Trekking shoes for men

Through the article the reader will be able to access the types of trekking shoes for men and what are some of the best trekking shoes that you should invest in for a good trekking experience.


Choosing the right pair of trekking shoes is quite important when going out on a trek. Based on the type of trek such as a day hike or even a high-altitude trek, the type of trekking shoes can change. Trekking shoes to trekkers can be compared to laptops being an essential item for IT professionals. Several factors govern the type of shoes you need to invest in. Purchasing the right trekking shoes for men can be quite a daunting task. To ensure that you find the best trekking shoes for men and get great value for money, here is a list of trekking boots for men and where you can find waterproof trekking shoes for men.

How to select the best pair of trekking shoes 

While planning on buying a pair of good hiking shoes here are 5 things you need to consider can be provided follows:

  1. Checking for good grip in the hiking shoes

One of the best ways to recognize the best trekking shoes will be to check one with a good grip on the grooves. All hiking boots need to have a good grip and will have a deep groove that will collect mud, slush, and dirt. This however is a sign that the deep groove is holding on really well on the ground.

  1. Look out for flexibility and softness of the shoe sole

While walking on various terrains you will need walking shoes that have the adaptability to get adjusted to these terrains. A soft and flexible sole will be great at doing this. But the question is how do you check for the same? Well, all you need to do is tap a metallic hard object onto the sole of the hiking boots and there will be a dull sound made by the shoes. If you hear such a sound then go for it, however if you hear a hard noise then the sole is quite hard and will not work as a pair of good trekking sneakers.

  1. Check for ankle support in the trekking shoes for men

A lot of walking shoes come with a lot of flexibility and a good grip however these often tend to lack good ankle support. Especially while walking through rough terrains there are higher risks of ankle injuries and hence it is important to check for trekking shoes for men that consist of good ankle support.

  1. Choosing waterproof hiking boot that is larger than your normal size

You might want to check for the right size of waterproof trekking boots for men while selecting the right one for you. Because if you end up buying walking shoes that are snugly fit than your size then the extra space will lead to shoe bites. It is hence recommended that you choose those shoes that are a size larger than your normal hiking shoes size.

  1.  Water resistance will be important

Checking for waterproof trekking shoes for men should be a priority as this will allow the shoes to be protected even when you go out trekking during the monsoon season. Especially while trekking through the ghats there are chances of trekking through the water bodies and snow which will need your shoe to be a pair of a waterproof hiking boot.

Also, it is quite uncomfortable if you wear normal walking shoes and get your socks all wet during long-distance treks. Therefore, it is best to consider buying waterproof hiking boot that will not only save your shoes but will also help your feet from feeling uncomfortable.

Different types of trekking shoes 

  1.  Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes are quite similar to sports shoes but tend to consist of a stronger grip than that sports shoes. They are also considered to be more robust. Hiking boots are lightweight and have flexible soles. They are also ideal for short treks as you do not have to carry heavy loads on your back.

  1. Trekking boots

These trekking boots are quite bigger than your normal shoes and consist of ankle support. While some reach just above your ankle others are mid-ankle and high ankle length. These are also considered to be one of the best options for multi day treks in which you will have lots to carry on. Good quality trekking boots for men will also consist of a waterproof feature.

  1.  Mountaineering boots

These are boots that are not required for normal hiking. It is normally used on ice, rock, glaciers, or crevasses. They are crafted in such a way that they have a good grip on these lofty surfaces. These are the type of boots that consist of thick soles with aggressive out-soles and will consist of robust fabric on the outside.

  1. Trekking shoes for women

There have been special trekking shoes for women that are specifically designed based on a woman’s feet structure. This will aid in a better hiking experience. The heel-to-ball length along with the width of the in-step tends to be greater in men’s trekking sneakers and hence it is important to create slimmer design shoes that cater specifically to women’s feet.

Top 5 trekking shoes for men in India

Men Waterproof Trekking Boots 100 Grey

Men Waterproof Trekking Boots 100 Grey consists of a self-locking hook that separates the upper and the lower lacing. This allows the wearer to adjust the lacing to the shape of the foot while giving the ankle the freedom to move. These decathlon trek shoes will also be validated by a waterproofing test at 10,000 repeatable flexes. With tests being conducted in the laboratory for waterproof quality there need not be worry about the trekking shoes for men being waterproof.

