Days into lockdown and our neighbourhoods seem to have accepted badminton games on empty corridors, gallis, backyards, and terraces. While Badminton is a great way to stay active, badminton requires you to be outdoors. If you stay in a house which has a garden or you are fairly safe from exposure and are still social distancing, that’s great.

Most of us have old rackets lying at home but if you want to seriously utilize this time to master the game with your friends across the fence or your family, here are a few basic equipment you might want to invest in.

Outdoor Badminton is fun and healthy.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, everyone needs the right sports equipment to develop skills with safety. So here we will discuss the essentials you need to start playing badminton at home. 


The most important personal equipment for any Badminton player is a racket. It's impossible to play the game without two rackets. Badminton rackets should ideally be lightweight and made out of durable materials like Aluminium or Carbon fibers. We have a product that will perfectly suit your practice. 

Badminton Racket Set Partner:

This Racket set comes with two rackets, two shuttlecocks, and a cover. The rackets are perfect to start with. They have an aluminum head and a graphite shaft, which makes it quite durable. Not to forget about the weight(85g), it's lighter compared to normal beginner rackets.


After rackets, it's the shuttlecock without which the game is incomplete.  Plastic shuttlecocks travel comparatively shorter distances as they are heavier. Hence, they are good for building strength as you make the transition to feathered shuttlecocks. We have a pack which caters to outdoor only. 

Badminton Outdoor Shuttlecock PSC 130:

This pack has three shuttlecocks, each of them weighing differently.
  • White is the lightest and can be used during no windy day
  • Yellow is the average weight and can be used during a low windy day
  • Orange is the heaviest, which can be used on a moderately windy day.


You can't play outdoor badminton without a net. The game requires at least a 3m wide net that stands 5 feet above the centerline. This is required for the server to serve the shuttle above this net, and both players need to make the shuttle cross the net without it being touched. So the net is an integral part of the game and playing without it would not be fun. Don’t worry about digging poles for the net, we have just the product for you.

Badminton Easy Net Discover:

This badminton net is designed for simple set-up and takedown, making it perfect for enjoying badminton with your family or friends. Play anywhere, at any time. The Net can be set up within 60 seconds and can be carried anywhere. It is 3m wide and 1.5m high. Also, it has a stable triangular base which helps in playing outdoors in decent windy conditions.

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