Uttara Kannada is a well-known district in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is bounded on one side by the massive Western Ghat Mountains and the other by the Arabian Sea. This magnificent landscape of Kannada Uttara has waterfalls, attractive beaches, well-known pilgrimage sites, and more. Prominent must-see cities in Uttara Kannada India are Ankola, Gokarna, Dandeli, Murdehswara, Karwar, and Kumta. We'll go over some details regarding the best places to visit in Uttara Kannada in this post. Continue reading!!


Uttara Kannada India is one of Karnataka's biggest districts, featuring a diverse range of natural resources and physical features. It is bordered on the north by Belagavi and Goa State, on the east by Dharwad, and on the south by Shivamogga and Udupi. The two primary regional languages spoken in Kannada Uttara are Kannada and Konkani. With a total land area of 10.25 lakh hectares, forest land covers 8.28 hectares.

Uttara Kannada India is home to lush evergreen forests, perennial rivers, some of India's best beaches, adventure sports, waterfalls, and a diverse range of flora and animals. It features a 140-kilometre-long coastline with a port at Karwar that is being developed as an all-weather port.

District headquarters of Kannada Uttara is Karwar. Karwar, a port town on the Kali River, is surrounded by five islands and magnificent beaches. Karwar possesses all of the features of a wonderful coastal vacation spot. Karwar boasts stunning sceneries, surrounded by hill ranges, valleys, and woods, with soft silver waves and kilometres of golden beach. Rabindranath Tagore, the renowned Indian writer and Nobel Laureate, was inspired by such immense beauty and wrote one of his earliest works, Prakritir Pratishodh (Nature's Revenge), here, marking the start of a beautiful creative career. Devbagh is the most beautiful of the five islands off the coast of Karwar.

List of Adventurous Uttara Kannada Tourist Places

  • Sharavathi for backwaters boating
  • Dandeli for White River Rafting
  • Kudle Beach, Gokarna for kayaking
  • Gokarna Beach for Trekking
  • Nethrani Island for Scuba Diving
  • Skyes View Point for Sightseeing
  • Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary for Bird Watching
  • Kurumgad Island for boat rides
  • Kodachari Hill for trekking
  • Devbagh Beach for Snorkelling
  • Syntheri Rocks for trekking
  • Yana for Rock Climbing
  • Warship Museum in Karwar for Sightseeing
  • Murudeshwara for Water Sports
  • Anashi National Park for Wildlife Watching
  • Ganesha Gudi for Bird watching

Places to visit in Uttara Kannada for Adventure Lovers

Gokarna Beach

Gokarna is one of the must-see Uttara Kannada tourist places if you enjoy the beach. The beaches in this area of the Uttara Kannada district are recognised for being beautiful and unspoiled. The town is littered with several beaches, including Om Beach, Kudle Beach, Majali Beach, Paradise Beach, Rabindranath Tagore Beach, and Devbagh Beach. Sightseeing, cave exploration, surfing, bumper boat riding, banana boat riding, scuba diving, jet-skiing, fishing, dolphin spotting, and many more activities are available on Gokarna Beach.

  • Location: Kumta taluk of Uttara Kannada district
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: October-February

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

With approximately 200 kinds of birds, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is a birdwatcher's dream. Dandeli is a lovely getaway with its undulating streams, rich animals, and several hiking paths making it one of the best places to visit in Uttara Kannda. The wildlife refuge is home to a variety of reptile and amphibian species. Aside from that, guests may participate in activities such as animal safaris, white water rafting, and coracle rides, among others. All said, it is one of the Uttara Kannada tourist places you cannot miss out on.

  • Location: Dandeli taluk of Uttara Kannada district
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: October-May

Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is located in the Western Ghats and has an area of 43.1.23 square kilometers is one of the must visit places to visit in Uttara Kannada. The lowlands are mostly covered with evergreen and semi-evergreen woods, with hilltop grassy areas. Jogeshwari Falls, Linganamakki Reservoir, Honnemaradu Backwaters, Sigandur Backwaters, and Chowd Temple are some of the significant attractions.

