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Regardless of the new rules and regulations that have restricted our movement, we are doing our best to stay fit indoors. We have been facing many challenges to adapt to the new normal. While we spend our days working from home, or schooling from home, it is necessary to exercise for at least 30 minutes to shake off the lethargy and dullness that comes with staying at home for months on end. While uncertainty with respect to the current situation has taken over the world, it is necessary to find ways to keep happy and healthy. We should find happiness in the smallest of things. Be It a funny dog video on social media, or video calling your friends.  

One such joy is the joy of cycling. The new normal has made it mandatory for us to maintain social distancing and quite rightly so; we must adhere to the norm. Cycling allows us to do just that while it also brings forth an exhilarating experience that is much different from any other physical activity, and of course, it has an array of health benefits! As much as we would want to cycle around town, we must remember to shorten the duration of time we spend outside and on a cycle as wearing a mask while doing a strenuous activity like cycling is not advisable.It is necessary to be mindful of one’s breathing and should stop immediately if and when there is any discomfort. Cycling can only be enjoyable if you are comfortable. Read more to know how you can have the complete cycling experience:


Follow the Rules

WHO has made it mandatory to maintain 6 feet distance from individuals, Cycling is the perfect exercise that allows you to do so. There is almost zero chance to come in contact with anybody, and because you are constantly in motion, you are minimizing the risk of contracting an infection

It is necessary to wear a mask as and when you step out of your home. Make sure you only head out for a ride when there are lockdown relaxations in your area. Avoid heading out in case you live in a containment zone. You will be doing a favor to not just yourself but others as well.


Social Distancing

This term has been ingrained in our minds for quite some time now and quite rightly so! Even though you will be in motion, it is necessary to maintain at least 6 feet or a2-meter distance or more between you and other riders and pedestrians. Leave as much space as possible. If you see a vehicle or a pedestrian coming to your left, ensure that there are no vehicles behind and curve to the right. You can get back on track after there is enough space between you and the person behind you. It would be advisable to avoid cycling through crowded roads. The biggest perk of cycling outdoors is that it is the perfect self-protector. You can quickly keep a safe distance from others.


Avoid Group Rides

While most of us love going on rides with our group of friends, it would be better for you and your friends if you ride solo for now. Even with social distancing measures, it would be wiser to keep away fro social contact.


Be Prepared

Here are a few things to ensure peak preparedness for the ride:
  • Inform your loved ones about the route you will be taking
  • Thoroughly check your bike for any loose nuts and bolts or gear
  • Make sure the cycle has inflated tires - a cycle foot pump can come in handy considering most of the non-essential stores are closed in many areas.
  • Carry a first-aid kit
  • Carry a bottle of water - add a bottle holder to your cycle so that you do not have to carry anything weighty in your backpack.
  •  In case of rains, carry a raincoat,
  •  Wear a neon gilet and,
  • Attach Strobe lights to your handlebars - these ensure you a revisible to other pedestrians or motorists.
  •  Cover yourself - wear a neck warmer, cycling gloves and arm cover to protect yourself. Don’t forget to wear a breathable mask as well.
  • Wear cycling shorts to gain maximum performance and increase breathability and ventilation.     


Cycle for the Fun of It

Cycling is a strenuous exercise. When you go for a ride, we suggest you do not go with a mindset to complete a fitness goal. Take the time to rejuvenate your mind and keep yourself active without exerting your body a lot.

15 to 30 minutes of cycling with breaks in between, is more than enough to stay healthy. It can help you in boosting our immune systems and elevate your moods during the quarantine. When you cycle, your limbs, brain, heart and lungs, all get a good workout. It is also known to reduce stress levels and decrease blood pressure.It encourages better cardiovascular fitness.

Your body produces more vitamin D, as you expose yourself to the sun, this also benefits your immune system, hence, improving your mood and sleeping patterns. You allow your mind to relax, as you cycle. It releases endorphins and makes you happy. After all, we do require a little bit of happiness during these trying times, don’t we?

Cycling does not need to be a goal to get fit.You can cycle to your nearest grocery or medical store to buy essentials, this keeps you fit, and also, there is an added benefit of avoiding the use of public transport. If you are unable to cycle outdoors, there are various workouts that involve the motion of cycling. These are equally beneficial for your body and also a lot safer than going out.

We hope you have a safe and happy cycling experience!

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