The pandemic has changed things. Moved our otherwise immovable spirit. Taught us what is truly essential.

One of the best things anyone can do for their health is exercise. We’ve realised that staying active is beneficial to us for many reasons, "our physical and mental health being one of the biggest"

This is an important conversation to start and emphasise. We know that it's always beneficial to stay active but during this pandemic, it may be even more important.

Behind everything we do, there is a why. We play sports to keep our bodies healthy, to break a sweat and keep our spirits high. Sport helps us pull through difficult times. We believe that It is the “essential” that all of us need in our lives.

We at Decathlon, are committed in advancing this conversation about sports and its benefits. We are lucky to hear from our users, partners, teammates who are all big inspirations. They have taken the time out to share their personal experiences hoping to inspire more people along the way and for the general benefit and health of our communities. Lets hear from them :

  1. Aakruti Jagmohan, Pilates Instructor , Entrepreneur

Aakruti, from shares the importance of staying active. “Practicing any kind of movement, any sport is extremely essential nowadays because not only does it help you channelise your physical energy but also keeps you mentally and emotionally balanced”

  1. Shatadru Lawrence Dutt, Sports Consultant, Footballer, Coach

I was born in a family where sports were a major part of everyday life. My father was a footballer, cricketer, and athlete at the highest level, and my mother a state-level basketball player. My cousins in the United States were athletes beyond excellence and I was a cricketer trying to make my mark at the highest level. But all the accolades you see here are only and only for football which has made me who I am and I cannot thank my parents enough for supporting me in this journey to fulfill my dreams. At 28, I still feel it’s just the start for me and there’s no end to learning and progressing. I’ve always thought there were thousands around me who were more talented but that only urged me to work harder and harder for I believe in the saying, “Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard”

Don’t know what fate has in store for me but I am going to give this sport everything I have in me not just for the sport but for the belief that my parents have shown in me. I must thank Decathlon for supporting me in various ways on my journey, ever so grateful! Kudos to their brand new initiative #VoteForSport- I truly believe that MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE. It's extremely important we keep moving, doesn't matter what we do, I urge everyone to stay active, stay safe.

  1. Shubhag Rao, Strength and Conditioning Coach

I am a strength and conditioning coach. I help people move better, eat cleaner and live a happy, healthy life. This has been my calling & passion for the last 7 years. When the lockdown was announced last year and gyms were shut, I was left with no equipment to work with, so I channelized all my energy and used just my body weight to move and keep myself active at home. Exercises like jumping squats, lunges, burpees & animal flow were my best friends in the lockdown. The most under-rated fact is that humans feel happy when they move or play because your feel-good hormones start to kick in immediately. No matter what you do in the day, it's important to set some time apart for a sport, ANY sport. It not only improves your health and immunity but also reduces your work/life stress. Try it to feel it."

If sports makes you feel good… is an important part of your life and you truly believe that sports has the power to change lives, then we’d love for you to add your voice to ours. Leave your thoughts in the comments below

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