In the times of the Pandemic and the on and off curfews and lockdowns, your favorite sport might not be possible to practice regularly. If your favorite sport is Tennis, this becomes an even bigger challenge. Tennis is often considered complex due to the number of equipment needed to practice it. While that is true for the most part, it does not mean that you can’t play your favorite sport anytime anywhere. Read on to find out how.

1. Get a mini net!

The easiest way to play Tennis at home is by getting the Artengo Mini Net. It takes less space, ultra-portable, and helps you transform any patch of land into an instant Tennis court. You can make your Grand slam depending on the surface available! 

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2. The good old Wall

Ask any experienced player and they will talk about the number of hours they’ve spent playing Tennis with a wall. Not because they don’t have friends but because the wall is by far the greatest opponent you will ever play against. If you thought Rafa on clay is tough to get past, we’ll talk after you’ve tried it with a wall. The wall is also a great way to work on specific shots and improve your technique. I personally still go back to the wall whenever I need to get my rhythm back. 

3. Artengo Ball is back 

A self-training tool that became very popular in the last lockdown, the Artengo Ball is back is the perfect partner for you if you want to get a real feel of Tennis without engaging with another person. The trainer is designed to ensure the ball comes back to you after bouncing and the added weight from water/sand in the base helps keep the base steady and ready even for the heaviest forehands you can hit. A highly recommended product for both Kids and adults.

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4. Turnball

Tennis is an outdoor sport, right? What if we can help you bring the joy of playing Tennis into your living room? It might sound crazy but it’s possible with the Artengo Turnball. A sport created for 1, 2, or 4 players, Turnball is the best equipment to have in your living room or backyard to ensure you stay close to your favorite sport. It has a very easy and safe installation procedure and is played using a softball. The base of the Turnball needs to be filled with water/sand for stability. Once that is done, you’re ready to have a lot of fun. The set comes complete with a ball and two rackets. 

Find the product here Turnball

The pandemic cannot stop us from enjoying our favorite sport. No matter the situation, we have a solution to help you play more Tennis!

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