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Layers, Layers, Layers

To protect yourself from all the weather conditions you can face while playing golf in winter, it is essential that you follow a layering system. We recommend the 3 layer system for golf. This consists of a base layer, polo shirt and a jumper or jacket.

In the layering system, your clothes will trap your body heat and therefore keep you warm. This is done without inhibiting your golf swing like a thick heavy jacket would. Therefore you're much better off with 3 relatively warm layers and on those really cold and wet days you could even make it 4 with a waterproof jacket.

Now we've explained the principle, let's have a look at the different layers below.

Layer 1: Golf Base Layers

Let's start with the layer of clothing closest to skin. Golf base layers are brilliant because they are skin tight, meaning they have no impact on your flexibility or range of movement. Their thermal properties, combined with moisture wicking technology help you to stay warm and dry in winter, leaving you comfortable and fully focused on your game.

Layer 2: Golf Polo Shirt

If you're playing on a golf course, as opposed to practicing at the range, you'll need a polo. For winter golf we recommend a long sleeve polo shirt to give you extra protection from the cold. You can also go for a cotton polo for extra warmth if you're wearing a base layer.

Layer 3: Golf Jumper / Jacket

To complete the 3 layer clothing system you need a golf jumper or jacket to lock in your body warmth. You can go for a classic golf jumper, or look for a windproof fleece jacket to stop those biting winds from giving you the chills. Another option would be a golf gilet. With no sleeves they're even less likely to inhibit your swing whilst keeping your torso nice and warm. They can also work nicely as a fourth layer on those really cold days

Layer 4: Waterproof Golf Jacket

Golf waterproofs are essential in the UK all year, but even more so in winter. Of course a waterproof golf jacket can be worn as a third or even second layer in milder conditions, but on a really cold and wet winter's day you might need that extra fourth layer. If you get wet playing golf in winter you can say goodbye to a good score, as the cold will soon be overwhelming and potentially even dangerous. Consider buying a size up as well to give you plenty of room and freedom of movement.


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Layers For Your Legs?

Layer 1: Sports Leggings

The 3 layer system can also apply to the lower half of your body for winter golf. A good pair of sports leggings will keep your legs nice and warm, helping you swing at full power!

Layer 2: Winter Golf Trousers

Winter golf trousers provide that added protection from the cold you really need. They're warm, water repellent and wind resistant thanks to the combination of a fleece lining and a technical outer fabric. We wouldn’t venture out in winter without them now and you shouldn’t either.

Layer 3: Waterproof Golf Trousers

When playing golf in winter it's essential that you have a pair of waterproof golf trousers for all the same reasons we mentioned above when discussing waterproof golf jackets. They'll act as an additional layer, helping to keep you warm and dry as well as keeping the dirt off your golf trousers underneath.

Most can be worn directly against your legs or as an overtrouser depending on the weather and your personal preference.

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Waterproof Golf Shoes

For winter golf in the UK there really is no other option than to wear a pair of waterproof golf shoes. These will keep your feet dry and therefore warm. There's nothing worse than getting wet feet so don't try and get away with anything else.

In addition to waterproof golf shoes, you can also invest in a pair of winter golf boots. These high rise waterproof shoes provide added warmth and protection from the rain.

For our full in depth guide on different types of golf shoes click the button below.

Winter Golf Clothing Accessories

Winter Golf Gloves

Warm hands mean you can play good winter golf. Typically you'd only wear one glove for golf, however a pair of fleece lined winter gloves ensure excellent grip while also providing additional thermal comfort in cold weather.

Golf Rain Gloves

Golf Rain Gloves aren't waterproof, but they help you maintain superb grip in wet conditions. They should only be worn when it's raining because the materials used actually offer better grip when they're wet!

Winter Golf Mittens

Winter golf mitts are just what you need between shots to keep your hands warm. Oversized and easy to slip on and off, they're perfect for the walk down the fairway. Pick up a pair of waterproof golf mittens to keep your hands dry too!

Winter Golf Hats / Beanies

Keep your head warm with a winter golf hat. The classic beanie is obviously one option, but Inesis have also made a cold weather cap complete with a fleece headband. Both the cap and headband are warm, windproof and water repellent. Plus there's 3 ways to wear them: You can wear the cap and the headband on their own or together for protection from the elements.

Waterproof Golf Bucket Hat

The last thing you want is rain streaming down your face when you're trying to play golf. The wide rim style means the water runs off the hat and outside your jacket collar, allowing you to keep your head clear and dry.

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Now you've got a good understanding of the clothes you need to enjoy playing golf in winter you're probably as keen to get out there and play as we are! Find all the clothing you'll need to make the most of the winter golf season below.

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