The season of love, chai pakodas, and rainy days is here! The monsoon brings about a feeling of change as it washes away the summer’s heat and makes the atmosphere cold making us want to snuggle in our blankets all day long. While we enjoy this change in season, being at home,many of us have taken to getting fit. From at-home workouts to morning yoga,the lockdown has made us experiment with what’s beneficial for our health - not just with food but even when it comes to fitness. Those of us who live in areas where going outside is allowed, having the opportunity to go out for a quick jog or run feels no less than a blessing!

While we seize the opportunity, we must understand that the pandemic is still a cause for concern, and we should avoid going out as much as we can. You can practice all fitness-related activities indoors. Before we go ahead, if you plan on going outdoors, know that wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing, is mandatory. Then again, wearing a mask while running for a long time is not advisable. Here are a few gears you should have this monsoon for your run: 

1.      A Neon Gilet or Fluorescent Clothes

The rains can cause an overcast during the sunrise or sunsets leading to poor visibility. It is vital to maintain visibility when you’re on the road. Wearing fluorescent clothes or a neon gilet, allows passing cars and bikes to notice you in case if you choose to go down a path that has a lot of vehicle traffic. It is advisable to add strobe lights to your attire if you wish to pass through poorly lit roads or hiking trails.

neon gilet


2. Warm Clothes

As much as one would love to get wet in the rain, it is necessary to keep warm and prevent catching a cold. One of the most common mistakes runners commit is that they believe wearing a lot of layers will protect them from the cold. Well, that is not true.

Wearing the right running clothes that provide insulation to your body will protect you better compared to 3-4 layers of clothes. Avoid wearing cotton t-shirts. Cotton soaks in all the water rendering your attire heavy. Wearing waterproof or dry-fit athletic or running wear is the right choice in the rainy season. Also, carry a light rain jacket to protect you from light showers. Look for a waterproof and windproof jacket or raincoat for an uninterrupted running session. Remember, you should only wear clothes that allow breathability and ventilation. Add a rain cap to your attire so that the rain does not block your field of vision.

Pro tip: Do your warm-up routine indoors to save time.It gives you the zest to immediately start running once you are outside. It also helps you retain body warmth.  
windproof jacket

3. Water bottle holder

It may seem like you wouldn’t feel thirsty while running in the rains, yet it does increase your tendency to sweat as you would be wearing a few layers of clothes and not to mention, also a mask. Always keep a water bottle handy that can carry at least 250-500ml of water.

 If holding a water bottle at all times is a task, you can always carry a waist bag that has a flask holder. The Kiprun Flask Holder Running Belt can carry up to 2 bottles of 150ml each. A good running belt can help you carry your water bottles and also protect essentials like your phone,earphones, keys, etc.  

bottle holder

4. Waterproof phone sleeve

Your beloved smartphone and earphones can take a hit during the rains if not protected. It is always wise to carry a waterproof phone sleeve or an adjustable waterproof sling bag that can hold your essentials.  

 Pro tip: Keep your phone at home. Revel in the sounds of nature, the rain. It not only elevates your mood but also keeps your electronics from the risk of being damaged.
waterproof sling bag


5. Running socks

Just like cotton t-shirts are a big no, running in cotton socks is also not advisable. You should make sure not to step into a puddle or a wet patch. Even with all the care you take, if you happen to dip your foot by accident, cotton socks can cause a rash or blisters. You should wear socks that can prevent soaking. You can opt for socks that are of acrylic or a polypropylene-based material. It can also help protect your shoes.

running socks

6. Running Shoes

Running shoes with removable insoles can help maintain and keep your shoes clean. It is best to wear your old shoes if you’re apprehensive about breaking in the new pair with the fear of it getting damaged due to monsoons.

Pro tip: Having a pair of running shoes that have removable insoles can be beneficial for the long term. After a run, remove the insoles and stuff them with old newspapers. It will absorb the moisture quickly and keep your shoes dry for the next time you go for a run.
kalenji running shoes

7. Knee/ankle support

Having knees and ankles support increases your stability. It allows uniform joint compression. It decreases the risk of injuries around the muscles and joints. It also increases your performance a sit absorbs sweat in the area.

ankle support

If you are looking to get some fresh air, maintain or lose weight, build your muscles or run for the fun of it, these gears are surely going to be the right companions for you to reach your fitness goals.

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