Just after your shoes are used and exposed to dirt, you need to keep your shoes clean. You should clean your shoes frequently not only to make your shoes look appealing but also to showcase your personality.

We have noticed that some players use running shoes while playing badminton, which is wrong, as running shoes don’t give you that extra support while moving in a badminton court. Non-marking shoes are essentially used for indoor sports such as badminton or basketball. The reason behind their use is that the outer layer of these shoes is softer than other shoes. These shoes' rubber is so smooth that it leaves no scuff marks on the floor and provides you enough resistance for perfect grip.

 A good pair of badminton shoes will be a supporting factor to win over your opponent. You might not notice it at first because of quick movements. But the reality is, to overpower your opponent; it does require good shoes to deal with the best shots

Here are some of the tips for taking care of your badminton shoes properly.


1.  Wear your non-marking badminton shoes only during the match. This is not just to support cost-effectiveness, but it is also a sense of discipline that shoes have uses and limitations. Your shoes will work as you wish if you are using them only during games.

2. You should buy separate shoes for jogging or other training exercises. Remember that badminton shoes are not used for jogging, although they may have the same function. 


3. Leave a thumb's width space when choosing a size. Comfort should be your utmost priority; therefore we suggest that a thumb's width space will promote not only comfort but also effective motion. Remember, during the match, you as a player will also wear a couple of socks. So it will also allow your feet to breathe. Moreover, because of tight shoes, you might start feeling pain and irritation also during the match.


4. Make sure your shoes' cushion doesn't get worn off. This is a basic comfort rule that will prevent pain during the match. As you know that jumping is one of the elementary movements while playing badminton. So if you feel some pain on your heels and ankles, it's a sign that your shoes' cushion is worn off and it needs to be replaced on an urgent basis.

Now let's discuss some of the ways to maintain your badminton shoes exquisite, appealing, and to increase their lifespan.. 

  • Magic eraser and clean wipe

Some of you may think it's a waste of money, but it's as essential as investing in your badminton shoes to invest in these things. Clean wipe and magic erasers have very efficient outcomes and on many websites, it is readily available also. It removes the stains, spots, and defects from your shoes in an excellent way. Apart from this, you can also use a washrag. Just make sure you're not using it with water. It has to be dipped in vinegar and then applied to the stains. It has amazing outcomes as well.


  • Coloured nail polish

It may not sound meaningful to you, but it does work. It even works very well on the scratches and prominent marks if you have white shoes. You only need to apply the white nail polish on it. Similarly, whatever colour your shoes are off, you need to apply the same colour nail polish. It will just take a little touch to clear the smudge you could see on the shoe.


  • Cleaning dirty laces

It is necessary to clean your laces frequently otherwise your shoes will look very dull and bad. We understand it can be a very monotonous and tiring job to clean your laces, but there is an easy yet efficient way to clean your laces without any hustle. You just need to boil some water. Do not turn off the gas until you see bubbles and it boils. Then keep the water for 2 minutes as it is and let it evaporate a little bit. Then place your laces inside the water and after 5-6 minutes bring it out. You are going to see a lot of difference and your laces are going to look brand new.


  • Using toothbrush

 Many people use a piece of cloth or some other cleaning materials such as old socks to clean their shoes. Using this kind of stuff doesn't clean the shoes pretty well as a piece of cloth can't reach certain regions of your shoes. It will certainly leave some filthy areas. Therefore, using a toothbrush is the best way to clean those areas. A toothbrush will be able to reach every possible place and will be able to clean all types of spots, no matter where they are. You need to dip a toothbrush in lukewarm soapy water and rub it softly on the spots or dirt. You will see the difference as all sorts of spots will be going to disappear.


  • Using shampoo

It's the best way to get rid of oil stains on your shoes. You or anyone else may drop some oily stuff accidentally, but you don’t need to panic as you have a remedy now. You just have to apply some shampoo at the dirt or over the spots, or the oil stains with your fingers. For the best results, you can even scrub your toothbrush on the shampoo. This will give your shoes a charming new look.

So these were some steps, which will help you out to maintain your badminton shoes in the best way possible. We hope that after following these steps you will be happier and more satisfied with the outcomes you are going to get with your newly bought badminton shoes!

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