When choosing a reel, the following technical criteria should be taken into account.

1. Bearing Quality

Fishing reel bearings

A smooth rotation makes a reel more comfortable to fish with.Rotation quality is determined by the number of ball bearings.The more ball bearings there are, the more comfortable it will be to fish with.

2. Drag

Fishing reel drag

Drag power is measured in "kg". This measurement is the maximum resistance of the drag.You can adjust the drag depending on the type of fish or rig.The reel will release line if the fish pulls on the line harder than the line can resist, thus preventing the line from breaking..

3. Casting Distance

Fishing line

A Long Cast spool reduces lip friction to a minimum when the line is running out.Hence the line is not slowed down as it speeds off the spool.

4. Solidity

Choose your fishing reel

A heavy duty reel is more resistant to extreme conditions and requires little maintenance.The reel's toughness is determined by the quality of the materials used to build it.Composite reels are more forgiving to knocks, but heavier than aluminium reels.


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