Knowing what kind of apparel to wear while trekking can make a lot of difference as its extremely important the apparel to be comfortable while we walk through different weather conditions, different terrains, and variable temperatures.

Like we spend more time knowing about trekking shoes and backpacks, it is also important to know about trekking pants for freedom of movement, protection, and many such aspects which makes walking through mountains easier.

Choosing trekking pants can be a bit tricky as it’s not everyday wear. Even though cotton pants are very comfortable, we would not be able to wear them for trekking as it's not quick-dry, less freedom of movement, etc. Below are some things which you will have to look for while buying trek pants.

1 – Freedom of Movement – This feature in trekking pants plays a major role while you wander in the mountains. Your walking posture might differ depending upon different terrain and also it differs when you are ascending or descending. To avoid the restriction of movement it’s very important to make sure your pants have features like elasticated or semi-elasticated waist or preformed knees or a drawstring in the bottom of the pants.

2 – Lightweight – Usually trekking pants weigh around 300 to 450 grams. Whereas normal pants would weigh around 500 grams or more. Comparatively, there wouldn’t be much of a difference when you weigh it. But, each gram matters when you are climbing up the mountains carrying your backpack(s) in those variable terrains and temperatures.

3 – Material – Most of us feel comfortable when we wear cotton pants due to their material and feel. But, unfortunately, cotton pants wouldn’t do the job as it’s not lightweight neither quick-dry nor stronger for those harsh terrains. The best material for trek pants would be POLYESTER or POLYAMIDE or a mixture of both. Polyamide and polyester pants are lightweight, quick-dry, durable, and strong which are the most important features in trekking pants, without which your trek wouldn’t be as memorable as you wanted it to be.

4 – Quick Dry – You might come across a lot of streams with cold waters flowing in them (which is the only water source for nearby villages or shepherds and animals staying on the mountains) or even encounter dynamic and unpredictable weather conditions on the mountains. So, we need to carry quick-dry pants which can dry overnight and is good to wear the next day or dry while you trek after encountering one of the above situations. As mentioned above Polyamide or Polyester pants will do the job for you.

5 – Modular – Modular or like I would call it a versatile pant or a convertible pant. Modular pants are those types of pants that are multifunctional. Like a zip near the thighs can turn a pant into shorts. Why is this important? These pants would be useful for trekking in summer where you can change the pants to shorts when it’s getting too hot or even use them in monsoon to cross those natural streams by removing the bottom part of the pants and attach them later.

6 – Breathable – Most of us think breathable pants allow a lot of wind to pass through which makes you feel cold. But that’s not how it works. Breathable pants are stitched in such a way that it allows a very little amount of air or wind to pass through. Why breathable pants? Breathable pants help to wick away the moisture or sweat which keeps our skin dry and fresh.

7 – Secured Multiple Pockets – Secured pockets or zipped pockets play an important role while we trek as our belongings or some essentials can be carried easily and securely. Zipped pockets prevent our tools from being miss-placed or falling from our pockets. Let’s not deny the fact that, for most of us, one of the essential tools is our Mobile phone which we use to capture the memories and beauty of nature. And these zipped pockets help you keep your memories safe.


Below are some suggestions with which you can choose the right pants for your usage        

TREK100 - Mountain Trekking Trousers – is ideal for 2 to 3 days trek. These would be ideal for summer trek as the pants can be converted into shorts by using one zip near the thigh. These are made up of polyester which provides breathability and is also quick drying. Its elasticated waist provides a better fit and avoids compression. Multiple zipped pockets help you keep your belongings safe. This model is available for both MEN   and  WOMEN.

TREK 500 - Mountain Trekking Trousers ideal for 4 to 7 days trek. These would be good pants for those who would want to trek in different weather conditions. These pants are made up of polyester and polyamide. With preformed knees and elasticity at the back and bottom of the pants provide good freedom of movement in all kinds of terrain. The durable polyamide cloth added near the knees and back provide better protection when you sit on the rocks or rub against the rocks or trees while walking. The best part of the pant is its water repellent (which means it can sustain drizzling rain for 5 to 10 min or until you wear waterproof pants on top of it). Multiple zipped pockets to you’re your belongings safe. These pants are available for MEN with Regular Fit  and also in Modular Design . The same is available for WOMEN as well with Regular Fit  and also in Modular Design.

TREK 900 - Mountain Trekking Trousers ideal for treks for more than 7 days. One of the best trekking pants in the range and my personal favorite.  These pants combine all the features listed above making them one of the best pants. Fully elasticated and preformed knees provide the best freedom of movement experience. Durable and strong as it is made up of polyester and polyamide. These are also water repellent (which means they can sustain drizzling rain for 5 to 10 min or until you wear waterproof pants on top of it). Multiple zipped pockets to keep your belongings safe.  Extra patch of polyamide clothing on knees and back for extra protection. These provide a snug fit without compromising on protection or safety features. Elasticated drawstring and hook on the ankle to adjust the trouser and attach it to shoelace for better fit and better protection from wind or even while crossing small streams. These trousers are also available for both MEN and Women.

To conclude, trousers play an important role in our trekking journey. Most of us ignore it as we don’t know what to choose and how to choose. But, now that you are well informed and have understood what to look for, we must make the right choice for our users to have the best experience.

Lastly, let’s keep our mountains clean and not leave any carbon footprint on the mountains.

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