Have you ever wondered how many protagonists in western TV shows love to run early in the morning? This is one of the most fabled occurrences and often makes us jealous. At that particular instance, we start googling for running tips and decide to start running. However, that zeal gets lost in the coming days, or mostly in a week. In this article, we will walk you through the motivation to get you running from the following day, itself. We will give you many long-distance running tips so that you can get back in shape and feel great about yourself.


Running is a great stress buster. Many people prefer to take early morning runs or late-evening runs, as it rejuvenates the body and keeps one fresh and away from harmful diseases.

However, simply running has never benefited anyone, as one needs running tips to keep this hectic act going. You can start with jogging and continue to run your way to sprinting. Some people only love to jog and focus on marathons, while others develop a keen appetite for sprinting and other timed events. So, which one are You?

In this article, we have tried to cover all those running tips and tricks which we felt were necessary to work out in case of shorter and longer distances, too. However, there are some basics like maintaining a healthy diet, working on the muscles, using technology to map the runs, and having a companion for runs, which prove to be useful for all kinds of runs.

In the latter half of the article, we have discussed all of this at length. So, hold your horses and get started for a life-changing experience with this article.

Table of Contents

  1. Importance of Running
  2. Running Tips for Beginners 
  3. Tips for long-distance running 
  4. Tips for short distance running
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. The Bottom Line

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The Importance Of Running

Have you ever wondered what drives a person to run? It can be anything - trying to get fit, getting into shape for a friend’s wedding, preparing for a marathon, or as simple as just loving the act of running. However, what everyone desires is tips for running. According to a recent statistic, there were close to 1579 running events held in India, averaging over 30 in a week.

Before you go looking for running tips and tricks, you should first understand the benefits of running, and why so many people love to run. The health benefits are immense:

  • Running helps in strengthening the muscles, and you can also end up gaining the right physique.
  • It also helps you to improve your cardiovascular fitness, thus increasing stamina and helping you with energy generation.
  • You can also develop strong bones over time as running is a proper weight-bearing exercise.
  • Running also helps in maintaining a healthy weight, and you will be able to keep diseases associated with weight and fat away.

With the right running tips, you will also end up burning calories and chiseling the fat off your body. So, are you ready to learn more about running and how you can get all these checkboxes ticked?

10 Expert Running Tips For Beginners

In this part of this beneficial article, we will cover the most important running tips for beginners, and how you can turn your passion for physical fitness into the actual act of running. These pointers have helped a lot of novices turn their enthusiasm for running into a drive to run more:

  1. Plan your runs: Any form of workout requires planning, and running is a severe workout. It is better to chart out a plan for the entire week with adequate hydration and rest between runs. This will keep you motivated and you will feel like running more.
  2. Stretching also helps: While looking for tips for running, make sure you stretch your muscles properly before and after every run. You need a warm-up schedule, and when you are done running, you should cool down, too. This keeps you away from all cramps, sprains, etc.
  3. The right running shoes: If you have the right shoes, half of your workout is done. You should look for cushioning and a lightweight pair of shoes. The Kiprun KS Light is an amazing all-purpose running shoe, which will be perfect for all kinds of running.
  4. It gets easier: The first few days can be painful, but you have to keep bolstering through this pain if you want to keep running. Do apply ice and heat compress to relieve the pain.
  5. Have milestones: One of the most important running tips for beginners is to plan the trail for running with milestones. This helps you to keep a track of your progress and check on your prowess.
  6. Having a running kit helps: You do need a smartwatch, which will track your calories burnt, distance, heartbeat, and trail. These things help in effective scaling of workout, and you can also check on how to improve your runs and make them efficient.
  7. Playlist for running: Most marathon runners prefer a pumped-up playlist, which will keep you motivated throughout the run. Only beats and electronic music like The XX - Intro, which is a known track runners’ favourite might help you. You can also curate music of similar nature for your motivational playlist.
  8. Surface for running: While looking for running tips and tricks, the surface of running will decide how much you can stray off injuries. While parks and natural grass are the best surfaces for running, you can also run on a sandy surface or asphalt pavement. However, do not run hard on the treadmill.
  9. Diet is important: You need to combine your runs with the right combination of food to power through fatigue and muscle spasms. You may want to stay away from high carbohydrate content and focus on proteins and a salad diet. You should also hydrate more and keep yourself off tobacco, alcohol, and other recreational habits.
  10. The body needs time to recover: You may think of yourself as a machine, but you are not. So, give time to your body to rest and heal, and do not overexert yourself. This may prove critical in the long run.

