Fitness is not just a hobby or passion or something you do for the world. Fitness is a lifestyle. It is a way of life. Being fit is important no matter what kind of physique you have, your body type, or your future goals. You can stay fit by eating well and healthy, staying active, exercising and working out depending on your body type and any underlying health conditions. Staying fit is not an option. It must be a priority. 

Many people also have different fitness goals for their bodies and have an aim to look a certain way. Some people wish to build muscles, others wish to tone their bodies, and so many look forward to making six pack abs. In this article, we will share all the important information on getting six pack abs. You must read ahead to find out exercises, diets, and workouts to get your desired abs and stay fit. 


Gone are the days when only your favorite celebrities and models on screen had abs and muscles that gave them an attractive look. Anyone these days can get the body type they desire easily. If you are a fitness enthusiast looking forward to getting six pack abs or eight pack abs and wondering how to get abs at home, this article is just for you. Getting six-pack abs is not very difficult if you follow your diet and discipline workouts. Discipline is the key to good health and fitness. By following your diet, eating healthy, and as advised, working out regularly, you can get six pack abs or even 8 pack abs. But to maintain the abs and structure of your body that you desire, you must stay disciplined and not give up on the diets and work out even after achieving the goals. 

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In this article about sixpack abs for beginners and fitness enthusiasts, we will share with you diets that can help you achieve this goal, the workouts that will be helpful in your journey, how you can get abs at home and even six pack abs apps for all the tech-savvy fitness freaks. You can read about the following topics related to abs in this article:

  • What are 6 pack abs and 8 pack abs?

  • How to get six pack abs?

  • 5 six pack abs workout at home

  • 5 Advanced ab workouts with machines

  • 5 effective six pack abs exercise for women

  • Frequently asked questions about getting six pack abs at home

  • Conclusion

By the end of this article, you will have a list of workouts and exercises that will help achieve your desired body and physique and help you stay fit and healthy. 

What Are 6 Pack Abs And 8 Pack Abs?

To begin with, let us first take a look at what abs are and what six pack abs and eight pack abs are. Abs is short for abdominal muscles. So basically, abs are muscles, a group of four types of muscles. We all have abdominal muscles or abs. The toned and chiselled muscles that are also aesthetically pleasing are what most gym freaks and fitness lovers aim for.

Like all other muscles in the body, abs can be trained and strengthened with workouts and exercises. To get a fit model-like body, you will need to work on the fat on these muscles and train the muscles. Abs are different for everyone. Individual bodies have different muscle characteristics and need a different workout or training for toned muscles. A six pack body will look different for most people. Before we get to what six pack or eight pack abs are, let us look at the types of muscles that group together to form the abs.

The four groups of muscles that make the abdominal muscles are:

  • External Obliques 
  • Internal Obliques
  • Rectus Abdominis
  • Transverse Abdominis

The difference between a 4 pack, 6 pack or 8 pack abs is the number of intersections in the rectus abdominis muscles. Your genes play an important role in this. Having a six pack body implies you have 3 bands and having an eight pack body means you have 4. The number is very much dependent on your genes and does not indicate your strength or weakness. 

How To Get Six Pack Abs?

Achieving six pack abs or any other body goals is possible with discipline and following the right routine. The following six steps will help you get six pack abs:

  • Regular intense exercising: Even 15 minutes of intense exercise every day can help you burn body fat. 
  • Strengthening the core: Workouts and exercises like planks, reverse crunches, and bicycling help target your back and side abs. By doing six pack exercises at home, you can gain your desired results if done consistently. 
  • Weight training: While your fitness goal might be getting the perfect six pack body, you will also have to work on other parts of the body. Working with weights can help in strengthening your muscles, increasing stamina and the ability to exercise more. 
  • Regular cardio: This is the best way to easily and quickly reduce body fat
  • A change in your diet: if you are looking forward to getting abs, you must follow a six pack abs diet. For getting six pack abs, you must get plenty of proteins, lean proteins in specific. You must eat multiple superfoods in a day, every day. Eat more naturally than processed. Avoid white carbs and switch to brown carbs
  • Last and most important, drink plenty of water. 