  • Location: Sharavathi River Valley of Sagar taluk in Shivamogga District
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: Sept-Apr

Nethrani Island

Netrani Island is a notable scuba diving site when it comes to Uttara Kannada tourist places. This is a beautiful island with a dense forest of trees and curving rocky formations that provide refuge for a large number of pigeons. The island's reefs and pristine seas make it India's top snorkelling and diving spot. Being able to swim like a fish, seeing them up close underwater, and viewing vibrant corals will be an unforgettable experience for everyone in the family.

  • Location: Off the Murudeshwara coast
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: November-January

Syntheri Rocks

Syntheri Rocks stands 300 feet tall,  made of solid granite tops the list of places to visit in Uttara Kannada. Because of the surrounding river's movement and continual erosion over thousands of years, the rocks have become worn, with numerous nooks and holes. Numerous blue rock pigeons and honeybee colonies call these places home.

  • Location: In the dense forests of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and in the way of River Kaneri
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: September-March

Yana Rocks

The Yana Rocks are an adventurer's dream come true in Uttara Kannada tourist places. Yana rises bold and towering among the evergreen trees of the Western Ghats in Uttara Kannada District, with its massive crystalline-like rock formations. A 16-kilometre hike through the cool, breezy highlands leads to the mountain's foot, where the rock formations begin. The magnificent Bhairaveshwara and Jaganmohini shikharas greet you at the summit (or peaks). Below this shikhara is a cave shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.

  • Location: In forests of the Sirsi and Kumta Uttara Kannada district
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: October-January

Kavala Caves 

These natural caverns, embedded in the rocks on the hill overlooking the Kali River valley, were formed over millions of years by water seeping through porous rocks. Ancient limestone formations abound in the caverns. The cave opening is barely three feet high, despite roughly 15 feet high caverns. You'll need a bright flashlight to explore these caverns because they're pitch black and filled with bats. You'll also see a massive stalagmite that looks like a Shiva Linga. From the Kavala caverns, the view of the river valley is stunning.

  • Location: Dandeli Sanctuary
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: October-April


Murudeshwara, located between the Arabian Sea and the scenic Western Ghats is one of the most scenic places to visit in Uttara Kannada. Its primary feature is a Shiva Temple created in the Dravidian style of architecture with Chalukya and Kadamba sculptures and an outstanding Shiva statue, and a beautiful beach. The temple complex is known for its large Shiva statue, which stands roughly 37 metres tall and is India's tallest Shiva monument. The gigantic monument gleams against the backdrop of a blue sky as seen from across the beach. JetSki rides, banana boat rides, and other watersports are available to visitors. All said, this is one of the Uttara Kannada tourist places to visit.

  • Location: Mangalore- Karwar Highway
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: August-April

Anshi National Park

The Anshi National Park, Kannada Uttara, is a 339.86-square-kilometre evergreen tropical forest in a vulnerable portion of the Western Ghats. Anshi is home to various unusual flora and animals, including 197 bird species. Deep valleys, steep hill slopes, and dense woods characterise the park's landscape. Climbing, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, and canoeing on the Kali River, camping, Jeep safari rides, jungle trekking, and bird viewing are just a few available activities to do in these places to visit in Uttara Kannada.

  • Location: Uttara Kannada district
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: September-March


Jenukallu Peak is one of the greatest places to visit in Uttara Kannada for adventure. The lush foliage of the Western Ghats makes it excellent for hikers, adventurers, and nature lovers. The three hills present, Jenukallu Gudda, Kodekallu Gudda, and Balekallu Gudda, are covered in beautiful green deep woods. Around this area, there are two waterfalls: Magod Falls and Kavadi Falls. The area is known as 'Honeystone Mountain,' and it is bordered by coffee plantations and lush greenery.

  • Location: 265 km from the city in the Hassan District of Karnataka
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: September-March

Sykes View Point

Sykes Point is Dandeli's highest point and one of the best Uttara Kannada tourist places. It's a popular tourist destination with a stunning view of deep valleys and densely covered hills. The confluence of the Nagzari and Kali rivers may be seen from this vantage point. Bird enthusiasts go to this location to see the gigantic hornbills. The Kavala Caves are closer to this location. The KPCL security office in Ambikanagar can provide permission to visit Sykes Point.

