Hello Folks! Welcome to a new lesson on How to introduce your kid to swimming for the 1st time. Before that let me tell you Fun Fact: US National Institute of Health found that  4- to 12-year-old age groups showed the strongest learning effect.

That means if you are looking to teach your child swimming. A Big Fat Thumbs Up.

So if a child wants to Learn to Swim, parents need to follow some rules and teach the same to Kids.

Rule No.1 - Splash with Safety

At all ages, there are important safety rules to follow no matter what the level of the swimmer is. Parents along with kids should follow the safety rules set by pool authorities. Here is the best advice for parents? Kids respond well with pictures and photos, so try finding a fun image to help them remember the safety rules.

Rule No.2- Introduce them with water

I being a summer camp coach noticed 8 out of 10 kids are reluctant swimmers. They are afraid to step into the pool. I have seen kids hiding in changing room for the entire session and coming out at the end bell with nostalgic smiles. If caught make excuses my stomach is bad and start to cry. Here, parents, you have to be one step ahead of the child.

  • Experiment at Home: Get them ready with a swimsuit, google, cap, safety vest while in a bathtub or shower.
  • It’s Aqua Playtime: Let them blow bubbles and play in the bathtub.

This will help them to create a positive picture of the pool. And will be the first Introduction to the feel of water.

Rule No.3- Real test for Parents

When you take your child to the pool see his reaction, make the atmosphere as fun as possible like it's a bathtub. Just Bigger than home. Make friends with other kids

  • Closeness: For a few days you have to be close to a child. Because Children feel safest when parents are around them. Once you know he is enjoying it, increases your distance away. Now here are the catch parents for a few, it might take 4-5 days. But for many, it takes a month at least. So you need to have patience. It is just as a child is taking its first step.
  • Play Games: Kids love to make bubbles in the water. Make them do the same. Get them used to googles as this would help them to see underwater. Let them catch the pool sidewall and make leg movement

Learning to swim at a younger age  will not only develop Love for Water but also sets the foundation for an active and  healthy Lifestyle. After all, life is one big pool, filled with lessons that challenge us, change us, and push us past our comfort zone. 

So if you are clear on How to introduce your child to swimming and ready to give WOW!

Experience here is the next guide which will help you to follow  How To Swim For Beginners ? (Step By Step Guide)

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