The type of trousers you choose when hiking is very important so you're comfortable when you're walking and you stay dry. Discover all our tips to make the right choice!

There are two criterias to determine your choice of trousers- the outside temprature and the intensity of your exercise.

1. Intensity of Exercise

Ask yourself how hard you're going to work when wearing these trousers, in other words, what will be the level of intensity of your hike. If you sweat a lot or if the ground is steep, your movements will be dynamic (average to high intensity). In this instance, opt for trousers made from a synthetic fabric because they'll be breathable and dry quickly. Some models have more stretch than others because they contain elastane which provides greater freedom of movement. For a less intense hike (low intensity), you can choose heavier trousers made from a mix of synthetic and natural fabrics - such as cotton - with a slightly more generous cut.

2. The Outside Temperature    

In cold weather, choose warm trousers that are either fleece-lined or made from thicker fabric with brushed inner which, although not as warm, are more breathable. To protect yourself from the cold when wearing lightweight trousers, the trick is to wear a pair of wool tights underneath.   In warm weather, consider our convertible trousers; they are very practical and are easily converted to shorts thanks to a simple zip construction.

In case of rain, we recommend that you wear waterproof overtrousers on top of your walking trousers.


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