas? Go for a red and white hat, Santa-style. You can be sure that your favourite walker (and their ears) will thank you for it during the next fitness walking session!

Yes, even Father Christmas leaves it up to Newfeel to spoil walkers! Merry Christmas to one and all! 

Gift Card

Still can't make up your mind? Get them a gift card and let them pick out what they want!

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