Sameer's Workout Session

"I don't have stamina, can't run for even 10 minutes. I realised that I need more strength. I was told to do Cross training,  it's any day better. It works on your strength and also changes the way you look. When you're doing Cross Training, you workout in a different way, which means you have functional workouts, you have high-intensity workouts with different variations. Body-building then becomes a part of Cross-Training!" 

Sameer Pasha, sports leader for Cross Training at Decathlon Eva Mall talks about his gradual shift to cross-training and in his beliefs. Born and brought up in Karnataka in a middle-class family, Sameer has always been fascinated by fitness equipment as told by his mother.

How Long Have You Been Cross-Training?

For about a month. I've taken up a class. Doing it with other people motivates me.

And Bodybuilding?

For 4 years. I started in second PU, the initial 3 months included intensive training for 2 hours every day. Since my focus was always about how I looked, I didn't really work on strength. I would always skip leg days and just work on my upper body.

Any Personal Achievements So Far?

When I first started out, I weighed about 53 kilos but soon I was able to lift weights that weighed more than me. I was lifting 73 kilos.

Who or What Inspired You to Do What You're Doing Now?

My classmate from PU, Devender Maan has now become a Fitness Trainer. He gives me the right advice, nutrition plans which I don't follow and more. I asked him, which is better bodybuilding or cross-training. Until he told me, I didn't know that cross training could help me in different aspects. When I started, I got to know that even though I can lift 50 kilos in bodybuilding, there are girls who are probably able to just lift 5 kilos but when it comes to cross-training, there is no way I am able to match their pace because it is a high-intensity sport.

Who are Your Biggest Influences? Who Do You Admire Most? 

All my life I've admired Lazar Angelov, an Aesthetic Fitness Model and all my life I've wished to look like him. It is said that he has the body of a Greek God, the strength of Hercules and the patience of a monk.  

Other influences would be people who cross my life and help me make the right choice and push me to do what I love. Kailash, Store Manager of Eva Mall, for instance, encouraged me to take fitness instead of cycling even though I had more professional experience at cycling.

Any Childhood Memory or Experience That Motivated You?

Yes, there's something I remember. My mom and aunts would take me out for their shopping. I would cry for the dumbells and the kettlebells. My mom would tell me that if you can lift it then you can take it. I think that's where it all began. I felt the need to be able to lift.

People Who Workout Sometimes Tend to Give Up Easily. What Keeps You Going?

The first day you go to the gym, the second day you're definitely going because you feel good about yourself and you will probably go the third day also. But one day for some issue if you miss, the whole thing is gone.

The problem is the distance between your house and the gym. You cross the distance and you're good.


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