Want to learn the proper technique for breaststroke the fun way? Here we will show you exactly how to do it, with the help of experts. So get your swimming trunks, swimming caps, and swimming goggles ready!

Do you want to start learning the breaststroke? Do you want to learn how to use your arms and legs correctly and efficiently? Do you have trouble managing your breathing? Then this guide is just made for you!

What is Breaststroke Swimming? 

The Breaststroke technique is a classic swimming stroke, also known as the hardest to master. It's performed by lying face down in the water, extending your arms in front of the head, pulling your arms back under the surface of the water, and then perform a frog kick. 

Step-by-step guide to learn breaststroke swimming technique for beginners.

Step 1 - The Basic Position for the Breaststroke 

To start learning your breaststroke swimming, stand in the water, board, arms stretched forward and legs stretched back, head in the water. This "board" position is called the "slip" position. Learn to master it, even if it is static, you will have to come back after each leg push. Learning already! It's fun and like all other strokes it gets better with practice

Step 2 - Learn to Position My Arms 

Now the fun part starts! keep your swimming goggles on and take a deep breath.Imagine a circle whose diameter starts from your chin and stretches right to your fingertips. The movement of the arms begins with arms extended forward. With the fingertips, follow the imaginary circle, the left part with the left hand and vice versa. When the hands meet at the chin, cross the circle with your hands to find your initial position.To learn gradually, you can train by keeping your feet on the ground.

Step 3 - Learn to Position My Legs 

Now here too imagine a circle. This time its a bigger circle extending from the bottom of your buttocks to your heels.The movement begins with outstretched legs, stuck heels, fan-shaped feet and toes towards the outside (duck-like). First, cross the circle with your heels. For this, we go back on the heels to the bottom (be careful it is not the knees that go back to the navel but the heels that go back to the buttocks). Then look for each outside so that your heels follow the imaginary circle, then push to return to your original position by following the shape of the circle.

Step 4 - Breathing - Essential for Breaststroke Swimming for Beginners 

It is the air cycle that includes inspiration followed by expiration. During the arm cycle, help them to lift your head, take air and plunge back by placing your arms in the initial position. Then, enjoy the thrust with your legs to exhale the air you just inhaled.Remember to respect this sequence, it will allow you to renew the air constantly during your swim and so not to run out of breath.The movement of arms and legs is ok? Breaststroke techniques are understood?

Frequent Errors

Unbiased feet, knees apart, elbows going backward, lack of alignment, do not keep your head down during casting ...

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