Ramya Nagaranai, a Para-athlete who has made the entire country proud by winning silver in the Para Asian Games Indonesia and gold in the Discus-Throw event in the World Para Athletics Grand Prix 10th Fazaa International Athletics Championships held at Dubai on Mar 13. She also won bronze medals in Shot-Put and Javelin-Throw events in the same Championships. We are especially proud of her because she is also a part of our family, a Decathlon Teammate working as a part-timer in our Mysore City Store. We caught up with her for a quick chat to understand a little more about her and her inspiring journey.

My name is Ramya NS, I'm 27 years old, I am a para-athlete (Javelin Thrower) and currently working with the Decathlon Mysore City Store as a part-timer.

How long have you been interested in Sports?

I started playing sports when I was in class 7.  I started practicing shot put and Discus throw while I was in school, under the guidance of my School P.Ed Mr.Kandasamy.

What inspired you to choose Javelin Throw?

More than an inspiration there were two reasons I chose Javelin: One because there weren't any shot put or discus throw events in my category (the sports I've been practicing from childhood) and second I wanted to pick up a new sport to prove and better myself in sports.

How did Paralympics happen for you?

The Para Asian games happened in Nov 2018, Indonesia. I got my final confirmation of the event in Sep 2019. It was an unforgettable moment attending my first Asian games with a lot of pride representing my country. The event went off well with me finishing the podium, having given my personal best, and securing a silver medal.

How did you train for the event?

The training schedule was quite stringent: I trained every day morning and evening before and after my work. Usually, I would start my day at 7 am and end it by 7 pm. And to top it all, I got huge support from my family as well as the Mysore Store Team to help me train and work towards my preparations for the Asian Games.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Asian para games – Silver medal in Javelin Throw

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your journey and how have you overcome them?

The biggest challenge is support from the association in the beginning until we prove our worth with our performance.

What is the happiest moment in your life?

The happiest moment is when I wore the Indian tracksuit with India written behind it. More than the medals, I really wanted to represent India - It's a dream for so many young athletes in India and I got the opportunity.

Who is Ramya otherwise? What are some of your hobbies or other things you like to do?

When I'm practicing, I don't have the option of doing anything else. I spend all my time either in the store or doing my practices. But I also do enjoy cycling with the store team and a community of cyclists who join us

What next for you?

I was practicing for the 2020 Paralympics but because of a lot of changes in the event schedules due to covid 19 and a few of my other personal plans, I couldn't make it. But, it's my dream to reach the Paralympics.

You’re such an inspiration yourself, what advice will you give to budding athletes?

More than advice, it’s a request to all to always give 100 % every day so one day your efforts become an achievement.

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