The article lists gifts for travel lovers and travel enthusiasts who love to explore new places while carrying all of the necessary stuff with them. Travel can only sometimes accompany a lot of heavy things. With the help of this list of lightweight stuff, you can always carry everything you need. 


Searching for the perfect gift that matches your choices can be challenging. But when in doubt, how about checking for something the person is interested in? It can be as simple as a hobby called travelling. If you are searching for great gifts for travel lovers, you can find a list of travel gift ideas that will help you choose the ideal gift. The gifts can range from travel equipment to travel necessities or organizers. From pillows to cameras to journals and even portable chargers, there is a list of unique travel gifts that you can choose from.

10 best gifts for travel lovers in 2023

Travel Waist Bag 2L Black

If you want to travel in style while storing all your stuff in a single place, then Travel Waist Bag 2L is the right companion. This is one of the best gifts for travel lovers as it helps keep things organized and comes in handy when you are going out. The multiple compartments also allow proper organization of things you need to store. The reinforced fabric ensures excellent durability as well.

  • Size: One Size
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Dimensions: 36 cm x 12 cm x 10 cm
  • Fabric: 66% recycled polyester
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Price: Rs. 1,399/-

Expandable Duffle bag - 50L – Black

For all the travel lovers out there, this Expandable Duffle bag is one of the best gift ideas you can ever get. The immense capacity of the duffle bag, which is up to 50 L, allows you to pack almost everything you need for your trip. The soft structure with a durable fabric gives the ultimate comfort. There are also multiple pockets to organize your stuff. You get an inner pocket, a label holder, back-up straps, and a handle to make it easier to hold.

  • Size: One Size
  • Dimensions: 65 cm X 40 cm X 30 cm
  • Capacity: 50 L
  • Weight: 920 g
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Country of Origin: Vietnam
  • Price: Rs. 3,499/-

Women Travel Waterproof 3-in-1 jacket - Travel 100 0° - Navy

Women Travel Waterproof 3-in-1 jackets will be one of your ultimate unique gifts for travel lovers as this can be used anywhere and at any time. It will also protect you from rain and cold and can even withstand a temperature of up to 0 degrees Celsius. Its waterproof quality allows it to stand up to 5000 mm of water. There is also a removable fleece lining to add a light layer. The polyamide fabric also provides extra comfort and durability.  

  • Size: 2XS, 3XL, 4XL, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • Weight: 1.12 kg
  • Country of Origin: Bangladesh
  • Price: Rs. 7,999/-

Inflatable Neck Pillow with Comfort Lining

For all the travel lovers who love travelling with comfort, this Inflatable Neck Pillow with Comfort Lining is for them. This is one of the ideal gifts for travel lovers as it is compact and easy to carry during your travels. The unique feature of this pillow is that it helps keep your head straight while sleeping and hence gives better support and sleep during the night.

  • Size: One Size
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Price: Rs. 999/-

Ventilated Travel Cap Carbon Grey

Travelling during summer means you always need a cap with you. Here’s the Ventilated Travel Cap Carbon Grey, which protects you from the sun and keeps you ventilated while you are wearing it. Also, being one of the lightweight trekking caps, this is one of the travel-themed gifts that most people can opt for.

  • Size: One Size
  • Fabric: Polyamide
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Price: Rs. 999/-

Keyed Travel Lock - TSA Approved Black x2

Safety is always the priority, and keeping your stuff safe is paramount when travelling. The Keyed Travel Lock will help keep all your belongings locked in a single place, ensuring you peace of mind while travelling. The lock is also specially designed for theft resistance, which makes it a unique gift idea for travel lovers.

  • Size: One Size
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Price: Rs. 699/-

Titanium Ultra-light Travel Mug - 0.45 Liter - MT500

If you also love travelling light while carrying all the necessary equipment, this Titanium Ultra-light Travel Mug is for those looking for travel-themed gifts. It also gives a great capacity of 0.45 litres while being a lightweight mug. Being a 78 g mug, it is one of the best gifts for travel lovers. There are also two folding mug handles, which ensure compactness and help you carry it easily.

  • Size: One Size
  • Weight: 78 g
  • Dimensions: 9.7 cm x 7.5 cm
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Price: Rs. 1,499/-

Battery Torchlight 50 10 Lumen

Going on a trek means carrying a torch, which is of utmost necessity. This Battery Torchlight 50 10 Lumen ensures to light up all your surrounding areas at night. It also provides a tremendous visual efficiency of up to 15 m wide beam, making it an ideal travel gift idea. There is also an elastic strap that can be used to fix it anywhere you need. Being resistant to water, you can use this torch even when it rains. The torch also provides a performance of up to 50 hours on a single AA battery.

  • Size: One size
  • Modes: 1 mode
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Price: Rs. 399/-

Trekking travel sleep mask – Blue

Travelling through the wilderness and wanting to sleep during the daylight can be challenging. Hence, the Trekking travel sleep mask can come in handy, especially for being one of the most chosen gifts for travel lovers. Its smooth and compact design also ensures utmost comfort and a side pocket for earplugs.

  • Size: One Size
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Price: Rs. 599/-

Yoga Mat Foldable Travel 1.33 mm - Grey

Yoga Mat Foldable Travel 1.33 mm is an ideal partner for those who enjoy yoga and would love to continue it no matter where you are. This skinny mat, which has a thickness of 1.3 mm, is one of the best gifts for travel lovers as it is easy to transport due to its lightweight and provides excellent comfort no matter on which floor you are using it. You can also machine wash it at 30 degrees Celsius, which gives the mat easy maintenance.

  • Size: One Size
  • Thickness: 1.3 mm
  • Weight: 950 g
  • Length: 180 cm
  • Country of Origin: Portugal
  • Price: Rs. 4,999/-


Now that you have your list of gifts for travel lovers, it is time for you to choose the most unique travel gifts for all your friends and family members. You can also remember the location to which they would like to travel the most, which will also help you choose the best gift ideas from the list. 

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