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Choosing Your Golf Clubs

Inesis helps you choose your clubs by taking into account the two most important elements or you golf swing: your size and your swing speed.All of our golf clubs are gender neutral because we believe forcing golfers to choose clubs based on their gender is outdated and unhelpful.

Choose Your Size

Watch our video showing you how to find your size.

In order to choose the golf clubs that are best suited to your body our clubs are classified by size not gender. Your size, and therefore the length of your clubs, is determined by the distance between the ground and your fist.

We offer 2 sizes:
  • Size 1: Less than 78.5 cm
  • Size 2: More than 78.5cm
  • If you measure at 78.5 cm, we recommend that you opt for size 2.

In order to measure this distance, stand against a wall in normal shoes, shoulders straight, and fists closed. Make a small line in pencil across the middle of your fist, as shown in the video. The measurement between the ground and this line will give you your size.

Choose Your Swing Speed


To know your swing speed, all you have to do is answer a simple question: Imagine you are on the fairway with 150 yards remaining to the flag. Which club would you choose?

  • 5 Iron / Hybrid / Driver: You have a slow swing speed
  • 6 / 7 Iron: You have a medium swing speed
  • 8 Iron or less: You have a fast swing speed

You now know your size as well as your swing speed, so you'll be able to choose clubs adapted to your your body type and your swing. It's important that you're honest and choose the best clubs based on your size and swing speed. This will help you hit the golf ball further and straighter!

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