  • Size: UK 5.5 to UK 12
  • Manufactured in: European Union, Romania
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • MRP: Rs. 8,399.

M Waterproof Leather Trekking Boots - contact® - MT100 LEATHER

The M Waterproof Leather Trekking Boots - contact® - MT100 LEATHER is colored with the help of a dope Dye process where the powder color pigments are added to the yarn. This process helps in the reduction of usage of water in coloring and hence reduces the wastewater that is discarded. This in turn helps ecological products to be produced. These decathlon trek shoes can be used for generally low-altitude routes. It can also be occasionally used on technical passages with firm snow, slopes, or rocks. These trek shoes via decathlon are also made of waterproof leather which makes them quite breathable. These campus trekking shoes will however need to be nourished, hydrated, and treated to remain waterproof.

  • Size: UK 5 to UK 12.5
  • Manufactured in: European Union, Romania
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • MRP: Rs. 11,999

Hi-top shoe - leather - waterproof -crosscontact - MT 100 Large M

The Hi-top shoe - leather - waterproof -crosscontact - MT 100 Large M comes in two different shapes such as classic decathlon trek shoes and wide trek shoes via decathlon. Each individual based on how much space they would like to have inside the campus trekking shoes can choose one of the two types. These trekking shoes for men are created using the dope dye process which consumes lower water quantity while also reducing CO2 emissions. The color fades are also reduced over time. These boots can be used on low-altitude terrains and can also be occasionally worn for treks involving stones, snow, and slopes.  The waterproof hiking boot will also save you money for waterproofing your normal campus trekking shoes.

  • Size: UK 6.5 to UK 12
  • Manufactured in: European Union, Romania
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • MRP: Rs. 11,999

Unisex Desert Trekking High-Top Anti-Sand Boots Desert 900

The Unisex Desert Trekking High-Top Anti-Sand Boots Desert 900 consist of a built-in gaiter that prevents sand from getting into the boots. This trekking shoe is hence one of the best trekking shoes for men when it comes to trekking via sandy deserts. The sole of this boot is also quite flexible. If you are walking through sand dunes it is easier to use the Unisex Desert Trekking High-Top Anti-Sand Boots Desert 900. However, if you are looking for rocky terrain hiking then you’d want t invest in mountaineering trek shoes via decathlon.

  • Size: UK 3 to UK 12.5
  • Manufactured in: India
  • Waterproof: No
  • MRP: Rs. 9,999

M Waterproof Trekking Boots MATRYX® - VIBRAM® - ALLTRAIL MT700

The M Waterproof Trekking Boots MATRYX® - VIBRAM® - ALLTRAIL MT700 is made up of recycled plastics and is hence one of the products that lead to more environmentally friendly options. While the sole is made up of 80% recycled plastic the ankle skeleton support is made up of 100% recycled plastic. This usage of recycled plastic also leads to the waterproofing capacity of the boots. The VIBRAM branded soles tend to provide an excellent grip on dry terrains with rocks. These boots hence provide better stability while walking through rocky terrains.

  • Size: UK 5.5 to UK 12.5
  • Manufactured in: European Union, Romania
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • MRP: Rs. 16,799



Trekking shoes can make or break your entire trekking trip and hence investing in the right type of trekking shoes for men will be entirely necessary. Now that you know all about the types of trekking shoes available and how to get campus trekking shoes online, you can now get your own trekking shoes based on the terrain type and based on your own choice of shoes. Lastly, invest in good quality gear and boots that will help you last for a longer time.


How are hiking and trekking different from each other?

While hiking consists of long energetic walks through the hiking trails, trekking involves vigorous hiking for multiple days. Trekking can also be done off the hiking trails.

Should I buy a waterproof hiking boot?

Going on a trek means you will end up trekking through at least one water reservoir. Walking through the reservoir with a normal trekking shoe can lead to your socks being wet and hence having an uncomfortable journey. It is hence recommended that you invest in a waterproof hiking boot that will keep your foot safe while also providing more area for your feet to breathe.

How long should hiking boots last?

It is highly recommended that the hiking boots should be replaced every three to six months or every 300 to 350 miles that are covered by the trekker. However, if you invest in some good quality trekking shoes there is a high chance of your trekking shoes lasting for about 600 to 1000 miles.



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