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Welcome to a new lesson specially made for beginners.

Before that let me give you a Fun FactSwimmers sweat in the pool and so they burn about 30% more calories than running per hour.

So next time you see a runner just share it.      

Learning swimming can be scary and thrilling both at the same time, if you don’t know how to do it, do not worry, I will help and try to make swimming more of Fun.

This guide will give you a Step by Step method on How to learn swimming for beginners. But if you are going to teach your kid let me tell you this is Lesson no.2. So if you are introducing your kid Check out this blog: How to teach kids to swim?

Just  4 easy steps to learn swimming for beginners

Step 1: Feel the Water

The first step to learning swimming is to be comfortable in the water. I call it “Build the Water Confidence Stage”. Just walk to and fro in shallow water, for Kids it's recommended to have this in the baby pool near the wall side. This will help to get a feel of water.

Step 2: Blow Bubbles Underwater

This is a fun and important part of breathing. To do this you got to remember when you are above water Breathe IN from your mouth, Hold till you get underwater, and Breathe OUT slowly from your nose as you go underwater. Now as you are reading this do 5 times (Breath in  – Hold (2 sec) – Breathe Out) as this will prepare you for underwater. While you are going to Blow bubbles underwater, I advise you to wear goggles as this will keep your eyes open and help you to see underwater which makes you stable and be fun at the same time. That’s Good we are now moving to Step no.3

Step 3: Floating

First of all, let me tell you there are two types of floating one is just to lay on your back and relax and the second is to put your chest and head down in the water. The latter is what we are going to focus on as this is going to help in learning to swim.

1.Relax position:                                                                       
   2.Swim Position:

 For attaining the right swim position

This is the position we need to learn. So for this take the help of a rod attached to the pool if not do not worry take the help of the wall on the edge of the pool. Once you hold the wall take a deep breath and hold and put your head in the water you will notice your lower body will automatically rise. This is buoyancy, the longer you hold the breath you float on water. For some, this comes easily but for many, the upper body float, and the lower body sinks. Do not worry, just retry the method again. The key to successful floating is good head position, body position, and relaxation.

Step 4: Kicking

A strong leg kick is an engine that propels you through the water and helps you balance. There are a few different types of leg kicks for the various strokes. The one we want to learn as beginners are called Flutter Kick. To learn this two things can be done one is above water and one when you get in the water.

 Above water:                                                            

    In water:

This is especially for kids tell them to keep their legs straight and just flap them on water. Make sure they do not bend their knees. I have seen kids love this exercise. So let them Enjoy and Learn.

Remember step no. 2 and step no. 3 because these both are going to be important in learning Flutter kick.

Once you perform step 3 you might have noticed that once you breathe out the body sinks in water. To avoid sinking kicking is important. So to learn kicking push one leg down in the water and then the other and continue this to and fro motion just slightly bending your knee while doing this breath as if you are nodding YES that is when you lift your head above water breathe in from mouth. When you go underwater breathe out.

I tell my students to always kick from their hip because this gives a stronger kick and maintains their body alignment.

So Breathing – Floating – Kicking once you have learned this and practiced thoroughly you can do the same with the kickboard and take your maiden lap of the pool

Let me tell you something interesting you are just one step closer to learning a stroke in swimming with just Four Easy Steps. Isn't it amazing !!!

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