With monsoons come the increased chances of fungal and bacterial infections, and tripping on wet surfaces. Especially if you are heading out for a trek, having a good pair of waterproof shoes with a solid grip is necessary for your safety. Besides, wearing a wet shoe for a long time when outdoors can trigger any infections that might get you sick. The best place to put your waterproof shoes to use is- damp, cold, snowy, or muddy terrains. Winter hikes, shallow stream crossings, long bike rides, and during the rainy season in general, come in handy.

Waterproof shoes are made from tough rubber outsoles to resist the penetration of any sharp objects you might step over and its outer material prevents any liquid from soaking in. These can keep your feet dry throughout your journey. A good pair will not require a lot of maintenance and add durability and a plausible appearance.  One of the best waterproof shoes is available at Decathlon. From a wide range of rain boots, overshoes, duck boots, and rain sneakers, one can find a pair of fashionable footwear for any purpose.

One can handle any weather conditions with the right footwear. To help you find the best ones, here are some useful tips to keep you abeam with the trends this season.

Table of Contents

  1. Choosing the Best Waterproof Shoes for Monsoons
  2. Different Types of Waterproof Shoes
  3. 5 Foot Care Tips for Monsoons
  4. Benefits of Waterproof Shoes
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Conclusion.

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Choosing the Best Waterproof Shoes for Monsoons

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while finding a good pair of waterproof shoes in India that can avoid the formation of blisters, feel comfortable, keep wetness at bay and also provide sufficient ventilation.

1. Good grip

An efficient waterproof shoe will have deep grooves with a good grip to stay firm in mud, slush and dirt.

2. Softness and flexibility

As you walk on different kinds of terrain, a flexible sole is important, especially in every waterproof shoe for men and women.

3. Good ankle support

Your ankle is prone to twisting when walking on a wet surface. Look for a shoe that has good ankle support.

4. Water resistance capacity

If your shoe is not water-resistant, you might develop shoe bites or calluses owing to wet feet. Additionally, it’s uncomfortable to walk distances in wet socks and flooded shoes during monsoons.

Different Types of Waterproof Shoes in India

In this category, we have chosen some of the most popular types of waterproof shoes that might come in handy for you daily. Here are a couple of options for you that are lightweight, have a non-slip rubber outsole, waterproof, and have to cushion for complete comfort. 

1. Hiking shoes

Perfect for hiking and travel these waterproof shoes for men and women are your best bet. 

(A) Waterproof Hiking Shoes for Ladies - Women’s Waterproof Hiking Shoes - MH100 Mid Blue/Purple

These come with a non-slip rubber outsole, great fit, waterproof, impact protection for toes, cushioning for comfort, and are lightweight.

(B) Waterproof Hiking Shoes for Men - Men’s Hiking boots – NH100 Mid

These are affordable, comfy, lightweight, and come with a heel cushioning adapted to the natural footpaths.

2. Several Day Trekking and Travel Shoes

We generally wear normal sports shoes during monsoons while trekking or walking, which is a grave mistake. Therefore, we have these travel and trekking shoes to make you feel comfortable all day long.

(A) Waterproof Trekking Shoes for Men - Men's Waterproof Trekking Boots TREKKING 100 Synth

These waterproof shoes are comfortable with good support on easy-marked trails. It is soft, comfortable, and durable with the right balance between flexibility and support making natural walking easy.

(B) Waterproof Trekking Shoes for Women - Women's Waterproof Trekking Boots TREKKING 100 Synth

Coming with a 100% approved rubber sole for perfect grip and traction, these waterproof shoes are perfect for long walks during the monsoon season. It is not only soft and comfortable but also durable and flexible.

3. Boots

Go for a pair of comfortable boots that features water resistance with style elements, comfort, and ease of carrying. 

(A) Waterproof Boots for Men - Men’s Warm and Waterproof Hiking Boots - SH100 X-WARM

Combining comfort, grip, and style, these boots come with a modern look that makes it easy to juggle between hiking and your daily activities.

(B) Waterproof Boots for Women - Women's Waterproof Trekking Boots TREKKING 100 Synth - Blue

This classy pair of waterproof boots are highly durable with an eco-design, flexible fit, and improved grip, ideal for hiking or extreme weather conditions.

