The Indian Premier League 2023 will bring back domestic delight because of the tournament's home-and-away format. There will be 74 matches played between the 10 participating clubs in the Indian Premier League 2023 season.

The competition will consist of a group stage and playoffs. This home-and-away set-up was last employed for the competition in 2019. The COVID-19 epidemic forced BCCI to make some changes, and those changes allowed them to successfully hold the competition for the last three seasons. Through this article, we will let our readers understand the new IPL rules in the 2023 season.

The Indian Premier League 2023 season will feature a total of 14 league contests between each franchise. Seven of those 14 games will be played on their home surface, with the other seven being played on their opponent's home pitch (away).

Indian Premier League 2023 Format

The Indian Premier League 2023 edition will follow the same format as the previous year, however, the sites will vary. The following are the Indian Premier League 2023 format specifics:

  • The 10 teams are divided into two groups, each with five teams.
  • The groups and who gets to play once and twice in each group were selected at random.
  • During the group stage, each team plays 14 games, twice against the other four teams in their group (at home and away), once against the other four teams, and twice against the remaining team.
  • New IPL rules points table: A winning team is awarded 2 points. The losing team will not receive any points. Both sides will be awarded one point if the game ends in a tie or a deadlock.
  • A four-game playoff round using the Page playoff system is played following the group stage. There will be four playoff games played:
  • Qualifier 1: between the first and second teams in the group stage.
  • Eliminator: between the third and fourth teams in the group stage.
  • Qualifier 2: between the loser of Qualifier 1 and the winner of the Eliminator.
  • Final: between the winners of Qualifiers 1 and 2.

New IPL Rules

BCCI implemented the Impact Player rule during the 2023 IPL season, marking a significant shift in IPL history. Other than that, the competition will go by the previous iteration's rules. The sections that follow provide details on these new IPL rules:

  • Before handling their final playing 11 after the toss in IPL 2023, team captains might enter the pitch with two separate team sheets.
  • The teams can choose their best 11 following the toss, depending on the outcome of the coin toss. But, up until last season, the captains were required to switch teams before the toss.
  • For instance, if team A wishes to bowl first but is compelled to bat first on a slow pitch with turning conditions, they can select the playing 11 with an additional spinner and then switch out a specialist bowler with a batter in the second innings to aid in the run chase.
  • The new regulation was put in place by the BCCI to curtail the proverb "win toss, win the match" under specific circumstances.
  • Two DRS are allowed in the new IPL rules 2023.
  • In the new IPL rules, players can review wides and no-balls.
  • Upon losing a catch, the incoming batsman will take the strike, unless it's the final ball of the over.
  • If one or more teams are unable to find their starting lineup due to COVID-19, the BCCI will attempt to reschedule the game until later as per the new IPL rules 2023.
  • If rescheduling is not possible, the IPL Technical Team will look into the problem.
  • If the Super Over or any future Super Overs cannot be completed for any reason, the club that finished higher in the league will be declared the winner in the playoffs or championship game.

New IPL Rules Playing Conditions

  • For each over that is not finished within the allotted time, there is an over-rate penalty of only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle.
  • The wicketkeeper shifting improperly will result in a dead ball and five extra runs. 
  • A dead ball and five penalty runs will come from an unfair fielder movement.

Introduction Of Impact Player Rule

  • Till the time there are fewer than 4 foreign players in the team, the Impact Player must be an Indian.
  • One of the four substitutes mentioned on the squad sheet is the sole foreign player who can be used as an impact player. If a side inserts an international player as an Impact Player during a game, there can never be a fifth foreign player on the pitch.
  • Teams must choose 4 substitutes at the time of toss in addition to the starting X1.
  • Impact Player nominations come from the captain.
  • Impact Players may be deployed before the start of an inning, after an over, after the wicket has fallen, or after a batsman has retired at any stage in the over.
  • Players who are replaced by Impact Players ("Replaced Players") are not permitted to continue playing or return as substitute fielders for the remainder of the game.
  • An Impact Player cannot be a captain.
  • If required, an Impact Player may replace a retired batter.
  • Each match allows for the usage of one Impact Player for each team. But, it is not required. Teams have the option of using the Impact Player or not.
  • Even if the team inserts an impact player, a player who sustains an injury while fielding in the middle of the innings is unable to continue playing.
  • A substitute fielder can replace an injured player only.
  • The replacement is not allowed to bowl or serve as captain.
  • The player off the pitch for the replacement will be subject to penalty time for the batting and fielding teams by the game's rules.


So, this was all about the new rules of Indian Premier league 2023. We hope this article has helped you to understand the game better so that you can watch the IPL matches in all pleasure now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What transpires to the original player when the Impact Player steps in?

The player who was substituted will no longer participate in the game.

When is a foreign player ineligible to be the Impact Player?

If a team starts with four foreign players, they can only use one Indian as the Impact Player. This is done to uphold the IPL's long-standing restriction that each team can only pitch four foreign players every match. Nonetheless, a team may substitute an international player as the Impact Player if their starting lineup has three or fewer players from abroad. Nonetheless, the entering foreign player ought to be one of the four substitutes announced at the toss.

Is the Impact Player rule affected by a delayed start?

The Impact Player regulation will continue to be applied as is, according to the IPL "The total number of overs available to both teams before the game starts are lowered to less than 20 overs every inning. The Impact Player may be used at any point in the game."

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