Squash is a great way to banish stress. This sport is all about the fun of a great rally or the excitement of hitting that final winning stroke. It's no accident that squash is a very popular sport in many countries. It lifts your mood, strengthens your heart, tones your figure and is a fantastic game that combines intensity and agility. Read on to learn more about all the benefits of squash!

  1. Have Fun

This Sport Is All About Having Fun.

Squash is played with both players on the same side of a court - which makes it easier to play, chat, laugh and tease each other all at once. The smaller court size makes it easier to hit the ball and have a good time. Let your creativity loose and get your game on

  1. Boost Your Cardio Fitness

Why Not Kill Two Birds With One Stone And Improve Your Endurance And Power With A Single Sport?!

Squash offers a great cardio workout because it stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the heart, which reduces your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. With little downtime between points, squash helps boost your endurance (aerobic) and up your power (anaerobic) with its intense rallies. Don't be surprised if you also see your lung capacity increase as a bonus!

  1. Escape Stress

Getting Some Exercise And Improving Your Concentration Go Hand In Hand With Being On The Squash Court.

Good things come in small packages - the court might be small, but it does wonders for getting moving and beating everyday stress. The concentration required for each play, moving around the court, striking the ball accurately and managing your exertion level are all excellent ways to escape the frustrations of the day and shake off lingering fatigue. Say hello to mental well-being!

  1. Increase Strength And Flexibility

Squash Is Guaranteed To Give You A Head-To-Toe Workout.

When playing squash, you'll use the muscles of both your upper and lower body. The most-used muscles are your hamstrings, quads and glutes as you move forward, backward and sideways around the court. To play with power and control, your arms, back and shoulders will also get quite the workout. Whether you play competitively or recreationally, squash will boost your flexibility, speed and coordination. Ready for a full-body workout?

  1. Torch Those Calories

There's Nothing Like Having Fun While Slimming Down At The Same Time!

A competitive squash player can torch up to 900 calories an hour. Recreational players can expect to burn between 400 and 500 calories an hour. But one thing is for sure - you'll definitely work up a sweat. The energy you burn when playing squash helps tone you up and keep your weight in check. It's no surprise that more and more gyms are adding squash courts to their offers…

A Few Tips To Make The Most Of Your Time On The Squash Court

Before hitting the court, do a 10- to 15-minute warm-up to avoid getting injured (sprains, strains, tendinitis). On the court, eyewear is a must for minors and highly recommended for everyone else. Taking a ball in the eye is never enjoyable. Finally, if you really want to give it your all, you should get the all-clear from your doctor to make sure you don't have any underlying conditions.

It's hard not to love a sport that can help you slim down, get fit and forget stress while having fun. Ready to try squash and get a taste of the magic? Let us know how it goes!

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