4. Walking shoes

Investing in a versatile pair of waterproof shoes for monsoons for everyday wear is crucial. Here are a few options you can consider that are of supreme quality without compromising on style.

(A) Waterproof Walking Shoes for Women - Women’s Waterproof Country Walking Shoes NH500 Mid WP

With a waterproof membrane, these lightweight shoes have a comfortable fit and grip, ideal for everyday wear during monsoons.

(B) Waterproof Walking Shoes for Men - PW 100 Walking Shoes for Men - Grey

Designed with a flexible sole for everyday wear, the air circulation ensures absolute comfort.

The various other types of waterproof shoes that you might want to consider include corporate casuals, boat shoes, boots, canvas shoes, loafers, and high tops.

5 Foot Care Tips for Monsoon

Taking care of your feet is of prime importance especially during monsoons when your feet are more prone to getting shoe bites, blisters, or bacterial infections. To keep these problems at bay, consider some of these tips:

1. Opt for waterproof footwear

Think of rubber flip-flops or waterproof shoes if necessary. These are easy to wear and maintain during monsoons. Explore a wide range of collections at Decathlon and get the best deals on your favourite picks.

2. Hot water soak

Take a tub and fill it with warm water. Add some bath salt or just baking soda and a few drops of essential oils. Relax your feet for about 10-15 minutes. This will not only get rid of any bacteria on your feet but will also relax you in the cozy rainy weather.

3. Pedicure

Remove dead skin cells with a professional of a simple at-home pedicure regularly during the monsoon season.

4. Moisturize

Before you go to bed, pick your favourite moisturizer and thoroughly nourish your feet with it to take some extra care.

5. Foot massage

A nice, relaxing foot massage will help in blood circulation and the exfoliation provided draws the toxins to the surface and gets rid of them.

Benefits of Waterproof Shoes

During the cold and wet months, it seems like every outdoor activity requires special equipment; whether it’s a rain jacket, waterproof shoes, or an umbrella. Running during a rainstorm might leave you feeling cold and achy, but the right gear can make all the difference and give a fun, energetic, and comfortable workout. Here are the benefits of waterproof shoes:

1. Keeps your feet dry

A good pair of waterproof shoes with a lightweight mesh upper prevents soaking your feet even when you’re out for long hours.

2. Prevent blisters

As your skin becomes soft and more susceptible to rubbing from running or walking, waterproof shoes keep these problems away.

3. No more cold feet 

It’s very uncomfortable to hike or run, during cold temperatures. Keep your feet warm with the right pair of boots/shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What shoes are best for the monsoon?

Durable footwear options like flip flops, sandals, clogs, and crocs are great options for summers. Even waterproof shoes and boots work well. Choose sleek, firm, and rain-friendly options with a good grip that ensures you can walk confidently and comfortably on slippery floors.

2. What is the best waterproof walking shoe?

Waterproof shoes with a non-slip rubber outsole, synthetic mesh upper lining, comfortable cushioning, ideal grip, and air circulation are the qualities you should be looking for when buying a waterproof walking shoe. For adventure sports, take a quick test to see if the shoe of your choice is good enough. Take a hard object, like a stone, and tap on the sole. Listen to the noise it makes. If it makes a dull noise, it’s good. However, in the case of a sharp nose, it is not the shoe you would want to go for.

3. Which shoe material is best for rain?

Leather shoes with a rubber sole, faux leather boots, plastic boots, or synthetic material work best during the wet seasons. These usually allow air circulation, protection against water, flexibility, and better traction indoors and outdoors. Usually, the top of the shoe looks like a standard one, but the toe and heel of a waterproof shoe are made of thick rubber.


Finally, in this article, you discovered how to choose the right pair of waterproof shoes, some different types of options available in India, and some tips on how to take care of your feet during the monsoon season. We also answered some frequently asked questions about picking the right pair of shoes for the monsoon. When your feet are happy, you’re happy! With dry, warm feet, you’ll be able to go about your day with a lot of ease during the rainy and wet winter months.

To explore more such amazing products in this category, please visit our section on waterproof shoes.

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