Mihai mirt

Mihai Mirt

Country Sports Leader for Yoga, Decathlon 

I am 37 years old, a passionate Romanian, crazy about nature and traveling. I am married with a 9 months old son (born in India)

Where Do You Workout? 

At the Clubhouse Gym in my apartment, in the Swimming Pool and even go Cycling and Running on the streets.

What is Your Resolution for 2020?

 My resolution for 2019 is to participate in the 70.3 Iron Man in Goa (1.9km of Swimming, 90k of Cycling, 21k of Running)

resolution for 2020

Why the Iron Man?

I really want to climb Mt Aconcagua in Argentina which is 6962m in January 2020 and I anyway love to stay fit and continuously challenge my limits. 

Have You Been Inspired by Someone or Some Event in Life?

There are many who inspired my life but one of them is Killian Journet - The fastest climber on Everest  and Horia Colibasanu -Romanian Climber who climbed 8 of the 14th Highest peaks without oxygen supply.

What Will You do to Keep/Achieve Your Resolution?  

I am 37 and not getting younger so my goal is to continue to do sports as I was doing it at the age of 25. So keeping myself on my feet is very important especially because I finally dream of climbing Mount Everest in the future.

What is a Typical Day for You as You Work Towards Achieving This Resolution?

I practice 4-5 times a week -  
Monday -Cardio training -50min intense cardio - 160bpm/min average, Wednesdays - Running 6-10k
Saturday - Swimming - 2km freestyle
Sunday - Cycling  -40km -Mountain Bike or Road Cycling

Workout resolution

What are the Difficulties You Can Already Foresee for Yourself? 

Injuries and a shortage of time. I had a knee injury a few weeks ago while running. These really slow down my progress. 
Also, I am working, so it's not easy to make time for sports and at the same time dedicate qualitative time to my family. 

How do you Plan to Overcome Them?

I've decided to practice sports either with my wife who is also passionate or just do it early in the morning. This way, I'll sleep one hour less but I'll feel more energetic when I'm going to work. Or I'll practice in the weekends


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