Now that people are aware of the utility and style of the garment, yoga pants unquestionably are a popular option. We know that many of you prefer wearing yoga pants to feel and look great. In essence, yoga practitioners know the need to dress in comfortable, loose-fitting attire when performing yoga. Therefore, selecting the best yoga pants with the proper fit that are cosy for fluid movements, appropriate for any activity, and even ideal for everyday use is essential. In this article, we will take you through the best yoga pants for women and men. 


Yoga pants are certainly part of your daily wardrobe rotation, whether you work out or simply work from home. Finding a pair that fits well, stays put when you move, and looks good requires sorting through a lot of different brands and designs. Although the phrase "yoga pant" may conjure up images of high-waisted, stretchy pants with flared bottoms, we've defined it here to mean pants made of a material thick enough to cover your butt even when you're in downward dog, as well as stretchy and sweat-wicking enough to let you practise your flow comfortably, regardless of the silhouette. 

List of top 9 best yoga pants 

Lightweight yoga pants for men - Woven Dynamic Yoga Shorts - Black

These woven yoga pants for men in a thin, elastic material were designed by a men's yoga design team to help you transition from the office to the yoga classroom. Two zip pockets and a wide, flat waistband give these shorts a sharp appearance. On the mat, you won't even see them because they are so light. 

  • Price: 799
  • Size: All
  • Material: Polyester
  • Best suited for: Yoga
  • Style: Plain
  • Rating: 4.65/5

Stretchable yoga pants for men - Men's Eco-Designed Gentle Yoga Shorts - Grey

These yoga pants for men were designed to help you feel closer to yoga's Indian origins. Stretchy, soft shorts mostly composed of cotton that has been ethically sourced (from organic farming or recycled). Unrestricted pranayamas with a wide elastic waistband.

  • Price: 699
  • Size: All
  • Material: Cotton
  • Best suited for: Men Yoga
  • Style: Plain/Flecked shorts
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Eco-designed yoga pants for men - Men Yoga Cotton Bottoms Eco-Designed - Black

These yoga pants for men were designed using an eco-friendly cotton material that helps you feel comfortable while training. It features soft and stretchable bottoms made of cotton that has been properly sourced (from organic farming or recycled). Unrestricted pranayamas can be performed because of the wide elasticized waistband.

  • Price: 999
  • Size: All
  • Material: Cotton
  • Best suited for: Yoga asanas
  • Style: Plain
  • Rating: 4.4/5

Yoga pants for men you must buy - Men Dynamic Yoga Woven Bottoms - Black

These synthetic woven yoga pants for men were designed by to take you from the office to the yoga classroom sessions. It features two zip pockets and a wide, flat waistline that gives these pants a streamlined appearance. These pants go unnoticed on the mat as they are so light.

  • Price: 999
  • Size: All
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Best suited for: Heavy duty yoga
  • Style: Plain
  • Rating: 4.3/5

Comfortable yoga pants for ladies - Women Yoga Organic Cotton Bottoms - Black/Grey

Searching for the most comfortable bottoms for mild yoga? For your practice, our group decided on soft cotton and a relaxed fit. Soft, stretchy jersey bottoms made of environmentally friendly cotton. Even pregnant ladies may wear the high-rise turn-down waistband since it supports the abs and suits all figures.

  • Price: 799
  • Size: All
  • Material: Cotton
  • Best suited for: Women's yoga
  • Style: Plain
  • Rating: 4.6/5

Affordable yoga shorts for women - Women's Sustainable Cotton Yoga Shorts - Black/Mottled Grey

For the most difficult positions, the yoga design team devised this technological, slim-fitting, lightweight garment. Looking for yoga pants for women that fit your legs like a second skin? Thanks to our seamless technology, you won't even notice you're wearing leggings, allowing you to concentrate on your breathing!

  • Price: 399
  • Size: All
  • Material: Cotton
  • Best suited for: Yoga exercises
  • Style: Plain shorts
  • Rating: 4.7/5

Yoga pants for pregnant women - Eco-Designed Gentle Yoga Pregnancy Bottoms - Black

Looking for very comfy yoga pants for pregnant women? For your practice, our group decided on soft cotton and a carrot cut. Warm, cosy pants made of environmentally friendly cotton. An inner support band at the waist helps to support your abdominal wall while stretching during yoga poses and expanding to fit as your tummy expands. Two side pockets are also there.

  • Price: 1299
  • Size: All
  • Material: Cotton
  • Best suited for: Pregnancy
  • Style: Plain
  • Rating: 4.4/5

Slim-fitting yoga pants for ladies - Women Yoga Seamless 7/8 Leggings - Green

Our yoga design team at Decathlon produced this technological, slim-fitting, lightweight yoga pant for ladies to practice both light and heavy yoga asanas. These yoga pants fit your legs like a second skin and their seamless technology allows you to concentrate on your breathing!

  • Price: 899
  • Size: All
  • Material: Polyester
  • Best suited for: Light yoga
  • Style: Plain
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Organic yoga pants for women - Women Yoga Organic Cotton Cropped Bottoms - Black/Grey

Searching for the most comfortable bottoms for mild yoga? Our group decided on soft cotton and a relaxed fit for your practice. Cropped bottoms in soft, stretchy jersey created from environmentally friendly cotton. Any shape may wear the high-rise, turn-down waistband, which supports the abs. Also appropriate for expectant mothers.

