Badminton is a sport where in you exercise your entire body and your mind as well to a certain extent. You engage your core, your limbs, and your brain as you serve and runaround the court. It requires quick thinking and speed. One match that lasts for over an hour can help you to burn around 480 calories. If you play itdaily, you can lose about 4 kilograms a month! That is quite the motivation in itself to start playing the sport!

There are various benefits to playing badminton. You will learn all about it in this article. But by far,one of the greatest benefits of all at this point is that it is a socially distant sport. In case if your locality is not a COVID-19 hot spot, you can go out and play with your family and friends as it is a zero-contact sport. A badminton court or even a makeshift badminton court allows both players to beat a distance from each other. And as you would be using a shuttle and rackets,there is absolutely no contact between you and the opposite player. It is asafe sport to play during such a time. If you do decide to go out and play, you should follow the safety and precautionary measures. Ensure that you wear amask at all times and have a sanitizer, a bottle of water in hand.  

Here are 10 benefits of playing badminton:

·       Aids weight loss

As the sport involves a lot of physical activity, you shed a lot of calories as well. You make use of every muscle in your body; this helps in shedding unnecessary body fat as well.


·       Tones your body

If you wish to maintain a good physique, you should playbadminton. While playing, you are exercising your calves, quads, hamstrings,and your core as well. Badminton provides the cardiovascular workout your bodyneeds, thus toning your muscles as you play.


·       Improves heart function

As it increases your heart rate, it also encourages themaintenance of your heart. Badminton strengthens your heart muscles. It aids inunclogging the walls of your heart, thus improving blood flow. It also aids inblood circulation.

Along with improving heart function, it lowers the bloodpressure, which also reduces hypertension. It being a fun sport, playingbadminton can aid in reducing stress as well, which is one of the common causesof hypertension. It produces natural chemicals in your body that has propertiesto calm yourself.

·       Improves metabolic rate

Good metabolism results in maintaining overall physicalfitness. Badminton improves your cardiopulmonary function. It encouragessweating. This allows your body to remove toxins and achieve a higher metabolicrate.


·       Increases bone density.

Playing badminton regularly promotes cell growth, thisindirectly helps in strengthening your bones as well. Strong bones eliminatejoint or muscle injury. It also aids in developing calcium, which is necessaryfor your bones to stay strong and healthy.


·       Minimizes the risk of diabetes

Believe it or not, badminton helps reduce blood sugarlevels, which also helps in reducing diabetes. Playing a sport like badmintonencourages a decrease in the production of sugar in the liver.  

·       Increases concentration

It takes a lot of focus to play badminton. It keeps youon your toes at all times. Once the game gets fast-paced, it also improves yourreflexes. It involves rigorous movements, thus allowing you to stay alert. Italso makes you more agile and improves your coordination. This further enhancesyour cognitive function, as well. Everything is so interrelated in this sportthat there is nothing but an array of benefits, each supporting one another!

·       Decreases stress

Increased stress levels are the most common reasons asto why people suffer from heart ailments and hypertension. Playing badmintonfor as little as 15 minutes can help reduce stress. It helps keep your mindrelaxed while at the same time motivates you to do better.  


·       Good for your mental health

One of the reasons why playing badminton helps inreducing stress is because it releases endorphins, the happy hormones. If youfeel low or stressed, dust off your rackets and shuttle and get hold of yourloved ones to play a match! It is sure to elevate your mood as well as that ofyour friends!


·       Fights insomnia

As badminton is a strenuous physical sport, it makes youfeel exhausted. Given the current scenario, being at home with limited movementhas taken a toll on our sleep schedules. If you are someone who has troublesleeping, badminton is just the sport for you! It works on your entire body,thus making you feel tired. This tiredness can help you have a sound sleep.


Badminton is not aneveryman's sport. Teaching it to your loved ones or learning from them can bejust the right amount of social engagement you have been missing all thiswhile! Not to mention, the overall health benefits the sport provides adds onto live a healthier lifestyle!

Now that you know all thehealth benefits it provides; it is time to buy the right equipment for yourmatch! A light badminton racket, shuttle, and a badminton grip are all you needto get it started. But before you get into it, don't forget to practice somewarp up exercises as well so that your body is motivated and ready to show yourcompetitor what you've got!

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