If you're a passionate sports player, you can understand more than anyone else the need for a good sports kit bag. Badminton also requires similar efforts and proper organization of its equipment. You need a durable and convenient to lift badminton kit bag to maintain your Badminton equipment safe and secure. A badminton racket case is generally confused with a kit bag. You should know that a racket case is only for a racket to be stored. On the other hand, a badminton kit bag is used to organize your rackets, shoes, clothes and other accessories.

Before we talk about different parameters, which will help you to choose a suitable kit bag for you. You should be well aware about the importance of it.

Why is it Important to buy a Badminton Bag?

 We all know that racket can be the most significant thing to excel badminton's game. But that doesn't mean you have to care only about buying a good racket and nothing else. You need to have many other things in order to play the game correctly and to prevent injuries. Your badminton equipment includes proper badminton shoes, shuttlecocks, grips, etc. Thus, to organize and take care of all your badminton equipment, you will need a badminton kit bag for sure.


Remember that you cannot use just any bad for your badminton equipment. You might think that any bag big enough to carry a couple of rackets will be useful for you. But that's not the case. A badminton kit bag is very different from any other usual bag. It will be like a safe haven for your rackets. 

Choosing a good badminton kit bag

Before purchasing a badminton kit bag, the most essential thing to keep in mind will be the amount of space you need to keep your things. Size is an important factor in selecting the bag as you should be sure that the bag is large enough to accommodate all the accessories and equipment you need to carry for your match. The flexibility and comfort of the straps while carrying the kit bag is another important factor.

 You should also be considerate about the quality of your badminton kit bag. A superior badminton bag offers ample space to fit your rackets along with reasonable storage compartments. Most of the badminton professional players use a 12-piece badminton racket bag or a 16-racket bag. Also, you should always consider buying a bag with backpack straps as well as shoulder straps so you can carry it easily.

If you're carrying your shoes with rackets, other equipment, and clothing, your shoes' muck can destroy everything. So, it's best to select your badminton kit bag with a split section for your footwear. This will allow you to maintain your badminton equipment clean and find a separate area to put your shoes.The bag should be strong enough to bear rough use without any wear and tear. Therefore, the bag should be durable and comfortable to carry.  It is important as after a tiring day, you will not feel like carrying a heavy bag. It should always be light in weight to maintain a balance as the accessories and the equipment are heavy.

In short, we have listed down the parameters which you need to check before selecting your kit bag:

  • Space of the kit bag
  • Zippers of the Kit bags
  • Main compartments of the kit bag
  • Shoe compartment of the kit bags
  • Shoulder straps of the kit bags
  • The material of kit bag
Now you are ready to choose your perfect companion for badminton. You can through the following link & explore our range of kit bags.

 Organising your badminton kit bag

Are you confused about what should you keep in that bag and how to organize it appropriately?Don’t worry, we are here to help you up! Following are the items which you need to keep in your kit bag. We will tell you in detail the reasons and uses these items will have in your game.


Obviously you know about the obvious things like rackets, shoes & sports wear.


Since badminton is a sport that is physically challenging while playing, you can be really sweaty and all that perspiration can restrict you while you are playing to the fullest and it can also cause you to slip on the court because of all that sweat fall. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a medium size towel with you to prevent any difficult situation from your perspiration. It can also lead to a very smelly environment around you if you won’t wipe your sweat.


Depending on your level of play, you can choose your shuttlecock.  In case you don't understand the difference between the two types of shuttlecocks, just to be on safer side you should always carry a shuttlecock tube because everyone might not be bringing their own. 

You can follow our article on badminton shuttlecocks to have a better understanding about them!

 Items to prevent injury

Getting injured is very common while playing, so it's always good to be prepared beforehand. Following mentioned are some things that can be useful in injury relief.

  • Sports tape
  • Ice Bag
  • Pain relief spray


You must keep a pair of scissors with you in your kit bag this as it is one of the important items. It can be useful in various ways like:

  • To cut the racket strings (if not done in time, it can break the racket frame)
  • As a first aid product
  • For grip trimming
  • To open packaging of any new badminton gears


During a match snacks such as chocolate, fruits etc.will help to keep your energy levels up. These can also be essential in getting the energy level back and can play a determining factor in winning a match. Follow our article on ‘Nutrition & Diet for Badminton Players’ to get to know more about the importance of snacks in between matches.

Diet Chart for Badminton Players

 Apart from all the above mentioned products, some things are obvious to be carried in kit bag like:


  • Small bag- To put your dirty clothes back in your kit bag, carry a small bag to avoid any kind of mess.
  • Grip- Badminton grip gets dirty very easily, especially towel grips. So you should always keep one extra pair of grip with you.
  • Extra sportswear- Apparels tend to get dirty or torn very easily while playing any kind of sport. Therefore, it is always better to keep some extra to prevent smelly environment around. 

You shouldn’t be hesitating to maintain any of these products in your bag. Whether you are just a beginner or a professional, these are some important things which will be helpful for you throughout your badminton journey.

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