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Gokul Bhandari

Digital strategy leader for Forclaz India
Trekking, Surfing, Backpacking, Yoga, Travelling


"A 24-year-old vagabond at heart and a digital nomad. Originally from Uttarakhand, the Mountains have always inherently been in my heart. I've started hiking very early in my life because of that yearly visit to my native, Uttarakhand! It was only when I was in college in Dehradun that I was introduced to several days trekking and backpacking. I can describe it as that moment in my life when I felt like I'd finally found my purpose and realised what I wanted to do in my life"

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Top 6 Backpacking Destinations in South India

Southern India has always attracted backpackers from every part of the country and outside the country.

Gokul Bhandari
October 4, 2019
min read
Gokul Bhandari - Why go Solo-Backpacking?

One of the major aspects of Backpacking is to live the dynamic culture that this world has to offer and meet more people.

Gokul Bhandari
May 20, 2019
min read
Sunrise at Chandrashila Top

“The sun knocks at my door and I start another day where everything will be new, a day that will not be repeated. I am not certain about what I will find but I am certain about everything else that I am free and completely free”

Gokul Bhandari
May 20, 2019
min read
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