Here's something new to try your hand at! Be warned, you're in for a real thrill and a guaranteed laugh. If you feel like defying the laws of gravity and bouncing and bounding like a rabbit or cat (your choice), then trampolining will give you an effortless way of working your muscles and balance. Up for the challenge?Who can jump the highest? Jumping while standing is all very well, but how about sitting? How about a full twist?

There are so many combos, games and challenges you can do on a trampoline. By jumping and doing different movements, you'll gradually learn to master this trampoline playground and are guaranteed to have fun whether alone, with family or with friends.

Trampolining is also good for your mental health. Leap like a mountain goat! Can you feel the swooping in your stomach? That's the feeling of the up-and-down motion, a bit like a roller coaster! Do you feel on edge?

A quick bounce on a trampoline and you're sure to feel better! It'll put you right back in a good mood. Plus, without you really realising it, trampolining will keep you fit and teach you to control your arms and legs in the air, like an astronaut experiencing weightlessness! It's a completely new but completely unforgettable sensation! If you've got some energy to spare then don't wait: trampolining is a bit like having a merry-go-round in your house. And once you're on, you won't want to get off. So make like a kangaroo and reach for the stars!

Exercise 1: The Straight and Narrow


This exercise is the starting point for finding your balance on the trampoline so that you can go on to perform other tricks later. To start with, stand in the centre of the bed and get ready to perform a straight jump: stand with your feet parallel, bend your legs, and launch yourself upwards as high as possible! But be careful: the aim is to land in exactly the same place that you took off from, without changing your trajectory.

Although it may seem like a simple exercise, it actually requires very good balance. During the jump, your legs should be straight and you should push your arms straight up above you before bringing them back down in a circle.

As you do this exercise, your eyes can be a big help. Focus on a fixed point ahead of you to stay in the same spot. To end the exercise, during your last landing, you should keep your legs bent to resist the force of the bed trying to bounce you back up.

Your arms should be in front of you for balance. If you don't manage to do the straight jump properly right away, don't worry. It can often take a bit of time to get the hang of trampolining moves. With a bit of practice, you're sure to get there!

Exercise 2: Take a Seat But Don't Get Too Comfy

Trampolining exercise

Let's spice things up a bit with a seat drop! This exercise starts the same as the straight jump. But instead of landing on your feet during the second or third bounce, you land on your bottom with your legs straight in front of you and your arms on each side of your body.

Your hands can touch the bed as you bounce. You may now be sitting down, but it's no time for resting on your laurels! The aim of the seat drop is to return to a standing position once you're in the air again!

To finish the exercise, land on your feet in the centre of the bed, with your legs bent to cushion things as the bed rebounds, and your arms in front of you. Like with the straight jump, you should look ahead of you to stay balanced. The challenge with this exercise is to stay in the centre of the bed and switch between a standing and sitting position, while also coordinating the moves. Not as easy as it sounds!

Exercise 3: Round the Twist

Trampolining for kids

The full twist involves performing a full turn while in the air. To start, you can try doing half twists which, as the name suggests, involve just half a turn. Let's give it a go! Stand in the centre of the bed with your legs bent. Jump and straighten your legs in the air. Unlike with the previous exercises, turn your head to look in the direction where you want to go.

As you're going upwards, turn your shoulders and hips to the right or left to do a half or full turn, then land back in the centre of the bed. The challenge is to land in exactly the same place without losing your balance, despite having turned your body around. Once you've got the hang of the half twist, move on to the full twist!


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