In one of his works devoted to the benefits of gymnastics, Roland Carrasco indicates that "gymnastics is the theory of all sports." A beautiful metaphor to highlight all the benefits of this discipline, and indicate that it consists for young athletes in a solid base of physical and motor development. And, indeed, the benefits of the practice are numerous for aspiring gymnasts!

Accessible to everyone

First argument, gymnastics is accessible to all and can be practiced at different levels, in leisure or in competition . But, above all, from any age !

Indeed, if you want to familiarize your little one with a sporting activity from an early age and allow him to explore his body , opt for the baby gym! On the menu, a lot of fun and a first learning of its physical possibilities. By jumping, running and crawling, your toddler will quickly gain self-confidence and acquire a basis to then improve technically or move to another sport.

Grow well

Thanks to the practice of gymnastics, your child will use all his muscular chain, as well as his physical and mental intelligence .

At first, he will optimize his psychomotor development and will get used to getting into motion. Thanks to gymnastics, your little one will develop his motor skills, coordination, balance and will establish his bearings more quickly in space. He will take certain reflexes and will understand more quickly how to use the different parts of his body.

Teaching him to move from an early age also means encouraging him to continue practicing a sport and get him to adopt an excellent habit very early on!

Develop your team spirit

Practicing gymnastics requires being licensed in a club and working with different people, practitioners, coaches, administrative staff… Although it is an individual sport, gymnastics makes it possible to cultivate team spirit and share a passion .

In training or in competition, this discipline allows you to stick together: small or a little taller, your child will appreciate feeling supported when he unfolds his movement and will not fail to return the favor to his counterparts! The gym is also about learning solidarity, sharing and mutual aid.

Acquire values

In addition to the physical benefits and group cohesion, the practice of gymnastics requires young practitioners to be, among other things, persevering, rigorous and patient .

To be able to improve, they will also have to listen to their trainer, respect a schedule and instructions . Gymnastics, with all that it requires in terms of technical learning, is a real school of life !

Your little gymnast, who will have to work to achieve his goals, will learn very quickly to put all these skills into practice in training, and without a doubt at school and at home!

Improve your concentration

The practice of this discipline also requires young and old alike a good dose of concentration .

The gymnast must focus on his movement, learn and retain sequences and, for this, he must be able to stay focused and concentrated ”, explains Levente Fekete, gymnastics product manager at DECATHLON and former top athlete. “ And generally, acquiring this skill helps children in their schooling and in following their lessons. Gymnastics also develops mental capacities likely to facilitate other learning for children. Younger people find it easier to concentrate. The gym is also a very good discipline to work on your memory !

Demanding but playful

If gymnastics requires a lot of concentration, it is above all a discipline which provides pleasure and amusement to the youngest! With all kinds of workshops and different apparatus, the practice, rich in exercises and varied, allows you to learn while having fun .

What could be more fun for a child than learning to perform different types of acrobatics? ”, Underlines the former top athlete. “ At home, he will try it, but without knowing how to go about it and with the risks that this entails ... At the training center, on large mats of foam and supervised by a coach, he can indulge in all experiences, without fear of hurting yourself. In terms of pleasure and energy expenditure, there is nothing better!

Develop self-confidence

Gymnastics constantly offers new challenges : after the acquisition of a technical movement, another follows.

From challenge to challenge, from success to success, your little gymnast will collect small victories, which will enhance him and give him self-confidence. Of course, he will have to put in some effort and will sometimes face setbacks.

But this practice, which will allow him to get to know himself better and to set certain limits, will allow him to develop real self-confidence . Thanks to the coaches and their know-how, your child will be guided, encouraged and congratulated .

A supervised and secure environment

Entrusting your child is not always easy. But allowing him to develop well physically, to acquire certain values ​​and to see him progress are real satisfactions!

To do this, do not hesitate to go through the doors of a training club and meet the coaches: these qualified professionals will be able to answer your questions and will keep you informed about the progress of the sessions. In a supervised and secure environment , your budding gymnast will develop and explore his possibilities!

Accessible, affordable, artistic gymnastics allows children to explore their physical capacities and discover a part of themselves. This practice also gives them the opportunity to acquire real values ​​and to set goals. An excellent school to build on! And you, why did you decide to direct your budding athlete towards artistic gymnastics? What advantages does this practice bring him? Share with us your experience!

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