When Did You First Realise You Wanted to Do Cross Training?

I was less than 5 feet in class 10. At that point you really don't get any support if you wish to take up bodybuilding. Studies are always a priority.   I was always motivated to workout so I started working out at home by myself. I started with only push-up's.

When I started, I realised that I couldn't even do a single push up. On continuously trying, I graduated to 2 then 5, 10 and then 20.  20 became a sort of a benchmark which was followed by sets of 20. All I did was push-ups until I joined college and the gym. I remember one instance when I went ot my native place in Hassan, I saw a single dumbbell which belonged to my uncle. It was a weird metal dumbbell. I instantly decided to take it back with me and now my workout included push-ups and half dumbbell.

What Did You Do Next? (How Did You Prepare, Do Your Research etc)

I couldn't really do a lot of research online because back then at 10th standard we didn't really have smartphones nor did we have easy access to the internet.   I started doing chest, biceps, dumbells and push-ups everyday. It's really interesting how I got to see the difference in my body on the first day itself. This difference motivated me further. Because of the pain, the muscles get swollen. You start liking the pain. The best thing about body-building is the pain you feel after. You feel the strength in that pain. It motivates you, there's energy in the pain. This continued till I began college. Then when I started three months of gyming in college, there was internet and enough resources available. I searched for the best routine online and found the below routine on the official page of bodybuilding.com

Day 1 - chest/biceps

Day 2 - back/ triceps

Day 3 - Abs and Shoulders

Day 4 - Legs (I would always skip this as mentioned before)

I would skip because it's boring and tedious. It does have an effect, later on, I feel it now. You end up with muscles but no strength or stamina. There was also 20 mins of Cardio which I would skip again. My trainers didn't recommend my routine because they believed that it's better to do one body part in one day but I saw results so I kept following. Didn't listen to them, kept going, continued because it did work out for me.

How was Your First Day at Bodybuilding?

Difficult but worth it.

How was Your First Day at Cross-Training?

So when I finally realized that strength is more important than the way I look, I joined a Cross Training class at Cult. On the app, I booked myself a class. The first day there was a rotational workout, 30 minutes of each exercise.

Crunches, squat- kettlebell, battle rope, mountain climbers, pull up bars etc. I was able to do all the exercises but the biggest challenge for me was to keep up my stamina and the pace. I saw that women and old people had more stamina than me. They've probably developed this over a period of strength training.


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