With these evergreen tricks up your sleeves, you should get started on running, as soon as possible and do justice to your newfound knowledge.

Tips For Long-Distance Running

We have dedicated this section of the article for runners, who are looking for running tips for long-distance since many runners love to take part in marathons only. Marathon runners need a specialised training regime since they cover a greater distance. So, how will you get started on this exclusive training?

It begins with a heavy warmup session, along with proper stretching of the muscles. Since long runs are all about stamina and acceleration, you will need all your leg muscles to be fine-tuned, and ready for the greater amount of churning. Since most marathons are run on the road, you should practice running on harder surfaces to acclimate yourself to the conditions.

This means you will need a specialised collection of shoes for this type of running, and Decathlon has an amazing range of affordable and quality footwear for running needs. The Kiprun KD500 Women’s edition and the Kiprun KD500 Dynamic edition are two of the bestsellers from this collection. The cushioning of the shoes, superior grip, and anatomic design make it the best choice for runners.

You would also need other training gear, like the right tracksuit, along with other accessories like a pair of comfortable socks, breathable undergarments, and a highly sophisticated running kit consisting of smart wearables, iPods, earplugs, etc. all make up an important part of long-distance running tips. You are not done yet. With the right music, start elevating the distance of your runs, and continue to reduce the time you are taking for these runs.

Tips For Short-Distance Running

Now that we are done with the running tips for long-distance, this section has been specially curated for runners, who would love to focus on sprints and other short distance activities, when it comes to running. If you aspire to become a track runner, this section is specially reserved for you as you will need to focus on pace and acceleration to up your game. How do you think Usain Bolt runs so fast?

It is directly proportional to his training, perseverance, hard work, and determination, all of which have combined into his excellent record. So, if you want to be like him, you need to follow these running tips:

  • You need to work out at the gym by combining running with squats, core work, and weights to build the right amount of strength for your muscles to accelerate during the timed sprint events.
  • The posture also matters a lot when it comes to sprinting. You will need to keep your knees high and maintain a straight posture to cut through the resistance in the air and achieve better speeds.
  • The initial thrust at the start is important and you should practice plyometric exercises like jumping and skipping to boost your muscles’ powers.
  • You can also practice running uphill as this helps in increasing your stamina, and improves your breathing, too.

Apart from these running tips, you would also need the right running shoes. The Kalenji Athletic Spikes and the AT Start Multi-purpose Athletic shoes are some of the best and affordable shoes that you can look for in sprinting activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the best time to run?

Although many people love to run early in the morning, it is completely up to You. If you are running in the city, early morning works well and if you are on the beach, you can go for an early morning or late evening run, too. Whatever you do, ensure that you have an empty stomach.

2. How many miles should I run every day?

If you are a beginner, start with 2 to 4 runs a week, and make sure that you are covering 30-40 minutes per run. You can initially start with 2 to 4 miles, and then increase the distance depending on your agility and perseverance.

3. Can running lead to weight loss?

Yes, running will lead to weight loss if you are hydrating properly and sleeping as well. You will also need to maintain your diet and avoid carbohydrates and fatty food, if you want to reduce your weight, diligently.

The Bottom Line

With such an exhausting list of running tips and tricks, you are bound to do well and improve your running technique. So, what are you waiting for? The time has come for you to put this article to use, and get started on running. Maybe, this will act as a motivation to put in your alarms for early morning, and take out the pair of running shoes.

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