Are you more of a beginner or an intensive player? Do you need power, precision or both? Are you looking for a large surface area? Sometimes it's hard to work out what you need, follow our guide to choose the best tennis racket for you.

Choosing a tennis racket is an important step in your tennis playing journey. This choice is equally important whether you are just starting out or you have been playing for years.

However, the final choice will differ greatly: playing frequency will obviously influence your racket choice. You will also need to take into account your needs when playing and the feeling you have when you hold the racket. We will try to help you through the different options so that your racket choice is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Playing Frequency

The most important thing to consider when choosing your racket is your playing frequency. Take a look at our advice for choosing your racket according to your playing frequency.


You will be looking for comfort.

In order to improve your game, you will need a graphite racket with the balance point at the head and a surface area of 645cm². If you are looking for control, opt for a racket weighing between 260 and 280g. If you are looking for power, opt for a racket weighing between 280 and 295g.


You will be looking for power and precision.

To win, you will need a graphite racket with technical concepts. With the balance point at the handle, your racket should have a surface area of between 630 and 645cm². The weight of your racket should be more than 295g.


First and foremost you need control.

You will need an aluminium or composite racket with a large surface area and a balance point at the handle to make playing easier.

2. Handle Size

Your racket's handle size plays an important role and it is worth considering in detail when choosing your racket.

Size 0: Suitable for children

Size 1: Suitable for teenage beginners or women with small hands.

Size 2: Standard women's size or for men with small hands.

Size 3: The most common size. Standard size for average sized men or women with large hands.

Size 4 and 5: Suitable for men with large hands (and those taller than 6ft).

3. The Surface Area Of Your Racket

The surface area of your racket is an important point to keep in mind. Below are the three types of surface area available and what they mean in terms of your game.


Rackets with large surface areas vary between 660 and 740cm2. Rackets with a large surface area are perfect for beginners or players who like to use lots of spin. These surface areas increase power.


A small surface area means around 600cm2. This surface area is aimed at intensive players. You need good control to play with these rackets as the small surface area makes them harder to use.


Rackets with a medium surface area means between 630cm2 and 645cm2. They are suitable for all kinds of players, whether beginner or more seasoned.

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