3 Things You Can Do with Your Water Bottles While Hiking

Discover our tips for making water bottles fun and essential when hiking, with 3 ideas to choose form depending on your mood and creativity!

Water bottles

water bottles

IDEA When you buy water bottles, choose different colours. Since every one has their flask, is responsible for it and it is more fun to use them in games... If you already have one, simply customise it with a marker, ribbon, colourful tape (electric tape, for example) or a few stickers

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1. Bottle Molkky

When out hiking with the whole family.
Ideally you need at least 6 bottles in different colours.
Find a stick that is quite thick and heavy (the size of a rolling pin)

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- Aim of the game

knock down the bottles using the Mölkky wooden pin. The bottles are worth between 1 and 12 points maximum depending on their colour. The first team that manages to get exactly 50 points wins the game. For quicker games, you can decide to go up to 25 points or less, it’s up to you

- Game rules

At the start of the game, the bottles are placed about 4 metres from the players. When a bottle is knocked down, put it back up at the place where it fell. That way, as the game goes on the bottles get spread out and move further apart.
The players (or teams) take turns, and do not get another chance if they miss all the bottles.

- How to play

Position the bottles at the start of the game (adapt according to the number used).
The players throw the Mölkky to knock down the bottles, each using their own style.

  • Players win as many points as the number of bottles they knock down.
  • If they only knock down one bottle, they win the points allotted to that bot

Example: If the player aims at bottle No. 6 and knocks it down, he or she gets 6 points.

If the player knocks down No. 6 but also No. 4, he or she only gets 2 points.

Kid hiking

The first team to get exactly 50 points wins.
If a team gets more than 50 points, its score goes back to 25 points.

: Players or teams that score no points three times in a row (three throws without scoring, or by overstepping the throwing line) are eliminated. Of course, if all the players are eliminated before anyone gets 50 points, the last one still in wins.

REMINDER When you choose where to play, remember to find a place without too many stones or
rocks. fairly flat and grassy if possible, to protect your bottles.

2. Flask Skittles

For family hikes.
Number of flasks:
Minimum 4 And the same throwing stick.

Water bottles

- Aim of the game

Knock down all of the bottles with the stick

- Game rules

Arrange the bottles in a V-shape, and throw the stick at themYou can divide into two teams or play individually. Each team/player has three attempts to knock down the bottles. Then put the bottles back in a V-shape and start again (as in bowling). Each bottle is worth 1 point. If a team scores a strike, i.e. it knocks down all the bottles in one go, it gets an extra 5 points. The first team to score 30 points wins.

You can also make the game more interesting by giving the bottles different values. For example the blue one is worth 1 point, the green one 2, the red one 3...

The loser has to find things starting with the letters of the alphabet all the way down: A for apple, B for bottle, C for chalet... a good way to have fun on the way home too!

3. Pass The Bottle

For hikes with the whole family or just a few people.

Number of flasks :  One is enough!

Kids Playing

- Aim of the game

Throw and catch the bottles at the same time.

- Game rules

2 people opposite each other, each with a bottle, throw the bottles at the same time and try to catch them. You can count the number of points, imagine variants where you get more points if you catch the bottle without moving your feet or if you throw the bottle well for your opponent. Everything is possible provided it’s fun.

You can even invent new rules, your own system of rewards: the winner chooses the dessert, doesn’t do the hoovering, has an extra go on the merry-go-round etc.

Kids Hiking

Want to test the bottle Mölkky? Choose your hike right away and share the rules you have invented with all the other groups of hikers!

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