  • Location: Dandeli Sanctuary
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: October-April

Kurumgad Island

This magnificent tortoise-shaped island is only a short 4 km boat journey from Sadashiv jetty in the backwaters of River Kali at Karwar, and it offers a variety of activities. The Narasimha Temple and Kurumgad Beach are two of the island's most important attractions, attracting a large number of tourists and devotees. There is no shortage of things on this magnificent island, from trekking, fishing, boat trips, tidal pools, diving, snorkelling, and treasure hunts.

  • Location: Some nautical miles away from Karwar City
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: September-May

Kodachari Hill

One of the most talked Uttara Kannada tourist places is Kodachadri. The Kodachadri walk, located in the middle of the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, provides hikers with an adventure, a charm, and an experience that will last a lifetime. The Kodachadri trek in Kannada Uttara takes you through a charming hamlet environment with rice fields, deep woods, beautiful grasslands, and a breathtaking waterfall. You will also have the opportunity to see a temple that was erected thousands of years ago and is steeped in history.  is a haven for first-timers as well as intermediate and advanced trekkers.

  • Location: Shimoga district
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: September-May

Devbagh Beach 

Devbagh and Tarkarli are twin villages in Kannada Uttara, next to one other with large lengths of golden sand and beautiful flora. Parasailing, paragliding, motorboating, snorkelling, and scuba diving are all popular water sports on these beaches. These locations are also known for dolphin safaris and sightings. Sindhudurga and Vijaydurga Forts, Golden Ganesh Mandir, Bharadidevi Mandir, and Kunkeshwar Mandir are some of the region's popular tourist attractions and heritage sites. Savantwadi is well-known for its wooden goods and toys. It's also worth stopping by the woodwork stores. Sawantwadi also includes the hill stations of Shilpgram and Amboli.

  • Location: Confluence of the river Karli and the Arabian Sea
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: September-March

Ganesha Gudi

Ganeshgudi, one of the most  picturesque places to visit in Uttara Kannada, is gifted with breathtaking natural beauty and is located on the banks of the Kali River in the lush green forest ranges of the Western Ghats. This Uttara Kannada tourist place is noted for its adventure sports and eco-tourism and its diverse flora and wildlife. It's the ideal spot for taking in the destination's natural beauty and panoramic vistas. The Ganeshgudi Travel Guide is chock-full of references to the area's breathtaking scenery and quiet locations. The prominent tourist spots of this region include Sri Mallikarjuna Temple, Dandelappa Temple, Anshi National Park, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Supa Dam, and Kulgi Nature Camp.

  • Location: Uttara Kannada
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: November-March


Karwar is a laid-back seaside town that the locals affectionately refer to as "Karnataka’s Kashmir." Picture-perfect scenery, unspoiled islands, beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, sandbanks in the winter, lush green mountains, historical landmarks, mouth-watering coastal specialities, and tranquil environs abound in this location. Aside from that, it is bordered by natural wonders such as the Arabian Sea, Western Ghats, and River Kali, elevating this resort to new heights.

  • Location: Uttara Kannada
  • How to reach: Bus/Train/Air
  • Best time to visit: November-March


So there you have it, some of the best places to visit in Uttara Kannada for an unforgettable vacation. Throughout the year, the climate in Uttara Kannada is mild. If you want to know when is the best time to go bird watching, you should go between January and March. Summer is the finest season for wildlife enthusiasts searching for the ultimate experience, and they may plan their trip between April and March. In the summer, you may also visit if you enjoy adventurous expeditions and are searching for a refreshing experience that includes river rafting and other exciting experiences. Between October and December is the best time to visit Uttara Kannada to appreciate its wonderful beauty. We hope you enjoy your visit to the listed tourist attractions and bring back many memories!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many waterfalls are there in Uttara Kannada?

There are 10 waterfalls in Uttara Kannada, namely Vibhooti Falls, Unchalli Falls, Sathoddi Falls, Apsarkonda Falls, Magod Falls, Shivganga Falls, Burude Falls, Anashi Waterfalls, Shirley Falls, and Bene Hole Falls.

What are the popular activities to do in Uttara Kannada for adventure lovers?

People can experience all sorts of water sports and wildlife activities in Uttara Kannada. It ranges from flora and fauna watching to scuba diving, rock climbing, and more.

What are the top attractions to visit in the Uttara Kannada district?

The above mentioned is an exhaustive list of all the best activities you can enjoy in the Uttara Kannada district. Go through the same and start planning your trip today.

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