  • Price: 599
  • Size: All
  • Material: Cotton
  • Best suited for: Fat burning yoga
  • Style: Plain
  • Rating: 4.7/5

Yoga pants vs Legging: Difference between yoga pants and leggings

Attributes Leggings Yoga Pants
Main Difference Made from thinner and tighter fabrics Made from thicker material with some variations in style
Material Blend of cotton and Lycra (spandex), faux leather and polyester, polyester and spandex blend, recycled polyester and spandex, or nylon Blends of cotton, Lycra spandex, nylon, polyester, wool, or other light, stretchy synthetic fabrics
Used for Yoga, running and other fitness activities; can also be worn under tunics, dresses and skirts Yoga and as casual or loungewear
Length Ankle or full-length Full-length coverage
Fit Close- or tight-fitting Looser and more comfortable fit
How to Wash For best results, turn leggings inside-out. Soak leggings in cold water with half a cup of white vinegar for 15-30 minutes. Use a small amount of mild laundry detergent to wash and rinse in cold water. Hang to dry. Use only cold water for washing yoga pants. Do not expose to high temperatures. Always separate light from dark-coloured ones, and never wash your yoga pants with other clothes that have rough textures or hardware as these can scratch the material.
Styles Reach past the knee or ankles and are always figure-hugging or fitted It May be ankle or full-length and fitted, or featuring boot-cut, wide-leg or flared bottoms, or capris


Benefits of Yoga pants: Why should you wear yoga pants?

1. They Are Versatile

The first thing you need to know about these trousers is that they may be worn at any time of day or night and are not just appropriate for yoga or exercise. You may slip on these trousers and suddenly appear more fashionable and appealing than before, whether you are simply lounging on the sofa watching a movie or making a quick trip to the grocery store. 

2. Hygienic And Sweat-Free

People frequently cite a lack of free time as one of the reasons they don't exercise frequently enough. This could be true to a point, but you still need to work hard regularly. Contrarily, yoga pants are useful in this circumstance. These items have been made from a sanitary, sweat-free material. You won't have to be concerned about discharging offensive scents when wearing these jeans. 

3. They May Reduce Stress

You're probably thinking about how a pair of fitness aerobic trousers may help you feel less stressed. Anxiety and stress in your life will only rise if you feel uncomfortable and underdressed. These pants will make you feel at home wherever you travel in the world since they are both stylish and comfortable. 

4. They Encourage You To Exercise Regularly

These pants are helpful in situations like these since you've probably done it more often than you'd want to admit. These pants improve your incentive to get out while also making working out more convenient. You will never be able to skip an exercise session while wearing these trousers, so get some today.

5. Increase Your Breathing And Movement

Many ladies like dressing in clothing that is designed to alter their size or form. Although it could seem like a good alternative, it might severely limit your breathing and mobility. Wearing the wrong clothes might make your limbs numb, which is not a good thing to happen. As long as you prioritise comfort above tightness while choosing yoga pants, a comfy pair won't have the intended effect in this situation.

6. They Make Shopping Less Stressful On The Mind

Sometimes, buying new clothes may be a physically taxing and unpleasant affair. Even the typical woman, who enjoys going shopping on her days off, can attest to this. Along with worrying about spending too much money, you also need to worry about selecting products that will look good for a very long time. You know that these trousers may be worn in several places, including the office, and are versatile. 

Yoga Pant Buying Guide: How to choose yoga pants?

The following are some more important elements to think about when selecting yoga pants:


It's important to purchase non-restrictive yoga trousers. In addition to enabling your blood to circulate frequently, you need to be able to move around easily and comfortably. Additionally, you may pick from a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs of yoga pants to find the ones that best fit your body type.


Typically, breathable materials are used to create yoga pants. Be cautious of the materials while purchasing a pair to avoid getting one of those stuffy textiles that will cause you to perspire excessively and is bad for your skin.


One of the most crucial factors to take into account when purchasing yoga pants is moisture-wicking materials. It is best to invest in yoga pants that can move sweat, especially in hot and humid climates like Mumbai, so you can keep your body cool and dry even when you perspire a lot.


You may now appreciate the significance of choosing the proper fit and fabric for your yoga pants after reading this article. You might want to invest in a pair of yoga pants that are snug enough to remain on during your workout but are still free-moving. Yoga clothes are a need in every wardrobe, whether you are a serious yoga practitioner or you are just seeking comfortable, stylish attire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best fabric for yoga pants?

The finest materials for women's yoga pants are synthetic performance fibres like nylon and polyester since they are breathable and light. They move with the wearer's motions and wick away perspiration. They provide greater stretch than cotton and lessen chafing.

Can you wear yoga pants every day?

Although they look wonderful throughout the day, yoga pants are not appropriate for the office. Only if you're heading to the gym before or after work should you wear them close to the office. They are not also dressed in pants. And turning up to meetings in them won't gain you any points with clients.

Should yoga pants be tight or loose?

Yoga clothing is meant to be fitted. The snug fit permits a full range of motion, which also keeps the fabric out of the way when exercising. However, they shouldn't be so tight that your skin develops chafing or other blemishes as a result. They need to glide effortlessly with your body and feel nearly like a second skin.

How do I choose the right yoga pants?

Knowing your body dimensions can help you find the best yoga tights. It may be unpleasant to wear yoga tights that are either too tight or too loose. You should be aware of the kind of fabrics you feel most at ease exercising in. Furthermore, the waistline shouldn't be too constricted. The fabric should not feel constrictive while worn and should feel flexible.

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