1. Frisbee: 

Ultimate frisbee is a very popular sport and for good reason. All you need to enjoy a fun and competitive game with your friends and family is a frisbee that is priced under Rs 100. It's incredibly active. The game is full of throwing, running, jumping, diving. It's truly a fantastic workout and a really fun time.

Price: Rs 99
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2. Running Stopwatch :

A running watch helps you to time your runs easily. Are you're looking for a watch with simple features for all your training sessions, even in rainy weather, the ATW100 with patented impermeability is a perfect choice.

Price : Rs 699
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3. Hula Hoop : 

Hula Hooping is a really fun way to burn calories, strengthen your core and stay fit overall. The best part is how inexpensive the whole activity is to start and how you can practice is everywhere.

Price : Rs 499
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4. Swimming Goggles :

If you're thinking of starting swimming this summer and want to see underwater, these swimming goggles with smoked lenses will come in handy. They are fog-free goggles that are easily adjustable with notched strap on the rear buckle.

Price : Rs 699
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5. Hand Mobility Rehabilitation Kit

The hand mobility rehabilitation kit is designed for strengthening your finger, hand and forearm muscles to prevent injuries (sprains, fractures, etc.) by strengthening your hand muscles and increasing your finger mobility. From strength to flexibility, dexterity and sensitivity, this kit trains everything!

Price : Rs 499
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6. Ab Wheel

An Ab Wheel Set makes your workout super convenient. It can be taken anywhere so that you can work all your ab muscles at any time.  One of the best ways to prevent a decline in overall fitness is to build a strong core. This can be accomplished with the help of an ab wheel that allow you to work out your abs or obliques on your knees or your toes, in stable or unstable modes. You'll continue to find this abs wheel useful as your fitness level increases.

Price : Rs 699
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7. Compact Travel Backpack

The compact travel backpack will make your life easier when you are backpacking around the world. This small backup backpack will follow you everywhere on your travels. It will be easy to pack in your large backpack and you can always take it out when you need a small 10 litre capacity bag.

Price : Rs 199
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8. Running Sports Bra

While this sports bra is designed for running, it's also suitable for all high-impact sports: horse riding, cycling, etc. A breathable running crop top with no shell and seamless design support repeated impacts associated with running. running-specific bras and crop tops are important, for both comfort and support. It's a matter of health.

Price : Rs 499
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9. Wicket and Stump Set

A wicket and stump set can be used for playing tennis ball cricket in various formats:  indoor, box and outdoor cricket. It's lightweight and convenient to pack and carry around to enjoy a fun match time with family or friends.

Price : Rs 499
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10. Sports Sunglasses

The most basic reason to wear sunglasses in sports is the same reason you should wear them all the time when you're outside—they block out the sun and protect against harmful UV rays. Category 0 sport sunglasses full UV protection. These are very lightweight with high-durability polycarbonate lenses.

Price : Rs 399
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