As man has already started exploring space, the globe faces a different issue. There is excessive waste disposed of all over the world. The disposal of plastic grabs the landscape. But despite so much pollution being caused through such non-biodegradable products, the awareness of zero waste is getting popular among the people for reducing waste and its impact on the planet. World Clean up day is the day that creates awareness and opportunity to do our part of work, either to bring awareness or take up cleaning tasks. 

Let us learn about World Cleanup Day, World Cleanup Day activities, its importance, and its impact.


What is World Cleanup Day, and what is its history?

Consider a day of action taken to clean the environment, keep your surroundings clean, and ensure you keep nature clean. To support all the efforts combined for a day of awareness is called World Cleanup Day. It is a day to fight against the global waste crisis. It organizes several other movements and awareness around the World. During World Cleanup Day, people learn how to reduce waste and its environmental impact and discover several things about how we could save the planet. 


World Cleanup Day was first initiated in Estonia in the year 2008. In the first year, about 50,000 people had gathered to clean up the country, and the movement for cleanup spread like fire around the World. In 2018, which marked the 10th year of the training, they made history by collecting the most significant waste. 17.6 million people joined in 2018, and 21.2 million gathered in 2019 to make the event successful. It was 36 hours of cleanup across the globe, which began in New Zealand and ended in Hawaii.   

When is World Clean Up Day 2023?

The World Cleanup Day 2023 is on 16th September 2023. It unites 70 million volunteers from 191 countries and territories to manage the waste crisis. This day aims to make the World more sustainable for living. The event usually takes place on the third Saturday of September every year. Volunteers from around the World gather for the movement to clean up the rivers, beaches, streets, and forests. The day harnesses the people to unite together for doing incredible things. It requires passion, patience, perseverance, cooperation, collaboration, and a commitment to give back to nature. The volunteers for the movement come from all over the World, including people from all levels of society.    

Importance of World Cleanup Day

Though the idea began in Estonia, a small European country, it captured people's attention worldwide. It started with the formula of "one country, one-day formula", and today, it has people's attention through its movement; millions of volunteers and leaders strive to save the planet through this cleaning process. This act binds the people together, as everyone's motive is directed towards the cause; the goal is common for everyone in this movement. 

Earth is not just for humans; we must understand the statement deeply. According to scientists, there are about 8.7 million species of plants and animals on earth, of which only 1.2 million are identified; the remaining remains a mystery. In about 8.7 million, humans are just one species on the planet; how is it fair to own the World? We come across several news stories, such as birds strangled by plastics and plastics inside the cow's stomach, and there is much more to this. Through World Cleanup Day, we raise awareness, initiate activities for a better transformation, and learn about using resources and methods to keep the environment clean.   

How to join the 'World Cleanup Day' movement?

It is an exciting activity to participate in a clean-up movement, as it not only contributes to managing the waste crisis but also lets you meet people from around the World who come with similar mindsets to make the World a better place to live. So, if you want to plan an event and organize for the volunteers to participate, check out the official website of World Clean Up Day to collect- get involved for World Cleanup Day 2023.  

How do people celebrate World Cleanup Day?

Be it a big or small event, the purpose is all about self-awareness, and passing the importance to others should be the motto of celebrating World Cleanup Day. It encourages participation and moves the World towards being waste-free. This year, World Cleanup Day 2023 has developed a new theme, "Let's Do It World," for managing solid waste and cleaning up litter from forests, rivers, streets, and beaches. There are several World Cleanup Day ideas, and here are how people celebrate World Cleanup Day.

  • Spotting the local waste that requires cleaning 
  • Call for volunteers to set up a local clean-up
  • Organizing a fundraising event
  • Creating a slogan on cleanliness
  • Donating money to support the cause
  • Planting trees post-clean-up
  • Educating the people around us
  • Auditing the waste disposal
  • Brainstorming with volunteers to make the place eco-friendly
  • Educating on waste reduction


World Clean Up Day 2023 is a joyous collaboration to ignite the spirit of unity for the realization of keeping the planet clean. World Cleanup Day is the annual program conducted to combat waste and make the World a safe place to live. It is the duty of every individual born on the planet to safeguard the environment. The force combines and binds the individual, group, and organization towards achieving the same goal. Let's do it, World, for today and a better tomorrow.  


  • What is the theme of World Cleanup Day 2023?

Let's Do It World is the theme of World Cleanup Day 2023 for cleaning up litter and reducing waste from rivers, beaches, and forests. 

  • Who created World Cleanup Day?

The idea was first conceived in Estonia in 2008 for a clean-up action. 

  • Is World Cleanup Day celebrated annually?

It is celebrated annually for combating the problem of waste management, which includes solid waste from marine debris. 

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