1. Decathlon Kids Carnival Hosted by Pune 

"Kids Carnival" is a complete package. One ticket will allow your kid to participate in 30+ events across 7 days starting from 11th Nov Onward. This event is brought to you in collaboration with Get Out and Play, event though it's hosted in Pune, it's a virtual event that will allow you to participate from anywhere in the country. The Carnival will host a great line-up of high-spirited activities that promote creativity, positive thinking, physical activity, healthy growth, self-esteem and confidence in kids of all ages. 

Try Event :  Decathlon Kids Carnival at Pune  (11th - 14th Nov) 
Price : ₹ 499

  1. Kids Yoga

You'll be surprised but kids need yoga as much as we do. School pressures, online lessons, video games, malls, and more, we don't think that these experiences can be stressful for our kids. Yoga can help counter these pressures. An initiation online session can help them get started. Topics will be covered in this session- 1. Improve concentration 2. Growth 3. Flexibility 4. Strength 5. Activeness 6. Strong Metabolism 7. Strong immune system

Try Event : Kids Yoga   (12th Nov 5-6pm) or Yoga for Kids (14th Nov 8-9am)
Price : Free

  1. Junior 5k Virtual Cycling

These are the "golden years of learning" how to ride a bike for kids. The more they practice, they will master all the cycling techniques. To encourage your kid to ride even more, here's a fun challenge in a playful manner for them to have lots of fun the process. All your kid will need is a bike and helmet to participate in our virtual cycling challenge with many other kids their age. 

Ride at Any Place Or Any Location at the Mentioned Date and Timings. 

Try Event :  Junior 5k Virtual Cycling  (14th Nov - 6am to 6pm) or Kids Virtual Cycling (14th Nov 7am - 9am)
Price : Free

  1. Football Workshop for Kids

The holidays are the perfect time for kids to brush up on football skills. We bring to you two workshops that will help your child have a fun session learning the basic drills and shoot accuracy techniques which will further help them practice on their own and make them a better footballer.

Note : Do have a Football along with you.

Try Event : Football Workshop for Kids (11th Nov 4-4:30pm) or Football Drills at Home (13th Nov - 4 - 5pm)
Price : Free

  1. Kids Sporty Quiz

Get your kids to put on their thinking caps and get ready for some seriously fun sports trivia! This brain game is perfect to begin the children's day fever. Team up or play as individuals to see who will be the winner.Be Ready! Be Smart! Be Sporty! Be ready for 'Testing time' Rounds of Live Sporty Quiz with Decathletes on Zoom.

Try Event : Kids Sporty Quiz  (13th Nov - 11am to 12pm) 
Price : Free 

  1. Kids Zumba Session

What could make Diwali and Children's day really fun? Some grooving and shaking to Bollywood music while it's super healthy as well? Giving kids an outlet to jump, dance, shake, and swing their hips, it's the perfect combination of fitness and fun. Fun zumba sessions with us will also help your kids meet and make new friends.

Groove with Natalie Pote and let your kids enjoy a fun Zumba session .

Try Event : Kids Zumba Session (13th Nov - 5:30 - 6:30pm) 
Price : Free 

  1. Skateboarding Tricks for Kids

Kids around the globe are picking up Skateboarding. Whether to use it as a mode of transportation or a way to express themselves creatively, one thing’s for sure: skateboarding offers great physical and social benefits. Learn the basic tricks that can be done on a skateboard by one of the best skaters and founder of Kolkata Skateboarders, Anup Parida.

Try Event : Skateboarding Tricks for Kids (14th Nov - 5-6pm)
Price : Free 

  1. Junior Virtual Running

Run at any place or location on the mentioned date and Timings. Follow Government Guidelines. After Run Submit Your Run Details Screenshot on the Decathlon Running Club link. All the participated Runners will get E-Certificates.

Try Event : Junior 2K Virtual Running (14th Nov 6am - 6pm) 
Price : Free 

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