5 Six Pack Abs Workout At Home

Now that we have an idea of what abs are and how to get abs, let us answer how to get abs at home? Most people who hit the gym aim to build a perfect body like models and bodybuilders. Getting six pack abs or eight pack abs is one of the most common goals of most people who wish to attain an athletic look and attractive looking body. It is unnecessary to go to the gym to get six pack abs. You can easily download a six pack abs app and find workouts and exercises that suit you to get six pack abs at home. 

Here is a list of easy workouts that you can try at home for getting six pack abs:

  • V-Sit
    This workout targets your core. 
  • Straight Leg Raise
    This exercise targets your lower abs. 
  • Weighted Crunch Reach
    This workout targets your upper abs.
  • Weighted Seated Russian Twist
    This exercise targets your side abs.
  • Mountain Climber
    This is another workout that targets your core.

Regularly doing these 5 six pack exercises at home can help you strengthen and train your muscles and get the desired results. 

5 Advanced Abs Workouts With Machines

You can also work out with machines to get the abs you desire. This can be done at a gym with the equipment present there or you can buy a six pack abs machine or equipment for your own home gym. In this section, let us take a look at some advanced workouts for getting six pack and eight pack abs. This list of workouts includes exercises for the abs with machines that will help you train your abdominal muscles and also strengthen them. 

Workouts using the Pull Up Bar

  • Hanging Leg Circle
  • Hanging Bicycles
  • Hanging Side To Side Knees

Workouts using the Cable Machine

  • Cable Isometric Hold
  • Cable Oblique Crunch
  • Side Plank With Cable Hold
  • Overhead Kneeling Cable Hold 

Workouts using the Bosu Balls

  • Mountain Climbers
  • C-Sit
  • Side Crunch

Workouts using the Abs Roller

  • Abs Roll With Side Rotation

Workouts using the TRX Straps

  • Trunk Twists
  • Double-Knee Drive
  • TRX Pike

Doing these six pack abs machine workouts will aid you in the process of getting six pack abs and the desired look. 

5 Effective Six Pack Abs Exercise For Women

A woman’s body is quite different from the body of a man and hence the muscles might need a different kind of training for getting a six pack body. In this section, we will share 5 effective workouts for six pack women can try at home for a model-like look and athletic body. 

  • Bicycle Crunch
    This workout strengthens the obliques and stimulates abdominal activity. 
  • Side Plank
    This exercise for the abs is known to tone and stimulate your quads, hamstrings, glutes, thighs, and the upper body. 
  • Vertical Leg Crunch
    This workout is great for stimulating abdominal activity.
  • Plank Crawl Out
    This workout involves the usage of your hands and legs, making it more intense and adding resistance. 
  • Boat Pose
    This exercise targets the lower abs. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Six Pack Body

Before we conclude, we have answered a few very common questions about six pack abs. This will help you clear any doubts that you might have about the same and get started on your fitness journey to getting abs at home. 

1. How long does it take to get six pack abs?

There is no fixed time frame under which a person can get six pack abs. The time it will take for you to get six pack abs depends on various factors. The fat percentage of your body when you start your journey, how you change your diet and the amount of workout and exercise you choose to do determine how long it will take to get six pack abs.

2. Are six pack abs unhealthy?

Six pack abs are not necessarily unhealthy unless you start forcing your body to produce more and better results in lesser times and with the wrong means. Gaining six pack abs and maintaining the same for a long period of time are two different things. If you wish to get the six pack look, make sure to do it the right way and ensure that your workouts and diet do not take a toll on your overall health. 

3. Is it hard to get six pack abs?

Gaining six pack abs varies from one person to another. Six pack abs will be different for men and women, people with higher fat and lower percentages, and so on. Six pack woman workouts will also be different from those for men. While the procedure might be easy for a few, it might be difficult for others. Your six pack abs are not an indication of your fitness or health and you must not end up harming yourself for the same. 


As we conclude, we hope that this article helps you understand what six pack abs are, how to get abs at home, the diets you can follow and the best workouts with machines and without machines. While you might aim towards getting six pack abs and an athletic body, you must remember that all bodies are different and not force your body to achieve the desired results. The process might be slower for you but surely healthier.

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